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Slimming world bars


Now to maintain.....
yes they are a b choice...or you can syn them at either 5.5 or 6 syns dependant on flavour.
ive tried the mint ones and the choc orange and yes they are nice,hubby has had the lemon and likes them......but ive become addicted to the kellogs fibre plus bars,lol so dont get the hifi bars any more at the moment.
the ravishing ruby ones are nice I managed to use 2 HExBs on them yesterday !

Lemon ones are nice we had a taste at class the other week (shared a bar between 6 of us lol)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
My favourites are the mint, lemon and the chocolate and orange, although at the moment Im fighting off my Hubby and Daughter from eating them!


Silver Member
I have tried the lemon, strawberry and mint ones all are very nice...but like others at the moment my hit if needed comes from a fibre plus bar!!

Wee Doll

Silver Member
alpen light bars are nicer imo and less syns lol


Will be thin god dammit!!
They are nice but for me 2 x alpen light for the same syns is no contest!
It means I can have a treat with a cuppa twice in the day Yay!

Wee Doll

Silver Member
same here i have chocolate and fudge ones for today :D


Will be thin god dammit!!
There my favs - also like the summer fruits, also nice crumbled over fresh fruit and yoghurt!
I also like Alpens Lights best. Most days I have one with coffee morning and afternoon. I love that you get two for your HeB. Am greedy and it feels 'naughty'. :)


Will be thin god dammit!!
Exactly Lemonfizz - its just like having a choccy biscuit with a cuppa but totally above board!!

Wee Doll

Silver Member
see thats how i view it aswell :D

its my main reason for having a green day is to get to hex's everyone here in the office has biscuits etc and i dont ( im not overly keen on biscuits ) this is more of a cereal bar and i feel like im getting a treat from my normal run of the mill diet food lol


Gold Member
I like the lemon one if I want a sweet fix but I do actually like the nutty one, especially if it's an "on the run" (ie driving) breakfast.


Will be thin god dammit!!
oooh which ones nutty jaylou?

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