Sacked! It's official now!!!.....

Blonde Logic

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Well, not actually sacked - but along with many other folk, got my final redundancy notice and my last day at work is 29-01-09.

Thank god I am done with the abstainance part of the diet as I would be stressing about the weekly payments.

As it is, things will be OK and when one door closes, another opens! :)

It's a new chapter ahead - and it's exciting, so now filled with wonder about what I will be doing!

A dream job would be something where I can use my creative side. Certainly, one that comes WITHOUT a headset will be a delight!!!

Here's to pastures greener!
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Keep up that positive attitude and great things will happen to you!


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Here's to your greener pastures BL..!!!:D

I'm sure there are some very exciting opportunities just around the corner for :)


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all the best for the search for a new job for the new you. I'm sure it's a blessing really. You'll be great whatever you do I'm sure xx


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Good luck, BL - I hope that youre new place has as good a bathroom for taking pics :)

Am sure that you will be wonderful.


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Oh BL another new start for the new you I am sure you will find something that suits you good luck


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sorry to hear about the redundancy Im sure you will be back in work in no time



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I'm so so glad it came now rather than earlier, really hope that you find something you enjoy and want to do ...... and just think how bloody good you'll look at interviews :D


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You know what BL, you really are pretty amazing lady! Seriously, I got made redundant along with everyone I worked with earlier this year, and everyone. I do mean everyone - Including myself I have to admit - was so negative. Everyone was depressed and stressed and I remember my colleague and I went on a drinking binge when we got our verbal notices and a proper eating binge when we got our written notices.

Yet here you are looking on the sunny side and seeing the whole new life ahead of you. It's fantastic. Thanks for making me see sense in some of my reactions in the last few months!!

B x


Onwards and upwards BL, and I think it's great you are able to deal with this in such a way, it just shows what an amazing person you really are!

I hope you find another, more creative job soon :)
*crossing fingers really really tightly for ya*


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Awwww, hope you find your dream job real soon!

I was made redundant a few years ago, and at the time I was a little concerned about what sort of job I would get and when, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me! If that hadn't of happened, I'd probably still be there and be even unhappier than I was at the time - things happen for a reason!

Best of luck to you.

Louale x


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I know you have been waiting to find out when it would be.I suppose the timing is as good as it could have been.
Does this mean you might go back to the States sooner than you originally thought?
So glad you got through the expensive bit of LL first.
Lots of love xxxx:girlpower:

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Thanks everyone! I really do feel OK about it all, and Beks - there are some reasons why it might be easier news for me then someone like you. In my mind, all my jobs here are "temporary" in the sense that I know I will one day be moving back to California - so I don;t have a vested interest, really, ins a "long term career" here in the UK that you would naturally have - so don;t beat yourself up if you took the news of your own redundancy more emotionally then I did - thats a natural reaction. :)

I also am a firm Firm FIRM believer that everything happens for a I just look at it as the way it is, and wonder whats next. Its the simplest, least stressful way I have found to get through life, and over and around any hurdles it thows at you on the way. :)

Cheers peeps!!!! Thanks very much. :)


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Sorry you've been made redundant, BL. I imagine you must be a zillion times more confident now, however - you'll be blinding at interviews :) One of my LL group got her redundancy notice yesterday too, seems to be in the air :(


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Sorry to hear about the redundancy BL - glad you are dealing with it in such a positive way. You'll have to use some of your considerable artistic talent and sell some of your fabulous paintings to tide you over!

Good luck!

Carol x