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sad salads!!

S: 16st7lb G: 11st0lb
lookin a bit of advice folks- when im out i love lovd love the salads i get- not the ceasar salads im not sure wot dressing is on them but im talkin about salads from loads of different places- anyway, when i try to make a salad at home it tastes pants. im left wit loads of ingredients to throw out cuz i cant get it tasty enough- how sad is that!! so any ideas for tasty salads wud be great!! im following extra easy- enjoy most meats so theoretically it should be an easy task- but hey apparently not lol
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I'm loving making nice salads at the moment and combine lettuce, toms, cucumber with gherkins/radish/beetroot/grated carrot/spring onion/ red onion etc and then have with quiche or noodles or tuna or meats etc its a lot of cutting and prepping but worth it and nice and healthy nom nom
I don't tend to use dressings on mine some grated cheese is nice though if you have the h ex or syns for it :)

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What about warm salads? A combo of any of the following: baby spinach leaves, rocket, roasted Mediterranean vegetables, caramelised red onions, asparagus, peas, balsamic vinegar, pine kernels, nuts, olives, feta...anything you fancy.
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I made a lovely salad the other day... from a Sainsbury's recipe card

1 sliced Braeburn Apple
Red seedless grapes halved
sliced celery

mix with juice of 1/2 lemon
FF fromage frais
fresh parsley
season to taste

was delicious, syn free.... kinda like a waldorf without the walnuts
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love salads too, i have lettuce (mixed leaves rocket etc) plum tomatoes, red onion, peppers, beetroot,AH couscous, boiled egg and ham with balsamic vinegar for dressing. its yum and syn free on ee:)


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My salad today was whatever I could throw together.
Mixed lettuce, spring onion, mangetout, baby corn, red pepper, grated carrot and pickled onions. Had with a jacket potato, scouped out the middle, mixed in Dairylea extra light triangles and chopped ham and then refilled the "jacket". No need to miss the ton of butter i used to put it and the salad went really nicely with it.
Hope you find a "fun" salad :)


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I used to work at the Hard Rock Cafe and was addicted to their Haystack Salad. The thing that I loved about it (aside from the ranch dressing and fried chicken *naughty*) was the tortilla straws they put on it. Given these are deep fried corn tortillas that have been cut into tiny strips, they are not the best thing of SW, BUT! I think the different texture in the salad is something of a winner so on my salads I like to syn some tortillas crushed up on the top. I know you can get WW ones that are a tiny bag and only a couple of syns or you could try really crispy bacon, crushed up ritz crackers (1 syn each)!

Makes me want a huge crispy salad now! Maybe for tea :) Enjoy!


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I used a quarter of a tsp of toasted sesame oil to dress my salad with a little balsamic. Was enough to coat a big bowl and for half a syn tasted amazing!


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I often have salads for lunch, my two fav being chicken and bacon, or Tuna Nicoise (Tuna, egg, green beans sometimes with cold babay pots - depends if i am on EE or RED!)

Always my salad base is mixed rocket salad or round lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, beetroot, peppers, grated carrot. The topped with FF french dressing which is .5 sins for a tablespoon or just simple lemon juice, salt and pepper, which is yummy and fresh - especially on tuna.

Hope you find something more lively soon! x


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I mainly use balsamic vinegar, a squeeze of lemon juice and some salt and pepper to season. A warm salad sounds lovely though!


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Roasted vegetable salad with courgettes, peppers, onions and tomatoes would be nice.

Also fruit in a salad is lovely. Next time you're having say a ham salad don't be afraid to throw a couple of figs over. A cheese salad? Some pineapple or a pear (goes particularly well with blue cheese). Some grapes chopped in half and sprinkled over are nice too.

Early pregnancy one of my favouritest salads in the whole world was a bag of rocket and watercress, a pear sliced on top, with my HEA of low fat cheese over that with some cherry tomatoes.

I also went through a Greek salad stage, cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, olives (some syns depending how many you use) and 42g of reduced fat feta. Right in!
I add anchovies and capers to my salads, plius beetroot, carrot, cabbage. The John West Anchovies in a can are 2 syns for 100g (which is a whole lot of anchovies!) and capers are free. Plus I like to mix tikka or tandoori spice mix with FF yog and marinade chicken in it to make it more interesting. You can also make a low syn Potato salad with extra light Mayo (or syn free with FF fromage Frais).
S: 16st7lb G: 11st0lb
omg u guys these ideas sound proper amazin!! i think my salads have been too plain which is why they have been quite pants but these ideas sound really good. heading to supermarket at weekend will stock up then. yeah!! btw has anyone tried the fry light salad dressings? iv seen them advertised in sw mags but havent tried them yet.


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With salad choose your leaves carefully, Iceberg is best in sandwiches as it's flavour is lacking.
Baby leaf salads are delicate, lambs lettuce is lovely.
Romaine lettuce gives you the crunch like Iceberg but has a smoother flavour and doesn't have an aftertaste like Iceberg
Cos lettuce has a sweet mild flavour
Round lettuce has a very soft silky leaf mild in flavour
Watercress is great highly flavoured with an iron 'tang' best suited to accompany strong flavoured meats or fish like beef, Turkey, peppered mackerel, Salmon
Raddichio is a red lettuce and personally I hate it too bitter for me
Rocket in my opinion is more of a herb than a lettuce as it so strong flavoured and to me tastes sulfurous,(yuk)
Mustard and Cress is a lovely alternative to big salad leaves with a mild peppery flavour fantastic with eggs.

Bring your salad ingredients up to room temp as they're not nice icy cold.
I heard someone say you should put your tomatoes in the fruit bowl and apples in the fridge, if you've ever eaten a tomato from the plant you'll know the flavour is better.

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