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Salou - Who's been?

I'm thinking of booking 2 weeks there this September, just me and my 2 kids. A few people I work with have recommended it (they've never flown before as we've only ever gone Haven/Pontins etc).

I've been looking at the Direct Holidays site and they seem really reasonable, but I'm completely flummoxed as to what to choose, hotel or bungalow, self-catering or half-board etc. Help! lol. :D

Any advice would be fantastic as I don't want to get this wrong, I want the kids to thoroughly enjoy their first foreign holiday. :D

Thanks folks!
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I went along with my parents when I was just 6 years old and I thoroughly enjoyed. I have some great memories from that holiday (some a little vague - it was nearly 20 yrs ago! lol) I remember the great shows in the hotel, the pool and beach just a short walk away - literally a few hundred yards from our hotel. The aquapark was amazing and animal park (think we took a day trip just outside of salou for that one) Obviously things out there have probably changed a little since then - probably improved further so i'd say go for it!

Enjoy wherever you decide to go...the children will have a blast no doubt :)


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My friend went there last summer with her three young children, husband and his brother and wife and their six children and they loved it and they went half board and they never had to put their hand in their pocket for the two weeks.

She recommends the Careibe in the Portaventura Park, you have unlimited access to the park, she reckons the right time to go is the last week in June and first week in July.

She says,
they never got bored and that they have the most fantastic beach club ever.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Mrs.Depp,
I'm really sorry to post something negitive but I was there a few years ago and I thought it was a dive, I had a great time cos me and my friends were there for the clubs(which weren't great compared to holidays since) but my friends parents went in July with there two kids 11 and 14, they hated every minute and found it dirty and unpleasant but there was loads of tours they went on and realy enjoyed.
Do some more research and also remeber that the family I know who went with kids were used to going to the same place every year so they may have just felt it was different to Turkey which they love (as do I-fab place VERY hot though)

Enjoy your holiday where ever you go!

Thanks for the advice Daisy, don't feel bad about posting something negative, that's what I want to see, both sides of the story so to speak lol. :D:D

I'm definitely going to do some more research, (the kids are saying they want to go back to Haven again this year so we could end up there yet lol!)


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Hi there,

I'm a travel agent. The one thing I've learned doing this job is people are all different. You could send a group of people to the same hotel, some would love it and return year after year, some would say it was ok and others would hate it. I think with Salou you need to pick out your accommodation carefully. Maybe try Cambrils which is next to Salou and supposed to be nicer. The Universal Parks are supposed to be fantastic and you can visit Barcelona from there.

Good luck with whatever you choose.
And just remember it's your holiday as much as your kids!

Let us know where you end up,

I went to salu a couple of years ago and had a fab time.

We stayed in Cap Salou thought which is about a 15 minute walk away. Its a smaller area and quieter and like it more.

Don't go with the tour guides for the excursions book them in the town.
I went to salu a couple of years ago and had a fab time.

We stayed in Cap Salou thought which is about a 15 minute walk away. Its a smaller area and quieter and like it more.

Don't go with the tour guides for the excursions book them in the town.
Thanks for the advice JB! :D:D
We are taking the kids in June, had trouble as need a min. 2 bed apartment, so a lot of the usual companies were out for us (suitable accom and price).. managed to get 8 days in a nice (hopefully) apartment on travel republic site, with cheap Ryanair flights £650 total for 4 (the 'kids' are 13,16, so wont mind a bit of noise in Salou centre)

cosmos price was £1,500 for 7 days :eek:

Portaventura is high on the list of priorities.. plus a trip to Barcelona and the Nou Camp stadium no doubt!
Hope you all have a great time bluwkd! :D I've been trying to convince my son that flying is not dangerous, we're not going to drop from the sky and there will be no hijackers either - so far not so good! :sigh: He just does not want to fly, so it looks like we'll be caravanning in Wales again this year! :rolleyes:
Hiya, I went to Salou with my friend for a girly 5 day holiday last summer. We had a fab time and there were endless bars, restaurants etc. so plenty of variety. Its all centred around this one main street that runs about a mile all the way up to the beach. The beach was very crowded in early June so we stayed by the pool at our hotel most of the time. We actually booked our flights and hotel separately and it worked out about £150 cheaper that way!!

I would recommend Salou to young people as there is a lot of nightlife etc. but I think it is probably about as family friendly as you would hope also! So whilst it is a VERY bust resort in summertime, I think I would still recommend!!

Hi we went last october My dh and our two girls aged 7 & 2. We had a nice time but didn't think much of Salou. I've travelled to most Spanish resorts and have to say Salou is one I wouldn't return to. Sorry.

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