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Salad light spray salad dressing


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I've not tried it but thought I'd bump the page up to see if there's anyone else out there who has as I'm interested too :D


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I've got the Balsamic one, its okay, but nothing to write home about - you have to spray quite a lot on to be able to taste. Okay if you are in a hurry, but when I have a bit more time I prefer to make something up with balsamic vinegar/lemon juice/mint sauce/chilli etc

What is good though - it lasts ages (and doesnt go off as far as I can tell) Even though you have to spray loads on, the bottle still seems really full (I must have got through 4 or 5 bottles of fry light in the time I've had my bottle of salad light - okay, I use the fry light more often, but I still think that tells you something about how long it lasts)
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Hi elb4160,

I am quite interested in trying the ceasar and ranch dressing.

Hi Mandy296,

Thanks for replying, I'm unsure about balsamic vinegar dressings but wanted a low syn dressing otherwise I can't seem to tackle my salads lol.


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ive been told that they are ok, although I haven't tried myself


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I use the Caesar one and it's lovely.

Not tried the balsamic one though (isn't balsamic vinegar free anyway?) and didn't realise there was a ranch dressing?
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I tried to balsamic one, and I didnt like it all :(

I havent tried the ranch though, is that free? xx
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Hi Laura, I shall go & buy some Caesar dressing tonight. I've been told there's a ranch dressing and I believe its free


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I've tried the caesar one and it's ok, could do with being more garlicky!
ive just deleted a long post! argh!! anyway, i was saying its not great, but not awful. 5/10.
balsamic vinager is quite strong so to use it on its own is overpowering, its usually used to make a dressing with olive oil..


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I have tried them and they are ok, I like a saucy dressing and the spray doesnt give me that texture. I use a light choices dressing from tesco that is 1/2 a syn and its goes a long way so hardly need to use any.


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I tried the Caesar when I purchased about 4 spraylight products. Hated it and promptly ignored it. Lat week or so have started using it and grew to like it. Not my favourite at first, but I figure it is better to have this dressing than no dressing.

SPray loads on for little/no syn.
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Hi all,

Well I popped to Tesco last night to buy some and guess what... there was none! So I bought Tesco Light Choices Caesar dressing instead and will give that a go.

How is everyones day going so far?

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