Trying Ozempic


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Hi. I’ve tried pretty much every diet out there with varied success. But the weight always piles back on with a little extra. I reached 19st 3lbs at Christmas and am now 18st 1.5lbs. I haven’t really been trying to diet but lost the weight due to starting on a new drug called Ozempic which has curbed my appetite significantly. I am 50, 5ft 4.5ins and I don’t have diabetes or any other health condition save sleep apnea (probably due to the weight) and hypothyroidism (due to my thyroid having to be removed - benign lumps)(nothing serious) and a fatty liver (50%fat), which again is due to my weight. I was super fit and thin until I had my first child 20 years ago and then the weight just piled on and got worse and worse which my docs say was due to the fatty liver making me tired (too tired to exercise) and the thyroid problems.

I found that putting on a small amount of weight can imbalance my whole system leaving me so tired and craving sugar and coffee to get through the day. My whole body aches every day. Docs say that is due to the fatty liver and is totally curable if I can get to a healthy BMI. And stay there.
My endocrinologist has put me on Ozempic (seraglutide) which is like Victoza (liraglutide) but I only inject once a week. I tried Victoza but found the side effects (acid nausea fatigue) too severe. Doc changed me over to Ozempic and I’m finding that the side effects are, for me, less severe and are tolerable. So far so good. I’ve been on it for two months now and without dieting or exercising I’ve lost about a stone. Again I am not diabetic and am on Ozempic purely to lose weight.
My brother had a problem free gastric bypass a few years ago. It worked well for him but he only lost half the excess fat he needed to lose and then plateaued. I went to a surgeon to see if I was a candidate for a GB but they said no, that I needed to try non surgical methods first and sent me to my Endocrinologist who prescribed the Ozempic. I’m told it will have the same impact as a GB without the surgery(!!) and to be honest I see why they say that. My appetite is v small now and I’ve lost my craving for sugars. I still have half my Easter eggs left and have no desire to eat it (v unlike me - usually would get through several eggs over Easter weekend). So I’m hoping this Ozempic is my solution because I had given up.
I’m rejoining here because I am now ready to start dieting and exercising to help the Ozempic along (and as told to by the docs!). I hope to lose 9 more stone. I’ll do it in tranches of three stone. My first goal is to get to 15 stone. I’ll take a break then and try for another three stone later in the year. I’ll lose a further three stone next year.
I won’t be joining slimming world or WW (although my docs recommend that I do and that I follow their plans). I find the whole “how was your week” annoying. I’d rather hear from one inspiring person who had a breakthrough rather than listen to what everyone else ate for a week - it just makes me hungry!!
So that’s my life story. I’m in lockdown and have lots of time to exercise (but not doing any). (Instead I’m cooking!!). Have three kids and an OH to feed and mind. I should be homeschooling right now but the day is too nice so kids are outside playing.
So HELLO! Nice to be back!
Is there a Seraglutide/ Ozempic forum??

Welcome. Well done on your weight loss so far. I’ve never heard of Ozempic and I’m not aware of a forum for it.
I'm following the principles of Slimming World, although I haven’t joined a club and I’m going it alone. I’ve been doing this since early January and have lost 31lbs. Recently I’ve also been calorie counting - just so I can keep an eye on free foods and portion sizes to re-educate myself.
Good luck 😊
Hi Scarlett Blue. Thanks for response. I’ll start an Ozempic thread then. Could I be the first on here on this medicine?? It was released last summer so surely not... Well done on weight loss. Looks like you are doing really well.