Silly coffee question.


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Hello-silly question, but something to chat about-what coffee would you recommend?!??! I have noticed the true taste now that I'm not swamping it with milk...don't like the black coffee in the 2 chain places I've tried, and would love some ideas on an instant for home and my desk. I used to be a big tea drinker-but don't do it without milk-so coffee it is!!
Warned you it was a silly subject! x
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I was never a coffee drinker but can't do black tea at all so have moved to coffee at home with a 1-2 tsp of vanilla shake as whitener (although I find I have to make a paste out of the shake powder first with cold water and then add the coffee and hot water).


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I'm a nescafe girl... Decaf most of the time as its not as strong.. but still nice


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I like Kenco Columbian. It's the most like 'real' coffee that I've found so far.


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I've always had my coffee black so no change for me, but I like:

Sainsbury's Gold (Decaf)
Dowe Egbert's Gold
Carte Noir

I do prefer to buy the fair trade ones when I can but still haven't found one I really like :(


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Douwe Egberts espresso blend is lovely and is 'meant' to be black. I also like the Kenco Costa Rican, it's a really rich, deep flavour mmm :D


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I can't drink instant, but another vote for Douwe Egberts if you need to! I'd get a caffetiere for work if we didn't have ground coffee in our machines - Twinings do 10 coffee taster packs - some of them taste amazing! If you live in a town with Italian or Aussie/Kiwi run cafes, seek them out over the chain stores, their coffee is of a much higher standard and usually half the price. Starbucks are milk and sugar pushers - their coffee gives me a headache and is usually burnt.