Sleigh bells ring are ya listening?


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Happy Christmas Eve..............
I am soaking a ham and preparing a ton of food for the clan..........bobbing around the kitchen to Christmas songs and just realised how happy I am.
1. I am not hungover ;)
2. I feel fit and healthy
3. I love the anticipation of Christmas.........

Last night when the kids went to bed I assembled the Tower of Doom

and DH assembled the Jeep. Can't wait to see the boys faces tomorrow morning.


I know exactly what you mean Bettyboo, it's such a fab feeling being in control isn't it?!

wouldn't know :D

there's always a first time - still keep thinking of things to get (lemons and diet tonic water - oh wait, there may have been a bottle of gin there somewhere also):eek:

Have a great christmas you organised freaks (LOL)
WOW! Sounds like you are sure to have a wonderful Xmas.

It means so much to us Mum's just to make everyone else happy. Good luck with the food preps.

Happy Xmas!

Dizzy x