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Saggy Bits


Playing the Angel
Well, now the eternal question? Do the saggy, baggy bits ever go? I might be fitting into a small size - which I still cant believe, but I do have loads of little fat pouches here and there, and loads of wrinkly, saggy skin - lol somewhat like an elephants skin. My sister swears to me that with some serious excercise and toning this is going to resolve its self. In all my "thin" visulisations I didn't see this body. I am realistic enough to know that I will never have the body of a fit firm 20 year old. How have you all adjusted your thinking to accept your new bodies?

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Good question Jez

I think it's different for all of us depending on how much we've lost, how stretched the skin has been and for how long. Whether we've had children or operations seems to make quite a difference too.We all have different skin types too and age comes into it ( I'm an oldie -55 - so my skin is not so elastic any more).
Our LLC says it takes about a year minimum for your body to settle down.
Creams, exercise and toning can make a difference, but can't perform miracles.
There are lots of discussions on MM about surgery to get rid of the flappy bits.
For some people it's an option. I wouldn't
go for it. Ijust feel that even some wrinkly saggy bits are 100% better than what I had before. I didn't mind people seeing me when I was 21.5 stone so why should it bother me now.
I know I won't have the body of a 20 year old either - unless he lets me!!!;)
You're right slendablenda, exercise and firming creams cannot perform miracles as much as we wish they would lol! Personally I have a little loose skin but I'm still 3 stone off target, my upper arms look like they've melted in a fire and I know that is really starting to get to me. When the rest of my body looks like this I'm probably going to opt for surgery even though it terrifies me but I couldn't go through the next 40 or 50 years of my life with elephant skin or even worse filling it out again. I think it's a personal choice we all have to make once we get to that stage.
hi there
i have been at target now for nearly 3 months now and have loads of excess wrinkly skin on my arms, top of legs and stomach.

it really bothered me at first but actually thought yesterday it didn't look as bad as it did at first - mind you i'm probably just getting more used to it.

i just look at it this way: i used to cover my arms when i was big as i hated them, and i still keep them covered now - but they look 100 times better.
i wear clothes 99% of the time and i would rather wear size 8 than 18 - so all things considered, even tho i hate it, i can live with the saggy skin
daisy x

Jo B

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I know exactly how you feel Jez! I have a bit of a saggy inner thigh thing going on, a bit of bingo wings but my main issue is and will be my stomach and my boobs. Boobs have gone south massively and currently look like spaniels ears and my stomach (whilst full of fat still although going) is looking wrinkly and saggy. I know I won't have the bikini body of a 20 year old but I do hope it will get a bit better over time!
Howdy All

Have only just started a few weeks ago, but you got me thinking as prob right that there will be some excess skin.Think Im gonna look into those yoga classes I have been meaning to join for ages.

xx Kam
Love the Avatar Brummie

You look great. Well done on your achievement. How do you feel?

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