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sea kelp supplement


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Hi guys, I was told years ago my thyroid was borderline interactive. I have heard sea kelp supplement can help boost the thyroid due to iodine content. Has anyone here taken it?
Surely it is more sensible to go to your doctor and get it tested.

Mine is underactive and I take 200grams of thyroxine a day to regulate it.

Please go and have it checked..........

good luck,

hugs xxxx


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Agree with Fillymum here. Just because you were told something years ago doesn't mean it is still true. Things may be worse, or better. You won't know until you get tested properly.


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as far as I know, Iodine stops your thyroid from absorbing radiation.... not sure what else it does.. :)

apparently an iodine deficiency can cause hypothyroidism ( underactive thyroid ) since it's the main ingredient used by the thyroid..
I'd just get some iodized salt rather than seaweed..
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If you needed to take anything, then surely your doctor would've recommended it?!


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Having had an underactive thyroid for over 10 years now I would not recommend having Kelp supliments because of the iodine.

This is the information I found on the net which seems to agree.

It is well documented that a diet low in iodine is associated with hypothyroidism or under-active thyroid. The best supply of iodine is from sea salt and seaweed. In Japan, for instance, the daily intake of iodine from seaweeds is estimated to average 3mg per day and thyroid disorders are known to be extremely rare. However do NOT take ANY iodine supplements without first consulting your doctor because excessive amounts of iodine can also lead to hypothyroidism.

I try to stear clear of anything which has iodine in it including some cough medication.