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***Sexy Saturday 100% day***

Eeeek i am going to start my First ever daily thread so please someone tell me if i am doing something wrong :eek:

I have noticed over the last few days alot of people are finding it hard to stay 100% at the moment (including myself) so i thought i would start a 100% day challenge for us to have a go at and see how we all get on.

By 100% i dont mean not bliping i ALSO mean having the correct water in take too... as this is a part of the diet which needs to be stuck to.

Hope you will join in :D xxx
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Hi Tasha,

Well done on your first daily thread :)

Saturday is my 3rd day and i know i am entering Ketosis this evening as i can feel it beginning! Hoping to feel better tomorrow!

I will join you on the day challenge but im sure we will all do great :)

Just 1 point hun, am i being thick or is your ticker wrong? your BMi looks EXTREMELY low? is it right?

Take care and hope we all wake up in the morning full of energy for the weekend ahead!
Hiya hun well done on getting to Day 3 once your in ketosis you will feel alot better in your self :D. Yep i am sure we will have a great day tomorrow.

If you look at my first ticker it says 162lb was to be lost i have lost 22lb of the 162lb lol. As i have such a LONG way to go i have give myself mini goals and that is what is showing on the ticker under it. I want to lose 3stone by April 1st I have 20lb to go to reach my mini target :D xxx


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Here's to a 100% Saturday. I've been slipping recently with my water intake. Just about managed to have 2ltrs today, will try harder tomorrow. :)
Morning 100% ers! I am day 4, have been in ketosis since day 2 :D and I feel great!!!

This morning I have had a pint of water and am enjoying a cup of peppermint tea. When I get out of bed I will have a fruits of the forest shake with plenty of ice followed by another pint of water. That takes me to a litre before I even leave the house :cool:

Busy day today, my daughter has a horse show so will be spending the morning watching her prep the horse, then home for a quick lunchtime shake and set off at 3 ish.

I'll check in later to see how we are all doing.

Have a 100% day today guys xx
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have a great cd day everyone having family around for big lunch l shall have soup xx
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Going to do my best to do it properly today - it's definitely the water side of things that lets me down, don't honestly think I've had the full amount of water I should one day this week but all that's about to change ;)

Got a busy day today, some of hubby's relatives who we've not seen for years are coming to visit today so I'm looking forward to that.

Have a lovely (100%) day xx
It's my first ever day on CD and I'm looking forward to making it a 100%!

Just had my first shake and am on my second pint of water, 4 is the minimum right?
Hello everyone. Hope you are all having a great 100% day. I have a sleep in and got up at 10am hehe! I am in the middle of drinking my first 500ml bottle :)

Today should be no problem for me its tonight when i will want something eeek!!



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Good morning!

Well last night I slipped after wi (why can't not get out of that habit of rewarding myself after a loss, stems back to the WW days). Anyway I had toast and butter, still wasn't in ketosis following the disaster earlier in the week with my fissure so I've set myself back again.

Anway, 100% today, I can smell those size 18's! I tired on 18 trousers yesterday, could get them up, round the waist but there was about a 4" gap from button to hole, so that's 4" I need off the waist, I reckon if I lose my 18lb easter challenge that should do it!

Just having my first pint of summer berry water, will delay the tetra til lunch, think I'll SS today.

Good luck everyone!
Good Morning all :)

Well the big K has kicked in this morning :) headache gone and not hungry AT ALL!!
Had a nice lay in and got up at 10:30.
1 Tetra and 1st pint down. I have my 1.5lr bottle of water here which i will get through and then re-fill :)

Have a great day peeps


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Count me in.... I have had a terrible day yesterday nothing is stopping me from going slimmer now- Lord save the cambridge diet queen:love047::love047::love047::love047:
Well i had a sneek peek on the scales at home today and i am 21st 2lbs which means if my scales are the same as my CDC i have lost 4lb this week and i am ok with that :D hehe!

Even if my scales are not the same i will still be able to see my scales go down as i lose more weight hehe!

Its defo give me a boost to keep on tract today yay!! Soooo happy <3 xxx
I know how you feel :)

Last year when i lost most of my weight i stepped on about 3 times a day and it helped!

Thismorning (day 3) i stepped on and have lost 4lbs :) woot woot :)

I had forgotten how great it is :)


Perseverance is key
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Hey everyone, hope you have a lovely Saturday :) im on day 5 of SS, all going well :) but im not sure whether im in Ketosis yet or not :/ I drink enough water and I havent cheated or anything. All ive had is 3 tetras a day and water. I feel fine, but I still get a rumbly tumbly (can you tell I watch Winnie The Pooh alot? lol) sometimes. Any thoughts? :) xx


She's me in a few months
S: 19st2lb C: 17st4lb G: 16st0lb BMI: 40.3 Loss: 1st12lb(9.7%)
Yeah I get the rumbly tumbly as well for some strange reason, not everyday, and it's unpredictable. Woke up this morning desperate for toast (the legacy of last night's slip) but I've resisted.


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It's my first ever day on CD and I'm looking forward to making it a 100%!

Just had my first shake and am on my second pint of water, 4 is the minimum right?
Yup, 568mls in a pint * 4 = 2272mls. So just in there!

Well today I have a party to go to, its a cooking party thrown by a Polish friend, and coming from a Polish family I know how they like to feed. This is going to be tough. I did some baking to take along for a dessert course, and some wine (which I wont have obv). Taking a 2L bottle of fizzy water and my water flavouring so I can have "fizzy" juice whilst I'm there.

Wee scale move of minus 0.5lb since yesterday but its all good, I'm on track!

Heres hoping for a good 100% day :D

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