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Extra Easy Silly of me i know.....

But I weighed myself at home on my own scales, and according to them I have gained a pound. They usually weigh 3lbs lighter than the SW ones. Shouldn't have done it, coz now I feel disheartened and I feel like binging, so have gone back up to bed until the misery passes. I get weighed on thurs night, so I'm going to have to try and stick it out until then. I know I've stuck to plan. BUT my cycle is 5 days late and I'm hoping that is the reason for the 'gain'. (no chance of pregnancy). So silly of me. We all know weighing at home often alters our moods and behaviours. Don't know why I did it. :(
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Youve learnt youre lesson from the sounds of it. You have two options, forget what it said and stick to plan, you may see a lose on wi at class. Or you can dwell on it, binge and deffo put on the weight or even more. If you are having ladies issues this can cause all manner of weird and wonderful readings on the scales so try to take it with a pinch of salt.


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Ditto what funky said! Never weigh yourself at home as different scales weigh different! Draw a line under it, forget it and continue on the plan and look forward to Thursday! If you have to chuck your home scales out lol!! X x
I've just done the same thing ahead of my weigh in tonight, and I feel utterly depressed now. My scales have always matched with my groups scales, so according to that I'm looking at a 4lb gain tonight :sigh:

My own silly fault for not sticking to plan this weekend and hopping on the scales. Don't know why I've done it as I don't normally. Oh well, lesson learnt!
If theres one thing I've learnt in the 2 months I've been doing SW it's to NOT weigh yourself at home.
I've had it both ways - thought I had lost 1 and actually lost 3, and yesterday thought I had STS and gained 1. Its best to try your hardest not to weigh at home and surprise yourself at the group (its hard I know, I'm an addictive weigher myself lol).

Try not to worry too much, you'll probably have done better than you think. DONT weigh yourself now, try and wait for class if you can. And dont let it put you off your stride - you have a couple of days til weigh in.

(p.s. Stevie, you thought you had done bad last week and lost! I'm sure you'll be fine :) )
yep step away from the home scales, the SW ones are the only ones that count.

its only tuesday so stick with the plan, have you eaten enough calories to gain 3lb? working on an estimate of 3500 calories to gain 1lb....... as said above if star week is late, likely fluid anyway,

how do you feel in yourself? were you feeling confident that you'd lost before you stepped on the scales? if you were then I'd focus on how you feel rather than the numbers

good luck, keep on plan, it'll be worth it in the end xx
Thanks everyone. Have calmed down. There's no way I could have gained weight through excess eating, coz I've stuck to the plan. So I'm sticking to the plan until Thursday as advised by all you lovely people. It was a knee jerk reaction - old habits die hard - have often thrown the towel in at the first hurdle. Had a flake - which I synned. Reminded myself that I'm not suffering, doing without, or depriving myself of anything, and have consistently lost weight every week to date. I'm a midwife, so will test my pee tonight in work - even just to reassure myself that I'm not expecting!!! Hubby and I have been working opposite shifts lately so the chances are very low, but still, it'll take the load off my mind. You asked how I felt.... I feel good!! I know I've done what's advised by my consultant, so if there's a gain, it won't be down to the plan. Will check in on Thursday evening to let you all know how I get on. Lesson learned!!! The scales are now in the attic. Thanks for your support. :)
Hope you have a good result tomorrow hun.

I was expecting to gain about 4lbs after my sneaky peak. Turns out I've only gained a tinsy winsy half a pound! So anything is possible xx
Guilty of home weighing too :( it's become an addiction

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