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Scan Bran

Scan bran is fact full of fibre so it helps with your digestion. Scan bran is good as a bulking food , so this makes you feel full. The consumption of Scan Bran is a skill, unless you like eating coconut matting. The skill is making the Scan Bran more palatable.
You can make some really nice cakes and snacks.
Overall Scan Brans are good for weight loss. But there is a word of caution two many your be on the loo all the time, and don;t forget if you are not counting them as an extra they are syns.

Phil x
And I would add drink plenty of water! Have a look at "Scan Bran Recipes Anyone?" started about two weeks ago by Julie19. Have tried the Parkin (adding 1 tsp ground ginger - it could have been more), and it had a lovely flavour. Will try to devise a microwave recipe for this - hate putting the oven on unless it's unavoidable!!!!

Googling Scan Bran on MiniMins will also give you more info......
Ooh, I was wondering what this stuff was as well! :D

Where do you buy it from? :)


Silver Member
You can buy it from class or from Holland & Barrett, it isn't too bad to be honest, you do sort of get used to it but I had two servings of it yesterday to be brave & I have regretted it today (see Phil's post!!:D) so I won't be doing that again, it is easier to eat if you make the cake recipes to be honest
Thanks for that! :)

I don't go to classes, so I shall be popping into my local H&B! I've seen some delish looking cake recipes for Scan Bran on here that I'd love to try out! :D

Thanks for the warnings too! :p
Our local H&B didn't stock this some months ago, but have seen it in Waitrose recently, though it's dearer than at class. They also only had the Oat Bran, but I'm assured that OB works just as well as SB. I'm really sold on these, and convinced that they helped hubby and me to get to target. Still can't believe you can make what tastes like an indulgent treat so quickly and with so few syns, without using flour, fat or sugar! So good luck everyone, and hope that the recipes "get you all going!"


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I also think a lot of this is sales pitch from SW consultants....and I don't mean to offend anyone with that comment, however, I would rather have 4 ryvita as a B choice than 5 scan bran and you get so many more in a packet too! 10 scan for a pound is a lot of money!

We often get "do the scan bran challenge" in class and we are all encouraged to eat lots of scan and see if we get good losses. Not sure about the good losses, it didn't do me much good but the sales of them go up!!!!!
Absolutely assure you that I've no vested interest in SB or OB at all! Had been with my group for about 4 months before I even noticed the stuff, and only then 'cos we won some in the weekly raffle with a recipe for SB Christmas Cake & Christmas Pud!!! That's what got us started. Have seen on here that you can use shop's own All Bran instead, but don't know how to "convert". Don't like Ryvita though...
Several years ago I was given a recipe for a scan bran type malt loaf, I followed the recipe to the letter but it came out like a house brick, and probably weighed the same and it still tasted well, like scan bran!!


is getting better at it
a nice lady made scan bran cakes and brought them to meeting tonight and i tried the one with lemon in it and it was very nice so i brought some scn bran and am going to try and make it later

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