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Shiritake Noodles have you tried them


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Has anyone tried these ,do they have any carb content.
I bought a pkt to try for dinner.I made some chicken curry and split a 180g pkt with my OH.Not bad and feel really full.
The packet is in japanese with minimal translation in english.The nutritional label has 6kcal per 100g.Ingredients are water, yam powder 2.81%,calcium hydoxide E526.
Would like to know what others think.
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I think I'll buy some at the weekend.


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Where can you buy these and are they allowed on induction?
Hi I bought mine from an Asian supermarket in the Japanese food section.£2.30 for two pkts.
As they dont contain carbs only 12 cals the whole pack.They should be Ok for induction but Im not 100% sure.They seem to be used a lot in America with Atkins Dieters.Hope that helps


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I just brought some, havent used them yet, they look weird!

Do you think they'd go nice with a thai curry?
Hi I had mine with Curry last night ,I dry fried them once I has drained and rinsed them thourougly .I did feel very full afterwards and didnt have my breccy untill 10.30 as I was still full.
Let me know what you think.


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I got some from the Low Carb Shop - which advertised them as zero carbs but they say 4g of carbs (from soluble fibre) on the pack - what do people think?

Susie x


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Hi ladyfelsham.
I read something about working out net carbs that you deduct the fibre carbs.Not sure how this works though,just a thought.Also there are a couple of varieties.Some contain tofu and are slightly higher in carb value.
I will see if I can find out any more info.


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Over here we just count the carbs. The US deduct fibre, but it's already done on our labels. They have got about 4g of carbs. I quite like them with a stir fry or curry, but, as Linzi says, rinse them first or they smell odd. :D


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Hi Cinta
I read that in the USA they deduct the fibre from the carbs to get net carbs,But not sure about the nutritional label on the noodles as the ones I bought are in japanese with a slight translation.They are imported so dont know which way the label works.
I found this site with nutritional analysis.
Hope it helps
Konjac Glucomannan Wet Noodles (Shirataki)

I like them, make sure you get the right ones and not the tofu ones though.


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Hi Catthin, I got mine by post. I googled them. It came with a letter explaining all about them in English & the carb value. Good job really, my Japanese isn't that good, lol. We like them.


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about to try mine with a thai curry but no idea how to prep them. Can't decide whether to chuck them in th ecurry and serve or some mentioned dry frying them??
Just wash them off & chuck them in with yr curry... thats what I did with mine.

Enjoy. x
Yes, that's what I do, on their own they have little or no taste, some people say they smell if you don't wash them, I don't bother though, I find they take on the taste of whatever you put with them.
Right, that does it. I'm going to have to get me some of these noodles to try! :D

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