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Scared to but a size 14.............

aww hun the thought of being a 16 scares me !!! lol

Thing i find about clothes is they vary from shop to shop so i dont think i ever know what size i really am! so dont be dissapointed with the results hunnie x why not try a belt on your jeans for an extra week just incase??
Yes I did when I went to a 12. I waited on for so long telling myself that I would never get into a 12 that the 14s hung off me. Close your eyes and bite the bullet and try some on......you never know:D
i am wearing a belt already lol i might order some off ebay then its not so bad in my own home
well if ur wearing a belt allready go and have a sneaky try of a size 14 ...actually soulds like u might be surprised!
try not to worry hun when you get a chance try some on and see how you get on and it they are a tad bit tight now they wont be in the next couple of weeks, by needing a belt your size 16s are obviously getting too big for you( woo hoo), enjoy the moment you will feel great once you have done it x


Going for Goal!
I feel a bit that way. I have very limited clothes at the moment, and my size 16 jeans are def getting loose aroung the leg and bottom area. But I am reluctant to get size 14's incase they don't do - up. I tend to wait until the trousers actually loosen to the point where I'm pulling them up all the time, which annoys me, and I end up going out and buying more!
well i am glad its not just me then asda are fab as they do 13's and 15's so if i am not quite a 14 i could get a 15 instead
Buy the 14's ;) you'll have a pleasant surprise i promise

Im a 14 now and the same weight as you not that ..thats a given in clothes sizez but i bought 12 trousers yesterday ...dont fit but they will ;)

Bite the bullet :D
i am going to bite the bullet and as you say if they don't fit they soon will (i hope lol)
I'm rather like emapetty at the momment in that I have such a limited amount of clothes that fit. I had a disapointment trying on a pair of size 14's last week, couldn't even get them beyond my knees.
My friends expressed surprise, maybe it was the design, the fabric etc so I should have tried other stores.
I think that Mrs Essex and others do have the right approach - we should keep updating our wardrobes if we can, picking up stuff at Tesco's, Primark etc (after all, it will be too big in a few weeks) as otherwise we might not physically recognise the progress made and get tempted to cheat.
Having said that here's my dilemma - I can stay in my boring but functional size 16's a while longer and treat myself to a couple of nice bits of lovely Lola Rose jewellery ...or buy some new 'intermediate' clothes.
Think I've already decided ; the jewellery wins!
omg yeah jewllery wins hands down I am going to scan ebay during my lunch hr and but some 14's

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