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I've been CC for a few weeks now using MFP and it's great. I've also started running - running a bit, walking a bit. I'm starting to understand more about eating and running as I need to eat carbs which I generally keep low

After running I'm going quite dizzy even if I've eaten well

My blood pressure runs quite low and I'm sensitive to low blood sugar (but not medically so)

Anyone else get this? Any tips?

I'm loving running but need to fix this post run issue - had a protein shake today but not helped - now lying horizontal!!
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Yes, I get it too. I've not decided what to do about it yet. Mine could be either low BP or sugar- my diastolic BP was on the low side of normal when I had it tested last week, which was without exercising first.

For now I'm trying to eat a little more before going jogging. I haven't yet found the balance of cals where I lose weight but don't get dizzy!

If it's so bad you have to lie down, I think you maybe ought to scale back on the running for now. Are you using C25k or any other programme?
I started a running club at work and we have an experienced runner as coach. We're doing interval training a bit like C25k.

I think I might try eating a cereal bar or something as soon as I finish the run.

I've just ordered a nutrition book for beginner runners. So I'll see what other ideas there are.

Interesting that your BP runs low too.

I'm really into it so don't want to give up and I'm sure it can be fixed with the right food - hoping to get lots of ideas

I'm having a muller rice or something 1/2 hour before the run which has helped me get to the end - just got to sort out this post run issue!


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What distances are you running?
I'd say leave the cereal bar and have a banana if you need something after your run.


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Banana really helps a lot. You get full easily and don't really crave for something else. Plus, it's rich in potassium and can boost energy. try it hun!


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Don't forget your banana! :D


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Running a distance of 5k (which btw is fab) you shouldnt really need to eat anything after, especially if you are calorie counting and trying to lose weight.

So if I were you i'd get yourself to the doctor and get this dizzyness checked out asap.

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