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Secret eating


Working on it
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Just watching Supersize vs superskinny and realised that I used to secret eat, it started when I was young and used to hide food on my dressing gown pockets to take upstairs with me.

It's kind of come as a bit of a shock as I didn't realise it went that far back... I'm so glad that by doing CD I'm realising these things, it means I can work on them.

Has anybody else had such realisations whilst being on plan?


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When I first did the plan in 2009 (I maintained since then) I realised that I had felt actual hunger for the first time!

I too used to secret eat, I would hide food, go and buy it and eat it before I got home. I wouldn't have lunch or breakfast at work, or in front of people, which then lead to overeating.

It's really sad isn't it?..... So glad I haven't done any of the above in a very long time!
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i used to secert eat to.
i have realised that my aches and pains where caused by me being dehayred and how bad i was being to my body.
Yeah me to I'd have no breakfast then go to work in the car and secretly eat in the car through the day then get home and say I've not eaten all day and eat loads at home and say I dont know why I can't lose weight I hardly eat! Lol why do we do this to our selves it's madness!


Laugh in the face of food
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I'm the same, I watched it last night and it hit home! I've had to ban myself from eating in the car because i don't even register that I've eaten anything half the time.


Working on it
S: 18st6.0lb C: 18st6.0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 48.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Its madness isn't it!? I look at it and realise how much i was lying to myself ax well as everyone else!

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