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Sarah's weight loss... hopefully!


I'm Sarah, i'm 29 and i'm goig to be brideamaid at my sisters wedding in May 2010! I don't want to be the chubby bridesmaid up against 2 of her skinny mates :) so have joined slimming world (for the second time) to slim down and make myself feel better!

It'll be my first weigh in on Thursday and I feel like I haven't stopped eating (or thinking about eating) all weekend! I'm obsessed!

I wanted tgo write stuff down in the hope that I will get some support and not run to the shops in search of chocolate!
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I have my first weigh in tomorrow and i'm really nervous! I've been talking about SW all week and have stuck to the 'rules' but it doesn't seem real that I can eat all the foods I like (except chocolate in huge amounts) and still lose weight. Still, my clothes feel slightly looser and i've tried lots of new recipes so even if I haven't lost weight, i've gained a bit of knowledge.

I've spent hours and hours reading through other peoples diarys and everyone has done so well! I want to join in! :)
I'm still stupidly nervous about my first weigh in! I feel like i've eaten so much over the last week that there's no way I can have lost anything! We shall see...

My OH has been super supportive of me this week and has been quite happily talking about food pretty much non stop. He even turned down chocolate cake yesterday at his work because he felt bad that it would up his syns (even though he has no weight to lose and isn't following SW). He did go back and get it aferwards but it's the thought that counts! :)

I've been reading through a lot of other peoples food diaries on here and there are so many inspirational stories. They're a pleasure to read and t know that you'r not alone.

I have always struggled with my weight, ever since I was little and was always the fat one in the group and I don't want to be that anymore. I don't want my weight to be the excuse not to do things. My friends have always been slim and I always used to feel that they hung around with me so make them look better. Today I can see that that's not right. They're my friends because they're my friends. If they were that selfish would I hand round with them? No. So I thank them all for being lovely. Tomorrow may be a different story :)

Anyway, enough ranting... for today.
Okay, so I was stressing over nothing. Got to SW and had lost 3lb. I'm happy with that :)

I realised that i'm not going to be able to go next week though as OH has a gig in London which I can't miss and I can't make any of the other nights! Rubbish. I don't really want to havr to go a fortnight without a WI but I don't have much choice. Just need to stick to the plan and it should be fine. Argh!
This weekend could have been an absolute disaster but turned out really good!

Went to the in-laws for lunch. Usually it's a bit of a nightmare. They don'd do low fat, they don't do diets and they don't do vegetarian. Hmm. Decided that we would take some soup to theirs so I could stick to the plan. The last time we cooked for them we made a gorgeous vegetarian lasagne. They turned their noses up at it but rather than just coming out and saying that they didn't like it, they phoned my OH's brother and moaned at him that we had the cheek to serve somehting without meat! Didn't go down too well when I found out! But, they seemed to like the soup. I guess we'll find out the truth when OH speaks to his bro! :)


Keep on Truckin'
Well done on the 3lb loss! It's great when you see things working and all that hard work paying off! I'm still at the concentrating hard on what I can have/can't have stage, I'm hoping that I'll soon get back in the swing of it, or my poor little brain will start to ache! :D

Hope you continue to have a good week ready for your next weigh-in! I try not to worry about WI so much, if I know I've been good, my theory is that if it doesn't show this week, then it will the next, and any loss is a loss!
I'm gutted that I can't go to my WI tonight :(

I had a sneaky jump on the scales at home and accwording to them i've lost another 3lbs but i'm not going to believe it until next week when I can get weighed properly.

I went to my parents last night and it was like a family reunion. My sis and her OH were there along with my mum and dad and me and my OH. Everyone was commenting on my sisters weight loss (she's lost the same amount as me) and my OH's weight loss (he's not even doing SW!) and no one mentioned mine even though they all know i've been trying. Got me down an bit but I'm going to try and use it as motivation and make sure thay notice it!
But.... just to get it out of my system; I'm not even really convinced that 3lbs can make a difference in the way you look so surely they were just being polite (just not to me!). It's annoying because my sis barely has to try to lose weight. 2 weeks of her 'fish and beans' diet and she's down to a size 8 where as I have always struggled with mine and feel like i'm destined to forever be the chubby sister. I hate it. I'm taller than her by quite a lot and I have a bigger frame. I will never be petite and don't really waent to be but she is and still isn't happy! I'm not trying to compare myself to her as we are totally different but sometimes it gets so frustrating!

Arghhhhh!!!! Stop now.
I have the best bf ever.

I was totally wound up yesterday and almost let having a pizza totally spoil my day! I got in from work with 10 minutes to get changed to go to London for the evening to a bar that only serves pizza and chocolate brownies to find that he had made me a SW friendly roll to eat on the train so I wasn't hungry when we arrived at the venue and could easily resist the pizza and even more so the brownies! How supportive is that?!? What a star.

I feel so much better today! Can't wait for my weigh in next Thursday!
Pleased to see you are so positive. And don't worry about nobody saying anything. You know what you have lost. I lost 5 stones and still no one said anything.

You are doing very well, congratulations

Irene xx
Wel, I had my 2nd WI last night (I missed what should have been my second one) and have lost 2.5lbs. I should be happy but that's for 2 weeks so I think I could have done better. I was expecting to do better so now i'm a bit disappointed. Just need to re-focus and use it as motivation for this week!
I think you're doing fantastically well....I wouldn't worry about people not saying anything. I would much prefer people not to know and suddenly put on a tighter outfit and people then say "WOW"! He he ;)

Good luck for this week x
I had such a rubbish day yesterday :(

Work was fine and I was really looking forward to getting home and spending the evening with my BF, having sausage and mash and watching a movie.... didn't happen.

I started dinner and by the time it was ready I was in the middle of a huge row with my BF over something stupid. Got dinner dished but didn't get to eat a single mouthful. We argued until about 10.30 :( It was weird because the longer it went on, the fatter I felt. I know I shouldn't have been thinking about that while we were arguing but I couldn't help it. It felt like I was getting bigger and bigger the longer it went on!

We got it all sorted (I think) but dinner was obviously ruined so I
thought i'd make sausage sandwiches out of the spoiled dinner but could only eat half of it. It tasted like cardboard wrapped in plastic. Yuk. So I had a bar of Dairy Milk and went to bed. I know I stayed within my syns and but I feel awful.

I hate rowing with people. My BF and I don't fight often but when we do I have a voice in my head that says 'this is it. It's gonna be over if you carry on!' I am terrified of pushing him away and although he says that it never crosses his mind that we will split up, i'm not in the slightest bit reassured. I have such low self confidence and although i'm good at acting differently, I can't feel differently. All day iu've just felt like crying.


Right, mental slap. Get on with it.
Aww, sweetheart :hug99:

I know how you feel. Me & the OH never really row, but when we do I think "that's it, he's off", even though I know he loves me to bits & won't go.

Sometimes a little cry helps you feel better...it does me, anyway.

I wish I could give you a proper hug to feel better x


Keep on Truckin'
Glad you got things sorted out with your BF - arguing is never nice, although sometimes it has to happen. It's how we deal with them that matters. I used to avoid arguments but as I've got older, I've realised that although life was quiet, I wasn't actually doing myself any favours that way, now I pick my battles!

A big well done for getting your first sticker, it's surprising quite how nice that feels isn't it!
WI last night didn't go quite as i'd hoped. I stayed the same so was a bit disappopinted with myself. When I got home I had a think about it and although i've stuck to the plan, I haven't drunk nearly enough water (hence the huge spot on my face) and because of the miserable weather I haven't been able to do my usual lunchtime 20 minute walk so that might explain it. I'll just have to do better from today... saying that, i'm having an indian tonight (been craving it for the last couple of weeks and it's now reached a point where if I don't have it, i'm going to eat and eat until I find something else that hits the spot. That could be anything and it could take a while to find so I figure I should just have it and have a week to do damage control :)).

So, as of today except for the curry, I am motivated and determined to lose something before Christmas. Rah.
Okay, so i've been AWOL since Christmas. I don't have the internet at home and can only get on here when it's just me in the office. Christmas was... filled with naughty food! I really struggled to not eat everything in sight and because my WI day fell on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve I hadn't weighed in ages!
So last night was my first WI since the day before Christmas Eve and I had it in my head that I was going to have put on 5lbs. I figured that it wouldn't be too bad because if i've lost half a stone and then gained 5 lbs then i'm still 2.5lbs down from when I started. I was properly nervous when I got on the scales but i'd only actually out on 1.5lbs! I've never been so pleased to see how much weight i'd gained :)

back on track now though. I bought a 6 week count down and am determined to lose as much as I can in that time. I'm going to try and do a little bit of exercise everyday and as soon as tha snow totally clears I can start going on my walks at lunchtime again. Today I have left my Davina DVD in front of the telly so as soon as I get in i'm going to do it and then enjoy the rest of my evening feeling smug that I haven't just sat on my @rse all day.

That's me; motivated and focused... today :)

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