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should i swap

Hiya Nettie,

I am like you did ww years ago on and off. Joined slimming world a while ago and lost 1.5 stone really quickly but have not lost any weight for ages now keep putting it on and taking it off. The diet was starting to bore me I felt as if there is too much I cant have - crisps, biscuits etc. I joined ww online on Tuesday and although have only been doing the new pp plan for a few days I already feel more in control of portions, I can eat anything that i have in my freezer and cuboards and if I want a biscuit I can have one as only a few points used not a whole days syns if you know what I mean. The only thing I will say is you never feel completely stuffed and full like you do with sw. I am enjoying it though I think it fits in with my lifestyle more :)


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I have joined the new weight watchers with the pro points and find it good. I was with slimming world for few wks and struggled to to loose any weight, I have lost 16 lbs with ww in 10 weeks..


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I have joined the new ww pro points and im finding it very good.. i was slimming world for few wks wks but found it hard to loose anything, i have lost 16 lbs with ww in 11 wks.:)
I've been on both and I find that SW is really good when you do all your cooking yourself and you can fit it in with the family meals too. WW is easier if you are cooking for one as you can buy so many of their products with the points already on them - tesco light range also has points values on the packaging too


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I agree- last time I did ww which was the discover plan I ate a lot of convenience food but this time it seems more like slimming world but with portion control.

I have cooked a lot more this time round and have found that even tho it's more effort I get nicer meals for fewer points abs I'm by no means a chef!!


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after joining ww last night and going through the books it is now a lot like sw but with portion control which is what i need plus a lot more variety in goodies i can have ;)


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Why wouldn't you do all your cooking yourself on WW though? Cooking from scratch is encouraged on ww just as it is sw

There seems to be a common misconception that WW is all about convenience food it's not.
That's true - that is a common misconception. That said though I think it is worth saying that on SW it is hard if you decide you do want a night or two off from cooking or if you don't want to cook yourself which IMO gives WW the edge.
because my hubby works shifts we cook from scratch but on the night shifts he uses ready meals as it is easier for him. His favourites are the lidl steam meals which are complete meals and point between 8-10 ppts. They are yummy and only £1.59

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