Slimming world at home

Hi doing SW at home, not been on here for years, thought I might find support and may be some SW buddies to keep me motivated.
I started my journey in July, after losing 8lb I joined slimming world on line, weighed in this morning and got my stone and a half certificate ( with what I lost before I started I’m now 2st1lb down)
Worried now that it’s goong to get harder!!
This week I actually lost 5lb, think this is down to the amount I have drink as had kidney infection!!!
Welcome - lots of SW folk on here. Stop with the thinking "harder". You've learnt a lot about what to eat - so stick with it, use that knowledge, manage portion sizes as necessary and enjoy shedding more weight!
I am thinking about slimming world - met with success before - and the programme makes sense to me
I'm a recent Minimins returner - so we will need to all cheer other on :)
good luck with your losses.