Sick physically


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Hi all...

Really really chuffed cause the scales show 10lbs lighter in 5 days.... but problem is yesterday and today any pack I have (even half) about half an hour after I throw up (literally)..... No idea what to do, do I perserve or give up and join the gym.....
aarrgggghhhhhh No idea if it just mentally in my head that is making me sick or something in the packs.... boo hoo I have the chicken and mushroom pack the one I really do like for lunch and nope goodbye down the loo
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a bit different everyday
have you ever been on this diet before if you have it could be a stomach bug?


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Hi Aoaa

Sorry you have not been feeling good today. I know you said that you have been having the packs in half but have you added more water to try and make them less concentrated??

Please don't give up, you have done so well already. It may not be related to the diet and you could just be having an off day. Have an early night with lots of rest and see if this makes a difference for you tomorrow.

Hope you feel better soon

Jazzy x


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Sorry to hear your feeling so sick!:(

If its not a bug, have you tried the tetra briks? That's all I can stomach, I know its a bit boring cos theres only 2 flavours, but you might find them easier.

Hope all goes well

Tracey x


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Hi AOAA,When I got to my second week I was sick a couple of hours after my shake, It happened for about a week and I was on the verge of packing it in TBH, then it stopped as soon as it started. It wasnt a bug because I was fine in between,not being sick, I persevered and as I said it went as quick as it came. I put it down to me eatin so much rubbish before that when I gave it all the vitamins it couldnt cope!!(Went into shock!!LOL),I'd give it a few days an see if it stops.