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Sick, sick, sick!

luckily mine has gone now, still feels a bit funny though. I put it down to a big loss my first week and my body readjusting. Have you taken any tablets to stop the diarrhoea?
By the sounds of it hun it seems less likely to be LT and more likely to be a bug. Drink lots of water and tea and take care of yourself. I hope you feel better soon. Oh, and in case it is LT it will get better soon. xx
hi i'm sorry yor feeling so bad is it possible you may have a bug from kids / oh / colleagues at work can i suggest you have some water a nice warm bath and take yourself to bed hopefully you'll feel better in the morning if not it mught be worth ringing the chemist/Dr where you get your LT from and see what they have to say

Hope things get better soon

xx Sharron
a few other posters have had this. I only had 2 mornings of dodgy tum.

I know it does pass.

My advice is to let nature run its course and drink lots of water to stay hydrated

take care, hope you feel better soon
I darent take any tablets just incase it is a bug and some stuff needs to come out :s
Thanks for the support, i weigh in on wed so if it hasnt gone by then i will talk to the pharmacist or go to the doctors.

I just feel really rough and i need something savoury, i only have choc and strawberry shakes! might get the chicken soup next week
I know it's not exactly savoury but perhaps have a choc shake with coffee? Might take some of the sweetness away? (I've never mixed my shakes so don't actually know if it would work but I hope it might :))

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
You are doing really well considering how you're feeling. Keep it up I found day 7 onwards alot easier, I've just got to get there now!:) XX
I haven't had a bad stomach on this but it may just be a bug, if it doesn't get any better as suggested earlier might be better to check with Chemist/Dr.

You will get to day 7 blue eyes!!!!!!
Fingers crossed, i should feel better 2moro.
I really just want to quit but i feel i would be doing myself an injustice by giving up. I didnt realise i had a stubborn streak! But mayby it will help me through
Good luck loulou!
If you can stick it out hun do so. I understand you're feeling awful but do everything you can to make yourself feel better and hopefully this will go away sharpish.

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