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Green Days Seems too good to be true

I normally have fruit as lunch but am finding that I do get very hungry in the afternoon. I do green days mostly and I have had an Uncle Ben's mushroom rice pouch 250g, 2 syns, according to the online site, which is my bible, for lunch today.

I have not been hungry at all.

Silly but my mind is telling me that if I swap rice for fruit I may not lose as much. This is all well within my daily allowance and I have only had 10 syns.

I have lost 17lbs so far and have lost every week. I am just getting a bit bored with fruit and wanted to try something more filling.

Am I being silly in not trusting myself??

My average weight loss is 1.7lb each week.

Can you eat too little??

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You are almost halfway to target, with plenty of time to reach :) If you change your eating habits slightly, you could boost your metabolism and kickstart your losses. However, it could backfire on you, and then you will have wasted a week where you could have easily lost if you'd stuck to what you know.

Rice will not do you any harm! It is part of the free foods for a reason, and if you are enjoying Uncle Ben then keep doing so! You have had it for one day's lunch out of seven, I promise you it won't affect this week's loss :) xxx
You can eat too little and that will slow your weight loss. I have to say there is no way that I could just eat fruit as a meal without being starving later. Try the rice with some superfree, then you won't be hungry, which is the whole point of SW, and see what happens.
OMG!! just fruit for lunch..........i'd be bloody STARVING. I have fruit as a snack between meals.
So far today i have eaten ( i am on GREEN everyday) Ready brek for breakfast, banana and apple for snack, then just made lunch of 2 quorn sausages, baked beans with onion in and topped with Mash potato ( with 1 egg mixed in it) and HEA of cheese on top.............. to be followed with Yogurt. Tonights dinner will be Lentil and rice caserole ( full of veggies) and for pudding fruit and meringue.

and if i have any thing left over by bed time i'll have a hot choc and maybe kellogs fibre plus bar....... i lose 2lb a week.

Blimey......so it could be that I am not eating enough then. Had weetabix for brekkie, alpen bar for break, uncle ben's golden veg rice 250g pouch (2 syns). Banana for afternoon break, tea and coffee with 350ml skimmed milk throughout the day. Pasta, sweetcorn, chopped toms and cheese from he a. 5 syns worth of fresh orange juice. Activia creamy yog, vanilla 2.5 syns and might treat myself to a pack of pomm bear crisps 5 syns. Although I have not gone over my syns and done 100%, can't help thinking I will not lose...Am I being a bit daft????
Yup, being daft :8855: ...lol
I know it seems amazing that you can eat so much AND lose weight, but thats the great thing with SW. Problem is if you start eating too little at the beggining, when later on your losses slow down, you have nothing to cut back on.
I NEVER feel like im on a diet. I eat LOTS :)


My belly this will be!
Blimey......so it could be that I am not eating enough then.
I have been having the same "problem" not eating enough and burning off calories at the gym and gaining weight for the past couple of weeks. A couple of the ladies hereabouts pointed out the error of my ways so I am going to try to be more sensible and fill up more from now on and see what happens. Trouble is I get full really quickly and if I have a main full of veggies I can't fit a pud in. Some folk will want to kill me for saying this but you are what you are eh? Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone with the not eating enough thing. :sign0007:Sounds like madness tho to say you are not eating enough to lose weight - if you want to lose weight EAT MORE!:rolleyes:

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