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Sausages!!! Please help a newbie

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Hi all

Today is my 1st day 'optimising' and I am a little confused re sausages

I have seen recioes where the low fat (i.e Morrison eact smart, Tesco healthy living etc) are free on EE plan but it doesn't mention butcher's pork sausages

Are these free or do I need to syn them?

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Sausages are a dangerous area unless the syn value is set in stone somewhere!! Morrisons eat smart are 1/2 syn each, tesco light choices cumberland are 1 each, WW ones are 1/2 syn each etc. The online retailer Joes Sausages are free and fantastic and come with an SW certificate (I highly recommend them) and some butchers do lean ones but I think it's then difficult to calculate. I don't think that any of the supermarket brands do 'free' ones anymore! Morrisons Eat Smart were free until last year but then they changed the recipe and now they're 1/2 syn! So it's important to check values of things as some recipes may be old ones!X


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I'm not sure, but i think i remember reading that the WW ones were now 4 syns each!
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tesco light choices cumberland and pork sausages are 1 syn each on original days and EE, like wise Asda good for you cumberland, lincolnshire and apple and pork sausages. Butchers own ones i don't think you'll find a syn value for :(. i don't know about where you are but the butchers by mine do "joe's" sausages and they are free, ask if they can get them for you :D. xx
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Oh my lord, thanks for that info

I am having pork sausages from the farm shop tonight so was unsure what the syn them as. They are very lean, virtually no fat comes off them when cooked so am hoping that is a good sign!
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ps gonna look into Joe's sausages!! thanks
S: 15st5lb C: 14st13lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 0st6lb(2.79%)

They seem pricey because you have to make a bulk order but they'll last you a good while and are good quality and YUMMY!! I recommend the chilli and garlic! Make sure you have plenty of freezer space before you order!X
sounds scrummy, thank you


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Can anyone tell me what ingredients they use in Joes? I see they have the nut info on the website but I'd like to know what else they put in there before I order :)
re syns in sausages they list loads in the back of your book - I'll normally allow 5syns per butchers sausage if I'm in the mood.
I'd drop Joe's an email to see exactly what is in them. I wouldn't have thought it would be much more than meat, herbs and spices as if there were any rusk or fillers they'd be synned.


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Phew!! The WW ones are 1/2 syn each on extra easy/red and 4 on green. The chipolatas are 1/2 on ee/red and 2 on greenX
Ooooops, that was my fault. I was getting in a tizzy with diaries the other day and must have ticked green instead of EE and then posted on here in a flap!

Looks like I needn't have 'settled' for an omelette on Tuesdat after all!!!
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could u buy some lean pork mince mix herbs and onion with it and have a suasage pattie without the syns?

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