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A little light reading :-)


Life is not a Rehersal!
S: 14st4lb C: 11st6lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 28.3 Loss: 2st12lb(20%)
I found this.....now, it is relating to the Atkins Diet, so not altogether relevant to us on LT, as we are obviously not eating food,,but I thought there was some interesting information on this; esp regarding water, bruising, dizzy spells, explaining ketosis, etc, cramps, bad breath...all the things we are or have experienced....LIKE I SAY, THIS IS ATKINS, BUT I THINK IT IS VERY INFORMATIVE. (I have removed all links, hopefully there are none lurking about that I have missed)!!!

So, as I say, it is not LT, but it is about low carb diet, etc......and how to be successful after losing the weight, which is where I want to be at!

First, let me give a quick, but important, disclaimer... I am NOT an M.D. I have a Ph.D. in Theology, and a Doctorate in Naturopathy. My students at Life Christian University's Greensboro Campus began calling me "Dr. Bill," and that's also the name I use as a "handle" in the Alt.Support.Diet.Low-Carb newsgroup. Also, working toward any doctoral degree leads one to have a predilection for research... so I will share some of my low carb and nutritional research and experiences with you! Since starting the low carb lifestyle, I also began to study natural health issues in earnest, and have earned my certification as a Certified Natural Health Professional. This, in turn led me to pursue, and earn, a Doctorate in Naturopathy (Natural Health). I am a Professional Member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants, as well as being a Professional Member of the Coalition for Natural Health. But, enough talk about my long-winded educational background!
Lot's of folks have been amazed at my success on the Atkins Diet. Even other low carbers have commented on my loss (SO FAR!) of over 162 pounds in just over a year! How am I doing it? Well, here's some of what my research has uncovered. FIRST, read the book! There are many good low carb diet books out. My favorite, is of course, the Atkins Diet, affectionately called "DANDR" (Dr. Atkin's New Diet Revolution",) .

Lipolysis Strip Testing - A lot of folks say, "Do I HAVE to use LTS (Lipolysis Test Strips)? Well, technically, no... but I find that confirmation that I am in ketosis via LTS is very helpful! Most of the complaints in their use stem from the expense, which is actually very small. The price can be further defrayed by cutting the strips in half! You read that right... there is nothing wrong with cutting the strips in half long ways, just as long as you can tell the color change! However, another way to cut your LTS cost in half is simply to buy them from us here at the Low Carb Nexus®! I know we are supposed to test only once a week while in ketosis... but I like to judge what and how much to eat by my ketosis state, so I test every day. This is a matter of personal preference.
Ketosis? - As long as we are on the topic, what about ketosis? Ketosis is the state that your body enters into when you are eating mainly protein and fats, and drastically curtailing your consumption of carbohydrates. As Dr. Atkins says, "There is no lipolysis without ketosis, no ketosis without lipolysis." Lipolysis is, essentially, "fat burning." In other words, this is just what we want! We want to force our bodies to consume stored fat for fuel rather than burn primarily our food. This occurs because protein and fat do not "give up" their stored energy as easily as do carbohydrates. As long as you are eating mainly carbs, especially refined sugars, you will find that your body will burn that as opposed to your fat stores. Testing with LTS, as we have mentioned above, scientifically tests for the process of your body burning it's own fat as fuel. When the sticks turn purple (or a shade thereof), you are burning fat! It is a good feeling! It is especially comforting to see that purple when your scales don't agree that you are losing! Keep in mind that fat loss doesn't always equal weight loss on the scales... immediately. Body weight can be related to water retention, and many other temporary conditions. However, FAT loss is what we want, and you will see measurements change even if your scale does not show it immediately! That WILL follow, of course... just stick with it!
Some have asked, "Do I have to be in ketosis?" Well, it is perfectly safe to be in what Dr. Atkins calls "Benign Dietary Ketosis" for extended periods. In fact, if you are burning fat, you will be in some amount of ketosis...sometimes just not a measurable amount (with LTS). If you are out of ketosis for extended periods, you won't be burning fat, and therefore, you won't be losing weight! And that's what we are doing the diet to do! Don't confuse ketosis, a safe metabolic state that you enter when you loss weight, with ketoacidosis, a dangerous state that diabetics, in particular, can enter if they get out of proper balance in their insulin / glycogen balance. Many health care professionals and nutritionists are apparently confused by the distinction between these two different states... ketone test strips are used to test both states, but they are quite different!

How long do I "do" the diet? - How long do you want to remain trim? Ah ha. I thought so. If you want to remain trim for life, you need to commit to low carbing for life! It is as simple as that. If you are beginning a low carb diet, it is a safe bet that, like me, you have "issues" with carbs and the insulin that they cause your body to overproduce. Insulin has been called the "fat storing hormone" because it is insulin that triggers our body's storage of fat. That is why, as a person that eats less than some of my thin friends, I was still at 500 lbs! It is frustrating to realize that I can't eat what they eat because of my own body's TOO efficient ability to produce a hormone... but that is the nature of the metabolic condition that led to my overweight condition. Everyone I know has commented that they are amazed that I weighed what I did, because I didn't "stuff myself," I just ate normally. However, by eating low carb, I can have a full and satisfied eating lifestyle, yet still lose weight and feel great! Try to view low carbing as a "way of eating" and a lifestyle change, not as a "two week quick fix!"

Bad Breath - A lot of people complain about bad breath while low carbing. This is related to ketosis. Not all the ketones that your body produces when converting your body fat to energy are released in your urine! Some folks even consider quitting a low carb lifestyle due to bad breath! Come on! I can put up with a little bad breath to lose weight! You may just want to consider drinking more water... this will help the "condition"... but really, compared to your good health, bad breath is a minor problem! So is the "problem" of more intense odor in your perspiration... just wear a good, (aluminum compound free) deodorant and bathe regularly!

Sweeteners - Obviously, we have eliminated sugar (metabolic poison!) from our diet... but what about artificial sweeteners? To be honest, I don't personally have much use for aspartame or saccharine. Though I will use either in a "pinch" if I have no LCN Stevia Extract on me. But I DO carry some LCN Stevia Extract in a (of all things!) a plastic film canister! The reason? It is small... it is plastic, and seals well, protecting the Stevia; and the top has a small indentation that is exactly right for measuring out the right amount of Stevia for a cup of coffee or a glass of tea! Or, you can use Liquid Stevia Extract. However, if you have to use the (yuk!) artificial sweeteners,

Bruising - Some low carbers report bruising... I have heard of this, but I have not personally experienced it. They say it is due to the rapid weight loss low carbers experience. Apparently, they believe that the small capillaries under the skin burst due to the changes caused by rapid weight loss.

Leg Cramps - Some folks report leg cramps when beginning a low carb diet. Invariably this is due to their not taking supplements! If you have leg cramps and pain, you need Potassium! I can't stress enough the benefits of supplementation and the comfort and ease provided through that venue while on this way of eating! Leg cramping can be painful... and it can be avoided COMPLETELY by taking adequate Potassium supplements!

Caffeine - Some report coffee causing "plateaus"... again, I have not seen this in my own personal experience, but others swear it is true. Dr. Atkins recommends giving up caffeine... however, "stackers" use a combination of ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin to burn fat by raising their metabolism artificially... which I, personally, do not endorse for everyone, by the way! So you can see, there is a broad spectrum of thought on caffeine related issues... I say, find out what works for you. If you experience a "stall" or "plateau," try dropping coffee and tea, and other caffeine drinks, and see if that breaks the "stall."

Constipation - This is a "biggie" for some folks! I have close low carbing friends that really have issues with this! I, personally, have the OPPOSITE problem when I eat carbs!! So, when I eat low carb, I am "normal." I take this to mean that my body is especially suited to a low carb lifestyle and rejoice!! However, if you have problems with constipation, there are some things that you can do. One, drink water! Don't forget your daily water!!! Be sure that if you use an "over the counter" laxative that you find a way to check the carb count! Most have a lot of carbs! More than you would think! I prefer natural laxatives, using psyllium husks

Alcoholic Beverages - I am a tee-totaller myself, however, a word on alcohol...alcohol produces... guess what? Sugar! So, you will find that if you drink alcohol, you will have problems getting into, or staying in, ketosis... and, it will also prevent your success on the diet. Some say that true, HARD liquor is better than beer or wine... I don't buy it! As for myself, I recommend you leave it ALL alone!

Cravings - Once you get past the first week of low carbing, a lot of your cravings will go away. However, some will have problems with cravings anyway... you may have food addictions that "drive" you. The bottom line with cravings is that you have to DEAL with them... eating the foods that are not part of a low carb lifestyle will DESTROY your progress! It will have no mercy... you should be merciless as well. Take cravings seriously! The best thing to do is EAT went you are hungry, just eat low carb foods!

Brain Fog or Dizziness - This gets back to not eating enough. We sometimes take extreme measures to lose weight and sometimes in doing so, we don't eat enough. You should also consider the water issue. Are you drinking enough? Refer to what I said about calories earlier. If you start to see spots before your eyes, though, you should get your blood pressure checked and see your personal physician or healthcare provider! This is NOT a result of low carbing, just good advice if you experience these symptoms in general!

Exercise - Regular gradual exercise is better than "killing yourself." This is particularly true if you have been very sedentary prior to starting your exercise program. Start slowly, build very (VERY) gradually. Doing more than that could be doing more harm than good, and that's an opinion shared by the nation's TOP physical fitness experts and researchers. Moderate exercise, even if it's walking around the block for 20 minutes a day, a few times a week, is a good start. It will only take a few weeks to see a HUGE difference! Exercise will increase your body's metabolism and help you lose weight more quickly, as well as improving your overall cardiovascular health! To be of maximum cardiovascular benefit, you need to be "in the ZONE!" What is that? The "Zone" is the range of your heart rate that delivers maximum fitness during exercise. Remember, You SHOULD exercise while low carbing... mainly because you SHOULD exercise... period!

How Much Can I Expect to Lose? - There is no pat answer to this one. In "Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution", Dr. Atkins has a chart that shows how much is lost during induction compared to how much metabolic resistance your body has. The Hellers' say that over 1% of your weight lost in a week is too much to lose at one time. Some lose at a rate of 1 to 2 pounds a week, and others can be as high as 5 pounds a week. Remember, any weight loss, even as low as a pound, is reason to celebrate rather than be depressed that it's taking too long!
Low Fat, "Diet" Foods - You will find that most common "diet" foods... AREN'T! Not for YOUR diet! Low Fat foods are High Carb foods... I have seen no exceptions! Check the labels! You will be amazed! It seems that "they" (food manufacturers) take out the fat, and they put in the CARBS! Keep in mind that dietary fat DOES NOT equal body fat, as some say. NO! Actually, dietary fat HELPS you get into ketosis. Dr. Atkins says that ketosis increases as the ratio of dietary fat increases. Don't be afraid of the higher fat/lower carb dishes! I like to intentionally eat a "Laughing Cow" cheese wedge just to boost my fat intake, to push me into better ketosis levels... and it tastes great! The protein-fat combination is what makes a low carb diet work. This is not the way people think, and it is contrary to "popular" weight loss thinking... but IT REALLY WORKS! I am living proof!

Sugars - Sugar is "evil!" It is the enemy! If sugar were being introduced to be studied by the FDA today, it probably would not be approved! There are "hidden" sugars that can be lurking out there as well! They can go by a lot of names including those that end in "ose" such as sucrose, dextrose, etc. There are hidden sugars in some medicines, vitamins and in even in our foods. AVOID all sugars, at all costs!

What About Water? - You have to have a good supply of water to wash out the ketones and help keep your kidneys functioning properly. The formula that is mentioned most often by low carbers is 64 oz. as a base, and then 8 oz. for every 25 lbs. you're overweight. DO NOT count diet sodas, tea, decaffeinated coffee, or other fluids, in your water calculations. The easiest way to measure your water intake is to get a container that is either 16 or 32 oz. and put a piece of masking tape on the side of it. As you drink and empty it during the day, mark it off with a pen. At the end of the day, you'll see exactly how much water you've taken in during the day. Some say that drinking your water as COLD as possible is best, as your body then has to expend heat energy (calories) to heat up the water that you take in. I have no scientific corroboration of this... but is does seem somewhat reasonable. Plus, I LIKE my water as cold as possible! So... why not?!

"Well Meaning Help" - For now, low carb diets are still controversial. I trust as more people lose hundreds of pounds easily, safely and happily, as I have; this will change! Until then, lot's of well meaning, but misinformed folks will tell you that you are killing yourself, that ketosis will kill you, that you are losing weight too fast, that you won't stick to it because you'll be bored, so why bother, that you are damaging your heart, your liver (insert body organ here!) etc. etc. All this is totally untrue, but they will be insistent! They may try to "save you from yourself" by trying to feed you carb heavy foods (sometimes foods you used to just LOVE!) But you MUST resist! You must be strong in your determination to stay healthy and continue to lose weight by sticking to your low carb program! I have had interesting encounters, such as the time, in a nice steak house, a waitress took Belinda and my order and saw that it was quite low carb. She looked horrified, "You are killing yourself with that Atkins Diet aren't you?! I am a dietitian and I'm telling you that are just killing yourself!" I did tend to think, "If you are such a 'hotshot' dietitian, why are you a waitress in a steakhouse?" But, the point is, most folks have been thoroughly indoctrinated with low fat propaganda! They just don't have the good information that is in the Atkin's (and other low carb) books. Plus, as they say, "You've come too late" to tell me it doesn't work! I look better, feel better, have eliminated all kinds of symptoms and health problems and lost over 162 lbs. in the process, in just over a year of low carb dieting! No "expert" can talk me out of what I KNOW to be true! But they WILL try! So will friends and co-workers!
It is especially hard when family members (like your Mom!) try to make you eat things that you shouldn't! Just stay firm, be kind, and say, "I trust you will respect my PERSONAL decision to change my diet. You don't have to eat what I eat, but I choose to eat as I do... thank you!" Hopefully, they will GET the message! And, you will soon have the incredulous comments that I have had, "Well, I really don't understand it, but it IS working!"
There have even been doctors that have appeared on TV saying that, "The only reason the low carb diet works is that is makes you feel sick, so you don't eat as much!" DOUBLE HOGWASH! The EXACT opposite is true, once you commit to a low carb lifestyle, you will find that you feel younger, more energetic, and overall, healthier, on a low carb regimen than you did on a mid to high carb diet. In fact, carbs make me feel heavy, bloated and actually make me feel bad... not to mention causing diarrhea... when I eat them! Of course, as they say in the newsgroups, "YMMV" (Your Mileage May Vary!) But, that has been my experience!
I will be writing more hints and tips as I go along... but the bottom line is this... low carbing works! Stick with it! To your health!
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Thanks for this article, it was very informative and a good read. I know it's does not really about LT but everybody who is on LT could take out the relevant part for our diet. I like to read up everything there is on ketosis and low carbs so I will save it for later.
Thanks again,
x :family2:


Silver Member
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very good and interesting ;)


S: 15st6lb C: 15st6lb G: 10st13lb BMI: 38.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hmmm the brain fog thing - do we think he means dizziness, as it's next to it or do you think he means like a lack on concentration? coz at work over the last 2 weeks i'd say - i cannot concentrate - my boss will give me some instructions and normally i can take them in, totally understand and have the job turned around in minutes but not lately! it's like if lost the ability to work properly! i was wondering if it was LT related?

to be fair my boss is awesome and doesnt mind! xxx


Life is not a Rehersal!
S: 14st4lb C: 11st6lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 28.3 Loss: 2st12lb(20%)
You know Sarah, you have a point...in the past few weeks, if not months since starting LT I have struggled to concentrate on my work....not sure if it is because I come on here quite a bit throughout the day!

But, it could be something to do with the side effects!! mmm..

And, this morning, 6am, I had the most incredible cramp again...not had that for weeks now!

Bruising, this has only just started, and worrying about going away as my legs are just covered in bruises, plus my back is black and blue from the massage.....I do bruise easily, but man alive, I am worse than ever.

So, I was quite pleased to have found this as to be honest, I wasnt one for the Atkins...knew people that had done it and lost loads, but I am not a big meat eater, so it never interested me, but the whole carbs and ketosis thing to facinate me now.

So, I think there are quite a number of effects that I know I didnt realise, but it made things a big clearer,,,well, maybe not with the mugginess :)

Hope you are ok and having a good day!


Uncut Diamond
S: 25st0lb C: 21st2lb BMI: 46.4 Loss: 3st12lb(15.43%)
Really informative.....

Thank You



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Excellent. I'm a big fan of the Atkins diet having used it a few years back to lose 3 stone. I felt and looked fantastic on it (though I do say so myself hehehe). However I went back to bad habits and completely lost control of myself. If I could do Atkins I would and am definitely going low carb when I done with LT. I need LT for the rehab aspect -rid myself of all addictions and quicker weight loss.

Good stuff! :D
S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Thank you for that, some really useful info.

In particular the following "So is the "problem" of more intense odor in your perspiration..." as when I was on LT last time I was neurotic about this!!!! Glad to know it wasn't my imagination, just ketosis! As I didn't seem to have a problem with bad breath once I upped my water I suppose it's only fair I had this problem!!!! *sighs*



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S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you for that, some really useful info.

In particular the following "So is the "problem" of more intense odor in your perspiration..." as when I was on LT last time I was neurotic about this!!!! Glad to know it wasn't my imagination, just ketosis! As I didn't seem to have a problem with bad breath once I upped my water I suppose it's only fair I had this problem!!!! *sighs*


LMAO - 'smelly cat smelly cat, what are they feeding you?'...NOTHING!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA
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Lol Rose!!!! But soooooooo true!!!! I wonder if I'll have the same problem this time!!!!!



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S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Lol Rose!!!! But soooooooo true!!!! I wonder if I'll have the same problem this time!!!!!


Well hopefully not but either way you'll find a way to deal with it I'm sure. I've used Mitchum unperfumed for 13 years now and it's pretty good. I'd problems with perspiration as a teenager and this kicked its ass and I've never felt let down by it. (No I'm not paid commission btw lol)
S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Thanks Rose. My eldest went through the same thing during puberty and we were recommended Mitchum, it seemed to do the trick for her, I'll add it to my shopping list.


S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
I must point out that no-one else noticed, or at least said anything to me, not even my 3 children, but I noticed. The 2 things I'm neurotic about, bad breath and BO, both side efforts of LT!!! Oh well, I'll put up with them coz LT is the best thing I've ever done.

S: 14st5lb C: 10st11lb G: 11st5lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 3st8lb(24.88%)
Thanks Scotsmist, I read the book "Sugar Busters" and since sugar came into our lives back in the very olden days, we have been getting fatter and fatter as a nation, and food manufacturers are rubbing their hads with glee as they get us all addicted to sugar and even carbs....which turn to sugar in the body.Even the diet-food manufacturers...they are the WORST culprits in my mind and other than low fat natural yoghurt, and a very occasional diet coke, I refuse to buy ANY food that claims to be low/calorie, diet, as they contain about the same calories anyway!

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