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slimming world

  1. K

    Extra Easy Slowing down

    I’ve been back on plan for about 3 months, I have lost around 1st 9lb but the past few weeks I’ve neither gained nor lost. I’ve been working on cutting down my portion sizes and adding more veg. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, how do you get out of the rut? I’m wondering if lack of...
  2. LadyAlexandra

    Need a slimming world buddy!

    Hey guys, I'm a cereal slimming world quitter and now at the biggest I have ever been, I need a buddy to keep me on track. I know the diet well enough but I just can't stick to it. Someone help! 😩
  3. Cunners10

    New To Slimming World

    Hey guys and dolls... So this is my first ever time of trying Slimming World. I was pretty succssful back in 2011 and lost 5 stone on a VLCD. Luckily enough, I kept my weight off for a number of years but after a getting comfortable in my new job and getting generally quite lazy I have put 2...
  4. P

    Extra Easy Advice for upping calories on SW whilst maintaining balance?

    Hi everyone. I have a dilemma at the moment; should I continue trying with slimming world or move to exercise and calories in order to rid myself of these 4 stones? 🙁 My main issue with slimming world is I can never reach a high enough calorie count in a day and this goes on for days so that by...
  5. W

    Vegan Ben & Jerrys

    Hi! Just noticed Ben & Jerry's Dairy Free Peanut Butter And Cookies Ice Cream in Tesco, does anybody know the syns for this?:) thank you!
  6. W

    Jack Daniels Honey

    Hi! Anybody know the syn value for Jack Daniels Honey? Thanks:)
  7. W

    Yeo Valley

    Hi I have been given a 500g tub of Yeo valley family farm natural whole milk yogurt, could anybody tell me the syns in this? I expect it will be quite high since its not fat free but i wanted to check if i could have it! Thanks!
  8. S

    Slimming world & exercise

    Hello! What are my fellow-slimmers thoughts/experiences on following SW whilst exercising? Do you find the number on the scales goes up/stays the same, but you fit in your clothes better? Should I lose weight, then start exercising/toning up? Or should I still follow the plan but exercise and...
  9. Chunkynotfunky

    Protein Powder Hacks!

    Hiya! I have just purchased a new low calorie protein powder as a breakfast meal replacement, however it tastes foul! Any hacks/ideas on how to make a slimming friendly (quick) breakfast using protein powder? (Hope I havent just wasted £30 :)) xxx
  10. J

    Slimming world home weigher here!

    Hi everyone! After a failed attempt at slimming world last year I fell off the wagon again and ended up gaining a lot. I’m now heavier than I’ve ever been and with my sister successfully dropping 3 dress sizes I’m ready to start my SW journey again!
  11. Mini

    Sugar Plum Mini

    Happy New Year 218! Nothing like a shiny new diary to help with motivation as I begin this New Year full of resolutions and mini goals. Resolutions are to lose weight, get active and stop eating chocolate, biscuits and cake. First mini goal is to get back into the seventeens and leave the...
  12. Mini

    Will You make a new year's resolution for 2018?

    New year gives us a chance to wipe the slate clean and begin afresh - a chance to try something new or give something up. Last year was the first year I didn't bother and I feel my focus was just not there. I know some people swear by new year's resolutions, while others find them pointless...
  13. lellykins88

    Rejoining to make 2018 the best year yet....

    Morning all! I'm rejoining SW for the what feels like the millionth time.. after losing just over 2 stone before leaving group to 'do it alone' in June last year after a 4 month maintain period and I'm determined to make it my last time so I need to stick to it through the good and bad. Been...
  14. Kawaii_Vegan_Ness

    Vegan Slimming World - The road to my Birthday!

    Hi guys, I've been following slimming world for around 6months now, and lurking on here for about the same time, and I've lost a stone (woop) this last 2 months has been super flat in terms of weight loss, I've been treating mylsef far too much!! so i thought i'd start a food diary on here, i...
  15. twisted_angel

    New to SW from CD. Any help or advice please.

    Morning all So I decided to do Slimming world. After reading up I feel it be something I can 100% stick to but also a healthy option for the rest of my family too. I like to change the way I cook foods and learn about healthier options. I have done Cambridge diet before where I lost 4 1/2...
  16. C

    Tesco Multiseed FlatBread Syns

    Hi! Can anyone help me with the Syn value of these.... not sure how many Syns are in each of these. There are 6 in a pack and I've just had one with some Syn Free carrot and butterbean soup...
  17. Targetin2018

    Getting to Target in 2018 (finally!)

    Hi everyone! I've only just joined but decided to do a weight loss diary to try and keep me motivated on my Slimming World journey. I'm not struggling yet but I know that down the line I may well do! I'm Helen, 36, and a long time weight yo-yoer! I've had a pretty unhealthy relationship with...
  18. Totalbex

    Turkish restaurant!

    Hey guys! Does anyone go to/ know what’s best to have to stick to the SW plan at a Turkish restaurant? I’m going to one a week sat and as there will be a lot of alcohol involved I want to pick a good option food wise! Any ideas/ suggestions will be appreciated! Thank you in advance xxx
  19. sarah champion

    healthy extra B carrot cake??

    Hi was wondering if i could have this recipe without icing as a healthy extra B. http://www.splenda.co.uk/recipes/easy-carrot-cake Its made with wholemeal flour it has less fat and calories with the spread I use and there are HEXBs with more fat and calories than this and this has a carrots in...
  20. Chuckles McCoy

    Diary of a fat old bird to mature elegant swan!

    Well...after a lifetime of yoyo dieting, self loathing, and general failure mode, at 58, I've finally decided that something has to be done if I'm to avoid being trapped in this circle for the rest of my life. I'm taking on board slimming world and trying to address this totally negative...