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Sewer Mouth - so fed up of it!


Want to be a yummy mummy!
I am so so concious of my death breath, i have retardex mouth spray but it doesnt last long enough really.

Anyone got any ideas/advice about getting rid for a longer time?

I feel like i can clean my mouth but really it stems from my tummy so the ketones are going to keep floating out of my mouth smelling awful!

My b/f wont kiss me! And dont even get me started on the mornings its so so bad i imagine all those little Ketone Lemmings travelling up my tummy stopping at my lips waiting to be let out, so as soon as i open my mouth to say good morning its like hitting his face with a stink bomb!

Any ideas!! x
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The listerine strips are the only thing that work for me. I suffer really badly with it and my husband won't kiss me either!
haha! my bf does exactly the same! he has a nickname for me, but i wont divuldge as its rude! :)

i found listerie to be good, you can buy it in little bottles too so i carry it in my handbag as well as have it at home, i have a spray too for inbetween but tbh i rekon im always just that little bit going to stink! lol!! at least you know its working! x


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Thats a good idea, Listerine! I always worry im gonna swallow mouthwash though hmm.

Ooh what about corsodyl, thats quite strong isnt it?

Im glad im not the only one!
never tried that one but yeah go for a strong one, like listerine, and so strong you wouldnt swallow it! cant imagine that would very nice?! lol! but i do find it def helps the situation! good luck! x


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poor you, Cordosil (sp??? sorry) is ace, my husband gets smelly breath from his tablets and this seems to work a treat, it comes in 2 (stong though) flavours too



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i used to buy sugar free breath freshener spray, its nice and small and fits easily into your handbag. Tesco used to do them, but I think you can get them anywhere x x
I find myself holding my breath when i'm talking to someone, i'm so concious of it! Corsodyl is good.
I feel you pain hun lol


Winning a losing battle!
Shed loads of water works for me and my hand over my mouth when I'm speaking to people!!!

Gold spot mouthspray is also good.....
I swear by mini mouthwash, retardex spray and menthol fags lol


Mad as a Hatter
I brush my teeth twice a day at home and once at work, and always, always brush my tongue...
I know it makes some people gag but if you look at the bristles afterwards, you can see all the yellow gunge stuck on them... sorry tmi..

Then I do a gargle - in my throat - with the new Listerine - 6 or something like that - the purple one, before swilling it round my mouth for about 30 seconds..

I also have a mini Listerine in the glove box of my car... sad I know.. but at least it means I can freshen up before picking the boys up from holiday club etc without being a dragon breath...:D

Hope this helps...

I use sugar free gum and cary a travel size mini toothpaste with me, just put a little bit in my mouth while im out, helps a lot :D


WILL be Slim!
it wont take long for it to calm down hun and although mine hasnt gone completely, its not as bad as at the beginning (i was a smoker as well which made it even worse!)
I carry my toothpaste/toothbrush round with me where ever i go just in case, and a mouth spray rather than those strips (which are stupidly expensive considering how often i use the spray).
It will get better hun! Stick with it!
death breath and coffee breath (ive never drunk so much)... i must honk!

o/h calls it teachers breath lol.

no wonder he keeps his distance!!!


The Minis Bad Boy
I have a bottle of Corsadyl i use. i tend to have it in my work bag and take a quick capful before going into any meetings or places where I will be close to people.
I'd be careful with the Corsodyl, sure I got that from dentist few weeks ago when had tooth extracted. It says on the bottle it can stain teeth.


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There are different versions of Corsodyl - one of them are given out by dentists for people with poor mouth hygiene or tooth extractions or gum disease, there is also the more commercialised one that are just a mouth wash :)


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I have dragon breath too!!! :eek:

It's really vile.... for most people though it usually fades the longer that you're on the diet....

For the unlucky few (myself included) it never leaves!!! :cry:

So I carry listerine strips, gold spot spray, I have mouthwash everywhere and I chew gum (although for short periods of time as it makes me hungry!:()

TBH though, nothing really works because the stench is coming from your stomach not your teeth/mouth.....
All you can do is mask it as best you can and hope keep your distance from your fellow human!!!

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