Short women: fat loss timeline questions!


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Hi! I just wanted to see if anyone else is in the same situation and I feel like this weight loss is taking forever. A lot of the people on this sub are much taller so I wanted to ask this specifically towards short women.

What is your height, current weight and goal weight?

How long did it take you to get to your goal weight?

If you have any abs/muscles, at what weight were you able to notice them appearing?

Mine: 5'3, SW:160, CW:122, GW: 110-105 depending on muscularity/appearance.

I think I'm just getting impatient since it takes longer around the end. I wanna hear from my fellow shorties!
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Is anyone else frustrated by MFP freaking out if you go below 1200 calories? I'm short! I don't need that many calories! Loseit recommends about 1030 calories/day for me in order to lose 2 lbs a week.

I know the goal weight is quite low. I'm under a doctor's supervision and there's a reason we're trying to shoot for a BMI of 19 or so.


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S: 92.10kg C: 77.60kg G: 45kg BMI: 39.8 Loss: 14.5kg(15.71%)
I get really frustrated that most Height to Weight charts don't go low enough to my height. Even my GP's chart shows the shortest height as 4ft 10ins, and I'm 4ft7ins.