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sliiming world v weight watchers


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Anyone have any comments about which ones better? usually I love doing slimming world and the freedom it gives me but just had an arrrghhhh! moment when found out the pizza i'd bought was 23.5 syns but on the bow it says only 7.5 weight watchers points!!
I can't help but think if you can put up with the weighing weight watchers would be amazing when you want lots of choc! (as long as you didn't eat anything else all day lol)
I guess though that is why slimming world is healthy though and I need to remember I'm eating healthily, not 'dieting' if you know what i mean..
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I suppose you have to remember that yes it it 7.5 points on WW but that could be one third of your entire points allowance for the day. While on SW you would still have all your free foods and healthy extras at your disposal. Both plans are excellent and will work if you are prepared to make the necessary lifestyle changes - yes you could use all your points on chocolate it you wanted but that's not re-educating yourself is it? And yes you could stuff yourself with pasta n sauce all day every day because it is free, but is that a healthy eating plan for the rest of your life?
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Thing with WW is that as soon as you have used up all your points , thats it! No more food for that day. I personally HATE that. SW is for food lovers!
It's definitely dependant on which suits your lifestyle best, you've posted this in SW so you're going to pretty much be told that SW is better post in WW and you'll get told it's best.

Contrary to popular belief WW is not all about convenience food and snacking. It's about making the right choices and healthy eating. Nor is it just a diet it's also about lifestyle changes and no you won't be counting points forever. Personally Ive never seen the problem with counting points I really don't give it a second thought now. I love the freedom I get on WW compared to SW but both are brilliant diets and work well it just depends what suits you best.

And follow it properly and you'll never be hungry ;-)


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Hmm well I've tried both and WW is good but I find the freedom of SW so much more appealing. I don't have to 'think' about it so much which really makes me feel I'm not on a diet. I find there are sooooo much more yummy, healthy and filling recipes with SW aswell.


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S: 13st4lb C: 9st9lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 21.8 Loss: 3st9lb(27.42%)
Argggh! think I would go crazy after I'd eaten all my points by half nine in the morning!
Gotta love slimming worlds free foods :0)


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I have lost about 5 stone on both of these plans in the past and unfortunately regained it all and some both times. Both of them have pros and cons and both will help you to lose weight, which one you choose to follow depends on your lifestyle and preference.

I like the freedon of ww and yes you can use all your points on unhealthy foods if you wish but ww do not recommend this and do push healthy eating in their classes as they should do. I also like the way it educates you on portion control and appropriate amounts of food to eat - something I struggle with. I cant be bothered with counting points and find that it puts me off - although that may change of my restart on sw doesnt go as planned.

I love the freedom of sw and the unlimited amounts of food - I've never eaten so much fruit and veg. But I struggle with portion control and can still binge on free foods. I am trying the extra easy plan at the mo and am focusing on 1/3 of my plate on super free veg hoping to re educate my stomach.

Hope this helps you to decide.
i have done both WW and SW and am currently doing SW! I think my lifestyle fits SW now, as I have to cook for myself and my BF and before I could just worry about myself.

That said, i feel SW is easier as you can have syns, free food and its all balanced to give you a healthy daily food intake (ie HEA and HEB choices) whereas WW is just eat what you like but stick in the points allocated - which may result in eating unhealthy choices on some days, rather than it being as balanced as SW.

Wish you luck with whichever diet you choose, as long as you stick to it 100% you will lose weight!

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I prefer SW, ive only been doing it for a few days but I feel its tones better than WW. I dont feel like im on a diet, I have this underlying knowledge there are certain foods i can and cant eat. I take a second in the evening or the morning to plan what im going to eat the next day, so I dont get syns or HE's muddled up! Its great I really hope it works, i'm doing EE if that helps x


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Take a big sheet of paper and write at the top in two columns WW and SW. In ten minutes write everything you think of about each and then turn the sheet over. Go and make a cup of tea and return to it. One of them will probably jump out at you as the best choice for you at this moment in time as only you can decide xx


I ♥ Slimming World :)
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Hi there, new to this forum but tried both WW and Slimming World in 2007. I hated WW as I felt deprived the whole time (as soon as someone tells me I can't have something I immediately want it!) and the weighing thing did my head in. It also made me feel guilty as soon as I put something into my mouth and I was always anxious that I had weighed something wrong!

What I loved about SW is that it fit perfectly with my lifestyle (I followed both online), and that the Green and Red days worked perfectly depending on what I had planned. I was training for a 1/2 marathon so stocking up on tons of wholeweat pasta and rice was perfect for the amount of exercise I was doing - and my body needed it. I also loved the food diaries that really showed me what I was putting into my body each day. It completely re-educated me about food.

I went from 14 1/2 to 12 stone in less than six months and then came off it when I went on holiday. Since coming off it I have lost a further 1/2 stone, so am now hovering round 11 1/2. I've rejoined SW again and can't wait to get going so I can shift my last stone before my wedding in April - am hoping it gives me the impetus I need during the winter months! And I love the Syn values - I can have my wee bit of Green n Blacks every day if I want and not feel at all bad about it.

I confess to feeling slightly bemused by the new Extra Easy so I think I will stick to Green and Red days. But it is really down to what suits the individual - some of my friends did not get on at all with SW and swear by WW. Whatever suits you really!

Good luck :)


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I have done both diets and lost about 2 stone on both, unfortunatly the weight has crept back on again and so I have rejoined slimming world after 7 years. What a difference at sw now with the EE section. When I last did SW it was red or green days which are still being used. I remember the minute I started doing a green day I craved meat and if I started a red day I wanted pasta/rice. Now I find that I can have the best of both worlds and I am cooking a lot more now, using fresh ingredients, rather than going for the easy option of quick ready meals and to be honest I am feeling fuller for longer and so not craving the crisps and chocolate which I would been if I had been doing the WW.
WW was good in the fact you could eat chocolate and crisps so long as you pointed them, unfortunatly I took advantage of this and used loads of points on these sorts of foods and ready meals where too easy to use and I felt hungry not long after eating them.
As people have said above both are good if you stick to them 100% you will do well but I feel SW although I have been only on it for a week is changing the way I look at food, I'm not thinking about food all day as I feel fuller and using fresh foods has made a difference to my skin and it must better for my body inside and out.
I hope you do well whichever you choose. Good Luck
I lost 4lbs on my first week and boy did I have a lot to eat!
Janet xx:flowers:
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I have followed ww and slimming world in the past and lost and regained weight with both.
(Not a fault with either plan, it is my own personal battle with comfort eating), this time around I am back with sw as I find it better suits my way of eating.
And I need to know I am not going to be limited by portion control or points when I need to binge on a huge bowl of pasta for example.


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Thanks for all your imput guys! I know slimming world does suit me really well, and I do eat really healthily on it which is great!
Every now and then I get bored and think wish I could eat some rubbish today (i'm sure everyone does though!) But know I couldn't be bothered with weight watchers long term counting points...
Better stay on the slimming world wagon! And that gigantic chocolate bar had better wait lol
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My sister is doing WW and I do SW- we have both lost over 6 stone each. They both work as well as each other when stuck to as they are both ultimately calorie controlled diets.
I guess you have to factor in your lifestyle, but ultimately if you are looking for a diet where you can eat unlimited pizza and lose weight, it doesn't exist- both are restrictive on foods which have no health benefits. I bet if I pointed the food I eat on SW using the WW rules, I would be sticking to the points allowed pretty much every day

Good luck with whichever you decide- if you are determined and focussed, either one will work as well as the other

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Being a serial dieter lol I was always hungry!!! I completely understand your dilemma cos weight watchers it does seem like there are more products out there that are Weight Watchers friendly by having the points on the box...esp the Tesco Healthy Options Ready Meals and you can also eat whatever you want aslong as you stick to your points allowance BUT I much rather be able to eat larger portions of food ( as ofcourse thats what I am used too) and just make healthier choices.

I think SW educates you more about what foods you should and shouldnt eat and healthier subsitutions/recipies where as WW just seems to concentrate on portion sizes which is not aways the right way to go..

I may be wrong...but I just think SW makes loosing weight more easier by covering my need for freedom of portion sizes and thats all that matters.

It really is down to own personal choices and needs.

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