Slimming world & dairy free - is it possible?

Susie loves tea

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Hi all!

I'm Susie. I tried Slimming World a bit half-heartedly a while back and decided to do it properly (including going to group, etc) this week. But I'm already struggling! I love my desserts/puddings but can't seem to find anything in the SW recipe books that doesn't have Muller light yoghurts or Quark, both of which I can't have as I'm lactose intolerant. :( If anyone out there has found a good dairy free alternative I could use as a substitute, please let me know!

Good luck to everyone on their slimming journeys! :)
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Hi Susie,

I am gluten free and know how challenging/annoying it can be sometimes. So wanted to offer my support!

Recipes will include muller light and quark as they are free. Are their any lactose free brands also free? I don't do slimming world but it is worth checking your book/info on SW website. If it is not free, you can still use them but count the syns for the lactose free alternative.

Maybe also check with your consultant?

Hopefully someone more helpful will respond, but in the meantime I stand in solidarity with you and your need for freak food (as my loving sister calls it) x x

Susie loves tea

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That's so sweet, thanks!

No, unfortunately, the SW book isn't great. It does list dairy free milks but doesn't offer alternatives to yoghurts etc that I can find. I've been doing brand searches using the SW website and I've found the dairy free yoghurts vary widely in syns. It's crazy! Alpro do a type of yoghurt called 'Go on' which seems the lowest in syns - 1.5 suns for 150g pot. Will be trying it out tomorrow and will see how it goes!

Lol, freak food! Yes, us lot need to stand by our "freak"-ish diets together. :) Hope you're doing okay with your own diet, whichever one you're following.