schwartz recipie mixes


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There are several free ones so if you name which one you want to know about, I can tell if it's free or not.


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Schwartz flavourful spicy meat balls
chicken biryani
mexican chilli chicken
jerk chicken
thanks a lot


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stay away from the jamerican jerk as it uses pineapple juice in it!

spanish chicken, chilli chicken, lamb casserole are all 4 syns a packet and can be done in the slow cooker


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I know the chicken biryani is 3.5 syns for the whole sachet as i picked it up from tesco the other night. The whole sachet serves four so its a winner.


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i got the briyani one to. 2.5 syns is awesome!!


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All the ones I looked at online ranged from 3.5 to 6 syns a sachet. The three you mention are all 3.5 syns.


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Im a BIG fan of the schwartz packet mixes. They serve 4 so the syn values are minimal. I like them because you dont need many ingredients on top and it seems inexpensive when the supermarkets have them on offer. Whats more i love it that i can just bung it all in the slow cooker all day


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Schwartz Recipe Mix, Chicken Chasseur, dried 40g sachet

6½ Syns on Extra Easy
Original 6½ Syns
Green 6½

there you go hun-enjoy xx


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Hi, can someone please tell me the syns in Colman's Chicken Casserole Packet Mix? Thanks. :)