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Scale hopping

I have just devised a fail-safe plan for when I come back from holidays. Since I've joined the October challenge and dared myself to lose 38lbs like Guru, I decided to tackle the one issue thaat could lead to my defeat - the f*** scale. :ashamed0005: Scales are the only things that sabotage my weightloss (well my relationship to them anyway). I've got 2 in the house, one that weighs in kilos, one that calculates your BF etc. Sooo, I'm putting away the kilo scale and I'm asking DH to hide the other one, and once a week before WI (I only trust my scale), I'll have him bring it out.
Strong commitments warrant strong measures!! :character00115:
It may not seem like much, but to me, I've just had an "enlightenment"
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Serial Dieter!
If the scale dictates your mood and what you put in your mouth for the day, then it's time to put them away!
I got caught up in the whole 'you shouldn't weigh everyday' mantra that I put them in the garage.... It didn't sit right with me, so I brought them back out again.... It's not like I take them on holiday with me!

I'm a daily weigher also, but, it doesn't dictate my actions and/or emotions for the day.... I just like to see the numbers. I'm aware that if I don't want to weigh everyday it's because I'm not in control of my eating!

For me, the action of stepping on the scales is an indicator of how well I'm sticking with my plan. I know that the number will vary from day to day, it's the overall trend that I'm looking at not a one off reading.
Thanks Ali, but you know for me (and for some others I'm sure), I can't control everything at once, so obsessive/addictive behaviors don't usually come alone. By dealing with my eating "problem" and probably drinking too, it's translated into scale hopping and clothes-trying, coffee-drinking, feeder, online-shopping, you name it. So, until it finally becomes a habit, I can only tackle one of those things at a time and will, but the scales had to go first coz they are ruining my life and my goals.

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