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seriously considering CD .....

hi all,

iv been on WW for 12 wks now and despite trying very hard iv only lost 9lbs in 12 wks, which i know is still a loss but i am disappointed :cry:

i did LL a few years ago and did excellent and lost over 3 stone but as that is so expensive i am considering CD and judging by the losses u CD'ers are having i think it would be a good choice. im just scared as its the lead up to christmas and if i start it, i want to be 100% committed so dont want to set myself up for a fall by starting it now.....not that id intend to fall as i would give it everything iv got!!

should i...shouldnt i....???

any other december starters out here??? x
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Quite a few people are starting today I know (from yesterdays posts) taking that attitude that there is always going to be some event coming up and at least if you start now it means you won't put on as much xmas weight as you would otherwise have done. We are all facing into christmas whether we started today or 3 months ago so have the same dilemmas about parties etc. Your mindset will have a great impact on how you approach things; i say go for it! It will mean you can enjoy xmas knowing you are doing what's best for you in the long run (and xmas is only one day really).
If you really want to enjoy Christmas, I'd leave starting until after. I delayed starting CD until after my birthday, which was only about two weeks, and while I had a fab birthday, part of me regrets it, because even lighter! That might seem a little contradictory, but it makes sense in my head: I started when I was completely committed, and it was good for me.

On the other hand, if you're seeing CD as an amazing life choice and -can't wait- to be 100%, then Christmas might not post too many problems for you. Personally, I'm seeing this as one Christmas when I can't have what I want, so that I can have fifty Christmases that I wouldn't have if I don't lose weight.

Goreygirl has an excellent point, when weighing up your choices, it's not just how much you could lose if you started now, you've got to take into consideration how much you won't gain. I put 5lbs on in my two week delay (really good birthday :)), and thinking about it now, I could be a stone lighter, 5lbs, plus two weeks of 4lb losses...

Good luck with whatever you choose. This diet is the best thing I've ever done for myself. :D
during the first few weeks of cd you could loose a stone. since there's about 3 weeks left you could loose around 16-18lbs a dress size.

if you are going to find it hard not to eat on and around christmas i would suggest keeping with ww until january. cd is a hard diet to do first off as you go through all sorts of emotions and you will feel hungry for a few days but when you get on the scales and you have an amazing loss it makes up for it all.

gg is right in that you must consider what you would like to do about christmas. 3 weeks of ww is not going to kill you and it would get xmas out of the way but if you really want to go down fast and do without christmas then doing sole source on cd would work a treat. this could be something that you discuss with a cdc. if you phone them they will go through all your options for you and let you decided how you want to progress.

i've got to say that i'm coming off plan a couple of times over christmas. 18th for a do and then i'm back on again, then i'm off 24,25,26th dec and getting back on track again after that. i don't have much left to loose but i know i will gain when i eat but i want to go lower and i know i can and the eating won't impact me too much.

i also think that doing ss makes your tummy shrink as i can't eat as much as i used to. i'm on a higher plan and have 3 sachets and 1 meal a day with milk allowance too and i'm finding my meal is hard to eat. i'm far too full and end up stuffing it in when i really just want to leave it.

hope i've not waffled too much and this all makes sense.

plus the shakes taste better than on ll i've heard.

thank u so much for your replies and advice :) i really appreciate your support.

i have thought long and hard about it and have decided to go for it!!! i have nothing to lose but weight and if christmas did prove too difficult for me...at least id have tried! however i am very focused and want this so much, im sure i can do it! i see my CDC on sunday evening to get weighed, measured and collect packs and will be eager to start monday :) i cant wait!!! x
Fab decision!

I am only just starting my second week and I have my birthday, big uni get together Xmas party at my house, Christmas and then more friends staying before New Year, but it's all just excuses!

You have three weeks to shed some serious weight before Christmas and then it is up to you if you stay on plan or not :)

Best of luck, this is THE best thing I have done in a long time and cannot harp on about this diet enough!

Keep a diary, I find this really helps...
Good for you!! (literally!!) It'll be fine. Strike while the iron's hot and you are fired up with enthusiasm - you give yourself more of a chance then.
Keep us posted when those pounds drop off!
aw thank u so much everyone!!! i am really excited about starting and im using the next few days sensibley by preparing myself, keeping hydrated and minimising carbs and not pigging out! my partner is being really supportive too :) i really feel iv made the right decision....and u guys r fab!!! i wish u all the best of luck on your journeys too and im really pleased to be joining u xxx
Good decision Sarah - cambridge is a fab diet. Good luck. :)
thank u ;) congratulations on reaching your goal, u must be over the moon!!! well done, i cant wait to reach my goal :eek: x
Good luck, im starting today, well i should say restarting, hope it goes well
Great news Sarah .. and great that your OH is being so supportive. He can run interference for you at any events and help you stay focussed. I seem to be fine when I'm out as I tell myself it's not that I can't eat but that I am choosing at that moment not to. My gremlins come at other times.

Take your own measurements and photos at home on Day 1 and weekly afterwards as they are a great motivator (we've started a thread of them up in the stickies).
Great decision Sarah! Good luck, and hope Christmas isn't too hard on you.


Now Maintaining :)
thank u ;) congratulations on reaching your goal, u must be over the moon!!! well done, i cant wait to reach my goal :eek: x
Thanks Sarah. :) Yes, I still can't believe I'm totally off CD but I do get a little worried about putting the weight back on. I have been eating sensibly and weighing myself everyday, which is considered to be a bad thing when dieting but people say that's a good thing when maintaining. Anyway, I'm pleased that my weight has STS and not fluctuated like it can when people come off the diet and eat normally again.

How's it going for you? Definitely a good decision to prepare yourself properly by reducing carbs.


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good luck Sarah.

I'm on Day 5. I knew I would enjoy Xmas more if I'd lost a stone or so, and intend to go off for a few days over the season, then restart in Jan when it should be easier as the rest of the world will be dieting too.
I weighed up the fact that I really would enjoy Xmas more if I felt more comfortable in my skin, but could eat knowing I would begin a sort of phase 2 in January.
hi everyone,

thank u all so much for your lovely kind and supportive words!!! means so much to me to have that :)

unfortunately my CDC had to cancel our appointment last night as her house was in chaos due to burst water main!!!! Obviously i totally understand but i am disappointed as i was ready to start and well prepared :-( she is going to call me hopefully today to re-arrange or i may seek out another CDC as im too eager to wait :)

sounds like u r all doing fab!! well done to u all and i cant wait to join u and be on my CD journey :) xxxx

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