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Call me Nicky xx
I have just turned on bbc to see her and she does look really different, although not quite as big in that picture above. Hasn't she just had a baby?


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i saw her in a mag not so long ago,i think she had put on 6 stone or something similar but is working on getting it off.
what a difference though i couldnt believe it when i saw her!!!


Call me Nicky xx
I suppose it's the price of being a celeb. You gain weight and everyone knows about. She is still really pretty although that picture is a bad angle for her. xx


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Its quite comforting to no that celebs are actually real tho, i mean i no shes no angelina or jennifer or claudia, shes hardly an a-lister, but it must be much more harder being in the public eye.

wow she looks so different


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It must be really hard but she was quite big before she'd got pregnant. I remember Heat or some similar magazine about 18 months ago ran a piece on stars who'd put on weight. Makes me feel better knowing their human lol!


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I've seen a couple of interviews with her in magazines. She's not massive though in "real people" terms, I think she said she was a 6-8 in Steps, and a size 16 or 18 now. Although I am sure I remember her saying she was postponing her wedding because she didn't want to get married at the size she was.

Can't be easy for her seeing Lisa Scott-Lee flaunting her skinny minny post-baby bod!


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I've also been watching masterchef and was more shocked to see the photo at the top of this thread. She certainly doesn't look as overweight on the programme.

(BTW...the piccie at the top looks heavily photoshoped and since it came from the Sun Newspaper I'm not surprised:rolleyes:)

Anyway. I think she looks lovely now. Super duper. Just had a baby and looks like a woman.

Okay..in this culture she could probably do with losing a few pounds to keep the punters happy, but no doubt it'll get sorted in time.

Nice to see someone have a baby and not suddenly turn revert back to having a body of a pubescent teenage boy within days.


going to do it this time!
she looks so different x


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glad im not in the public eye with those magazines scrutinizing every last pound


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She has been a big girl for a while now - remember there being some story about her a couple of years ago


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She is still a very attractive woman, yes she could do with losing a few pounds for her health but it's not as if we are unsympathetic to being in that situation! :)

It can't be easy for her to be scrutinised by the media for gaining weight - it's her own business what she does with her body.
Good luck to her!


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I missed the start of masterchef so didnt catch the introductions. I saw Clare and thought it was the Steps girl but couldnt believe the difference in her. I think she is still very pretty. I took my DD to see Steps about 9 years ago and thought they were fab. Many years later someone told me that they mimed all their shows and i was gutted!!
Has anyone seen the recent pictures of that girl who played Sonya on Eastenders?!! :eek:

Only about 3/4 weeks ago we were being treated to photos of her in a bikini looking like a goddess - all toned and tanned and gorgeous.

Now she is looking more like 'the old Sonya' - which is okay (I suppose?) but the most recent photos are accompanied by articles titled "I hated being skinny"!!!!

I think that 'celebs' should be free to gain and lose weight like the rest of us but why, when they gain again, do they want us to believe that they did so because they preferred being fat?!!!

I DO NOT for one minute think that 'Sonya' hated looking lush or that she prefers to look frumpy!!! Pull the other one girl!! :D


Destined 2 be skinny!
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Natalie Cassidys put on about an extra stone since loosing all the weight, saw her on tv last nite, no where near the old sonja days. Ive got her DVD and shes def not gone back 2 sonja lol. She looked ok in that pic on the beach, but just abit TOO thin. Shes got a bf and is probably just happy being normal. x
I think the photo at the top makes her look SLIMMER than what she looked like on the telly. Even though she's just had a baby, she's massively overweight and to be honest, I'm not surprised - did you see what types of food she was cooking? Still, she seemed quite happy and she's sooooo pretty she carries it well.

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