slimming world

  1. J

    How many syns in nissin soba teriyaki noodles

    Hiya does anyone know how many syns are in nissin teriyaki soba noodles 110g packet? I’ve got 2 packets left from before I started slimming world and want to know if I can use them and syn them before they go out of date :)x
  2. Jonesmar

    HexA Almond milk Hexa?

    I have just found out that dark chocolate almond milk is no longer classed as HexA 😨 I wouldn't have my 2nd HexA without having a mug of this every night. Would it effect my weightloss if I carried on having this as my 2nd HexA? ❤️Thanks ❤️
  3. S

    Protein on slimming world

    hi, I started slimming world recently but I also do weightlifting to build muscle. Wondered if anyone know any protein shakes/ bars that are low sun so I can build muscle as well. Thanks !
  4. jazzy123

    PON Beef Pastie Syns??

    Hi, I’ve just started SW recipes and I found that PON recipes can sometimes fall under that category. I was going to make thIs beef and onion pastie, but am unsure how many syns it would be?? If anyone could help it would’ve appreciated! It’s made with a mini wrap which is know in itself is 5...
  5. J

    Syns in Sainsbury's fish cakes/fillets?

    Hi all trying to find the values for: Sainsbury's cod fishcakes x 2 170g Young's Simply Breaded Omega 3 Fish Fillets x4 400g I'm not looking for the syn values in those melt in the middle fishcakes, they seem to be the only thing I can find syns for. Also not looking for the whole "20 cal...
  6. C

    2 days off plan could I pull it back?

    Hi, so at the minute with lockdown and everything I have my weigh day off plan as something to look forward too. So I had yesterday off plan went a bit OTT a triple sandwich from Morrison’s for lunch, mars bar, Lindt bunny left over from Easter, an elephants foot cream cake & then a take away...
  7. adambeyoncelowe

    Birch Benders Paleo Pancake & Waffle Mix

    Does anyone know how many syns are in these pancakes? Ingredients: Cassava starch, coconut flour, almond meal, egg, leavening (monocalcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate), salt, monk fruit, spice Per 100g: 433 kcal 20g fat (6.1g saturates) Net carbs 18g (2.3g sugar) Fibre 13g Protein 18g Salt...
  8. aliceliza

    What if something is less than half a syn?

    Hi everyone, I just have a quick question. If a packet of food is 2.5 syns, and I eat exactly half of it, how many syns is that? As you can’t halve 2.5 syns... Or, to put it another way, if a food is “0.5 syn for 2” - what if I only eat one? You can’t half a half syn... so would it be classed...
  9. B

    Shy + Slimming World

    Starting this diary on day 3 I'm 5ft8 and 356lbs I started 3 days ago at 361lbs As it's both lockdown and I'm too nervous to attend a group I'm doing this on my own at home My Stepmum lost 6 stone on slimming world in 2012 and has kept it off. I'm hoping to do the same. I'm disabled and have...
  10. daisyem


    Hi guys hope everyone is surviving the lockdown. Would someone be able to help - I am unsure of the syn value of the Asda Honey Hoops?
  11. L

    Im so unhappy

    Hi guys, im completely new to this website and im not even sure if im posting this in the right place but here goes! Im 22 stone and 20 years old, im so unhappy with my body and over the past 12 months ive gained more weight than ever and i have tried not to think about it until i really sat...
  12. C

    When did your weight loss slow down

    Just that really, I’m on week twelve and my scales show no loss so far this week, although I weigh in Monday i was expecting to see a bit of a loss. 100% on plan and drink A LOT of water. when did your weight loss slow down?
  13. G

    Slimming World Newbie... BLOATING!!!

    I started slimming world this week and think im doing well but im so bloated 😭 my diet today overnight oats - with blueberries and raspberries 0% greek yogurt fake fry up - two linda macartney rosemary and onion sausages, mushrooms, two eggs and 2 tbsp no added sugar baked beans steak n...
  14. L

    Pork mince HEXB? Or syns?

    Hi all I would like to use some pork mince in a recipe however the slimming world book doesn't list it as a HEXB. Does it count as a HEXB? or will I have to syn it? If it is a HEXB how much am I allowed? Thank you!!!
  15. L

    Aldi moussaka

    Hi all! Could anyone tell me how many syns there are in the Aldi moussaka ready meal for 2? Thank you in advance 🙂
  16. A

    Lana syn friendly options?

    Does anyone have any recommendations what I can get in Lana that wouldn't be too bad as I have a dinner?
  17. F

    SW weight gain after sickness bug

    Hi everyone. So I'm on Slimming world and I weighed the other day on a day where I was ill with a sickness bug, I had lost 4.5lb and 4lb of that I had definitely lost throughout the week as I had been weighing myself daily (yes I know weighing daily isn't advised but it helps me). Yesterday...
  18. SarP22

    Slimming World very slow weight loss

    Hey all! Just joined Minimins. So I'm on the Slimming World Plan since Jan 2019. I'm a vegetarian. And eat quorn and a lot of fruit (speed) and veg, potatoes etc. I try to minimise my intake of pasta and rice as I can over do it. Anyway Iv only lost 7 pounds whichever yes is good. But in almost...
  19. P

    The start of a 3 or 4 stone weight loss journey!!

    Hi! I have lost weight on slimming world before, nearly 2 stone! Unfortunately, I piled it all back on last year :( I didn't have a great year last year and I am very much an emotional eater so I ate my way through it. Then every time I decided I was ready to start losing again, something else...
  20. J

    Slimming world Iceland frozen soups

    I’m beginning a slimming world diet and tomorrow is my first day. For works lunch I have brought the slimming world chicken and vegetables soup. It states it takes 10 minutes to cook but having only half an hours break I don’t really want to be spending 10 minutes waiting for a soup to cook...
  21. PuddingQueen

    *Newbie* Slimming World with a permanent colostomy and slow transit bowel..... struggling to loose

    Good morning everyone I joined SW 1 January 19. I have a permanent colostomy bag(stoma) from an operation l had 5 months ago due to severe constipation and a very slow transit bowel. Up to now l have lost just 6.5lbs and l am really struggling. Before Christmas l started getting severe...
  22. T

    Slug and lettuce

    Hi, I’m fairly new to slimming world and I am going out tomorrow night to celebrate passing my course. What is the best thing for me to eat from slug and lettuce? I have tried to find the Syns but have had no luck! Thanks in advance xx
  23. Geekydee

    Hi from a newbie!

    Hi everyone, I'm new here so thought I'd pop along to say hello. I'm Deb, 35 from Nottinghamshire, married to a bearded nerd and mummy of two. I have 100 lbs to lose and am currently going solo using the Slimming World pack from home as I can't get to the groups so I'm keen to find inspiration...
  24. Booboo1992


    Hi does anyone know the syn value of Lidl Warren and Sons reduced fat pork sausages please?
  25. Eclecticdonkey

    Breastfeeding Mums Club

    Any breastfeeding mums want to join and discuss the ups and downs of feeding and slimming. I'm struggling and would love to know I'm not alone.
  26. KimtobeSlim

    Losing half of me! (~˘▾˘)~

    Hello! You might've seen me putting my two-cents on to different threads, but I'm going to start my own story here also :classic_big_grin: I'm Kimberley, I've recently re-joined Slimming World for maybe the third time I think? I've lost weight and put it on and always seem to end up back at 20...
  27. M

    New Slimming Worlder with PCOS

    Hiya Back on the bandwagon after gaining 2.5 stone since my wedding a year and a half ago. 3.5 stone to target, with PCOS. Hoping to turn things around in the next 12 weeks. 6 weeks to my holiday to New York. Let's do this! Thanks for having me, Jan x
  28. R

    Pesky vegan syn question!

    Hey everyone. It's lovely to have finally signed up here instead of lurking as a guest! I've been doing SW for a few months and have reached my target weight, but....I really want to try some new products that I've spotted and wondered if someone would be kind enough to look them up for me? I...
  29. B

    Let's Do This!

    Hello everyone, I am following slimming world and have been for a few years now. I started off with great results but recently have found that I am struggling with consistent losses. No fault of the SW plan it's all down to me as I seem to be stuck in a loop of having a good day/bad day. So I...
  30. Wishus

    Broken ankle mended - now for the rest of me!

    Hello everyone I was overweight before I broke my ankle 4 months ago and a bit complacent about it (fitbitter, Parkrunner, cider drinker, cake and takeaway muncher). As I did a lot of not moving around and eating chocolate and drinking wine while watching daytime TV (Shakespeare and Hathaway...
  31. O

    Help! Something’s not working

    I’ve recently joined a slimming world group (although have dabbled a little bit with slimming world in the past). I’ve been on plan all week except on Sunday when I had afternoon tea. Although, I’ve been told it can have more than 100 Syns in it, I individually calculated everything I had and...
  32. McL1995

    Extra Easy ASDA Reduced Fat Burgers

    Hi all 😊 Can someone please tell me the syn value for ASDA Butchers Selection Reduced Fat Burgers? Nutritional values: 176kcal, 8.7g fat, 4g saturates, 0.5g sugar, 0.75g salt. Thanks in advance!
  33. G

    Help! Pancakes tasting too eggy

    I’ve just made Syn Free pancakes from pinch of nom and although they’re ok they taste very eggy. Anyone got any suggestions of how to make them taste better?! I was thinking maybe putting something like cinnamon in the mixture. I’m only on my second week of slimming world and this is my first...
  34. L

    Syns New to this... Need help with Slimming world syn calculations

    Hi folks, I’m new to this website but feel it’s going to be a great help. Been doing SW since February and had fallen off the wagon a bit but I’m back on it now and trying to work out syn values. I have a sachet of Red’s Divine Pulled Pork Barbeque Rub but it doesn’t seem to be on the SW app...
  35. N

    Low fodmap & slimming world

    Hey guys, Im just wondering if anyone is doing slimming world and the low fodmap diet? If so what are your go-to recipes or snack ideas? Ive marked the low fodmap foods off my slimming world book but Im just starting out and still really struggling to find recipes to use ... Or basically to make...
  36. Beth.jones03

    Syns in Chicken thighs with skin.

    So I was really craving a takeaway chicken burger and chips, I thought I’d treat myself a little and buy some Sainsbury’s fresh salt and pepper chicken thighs. I know that chicken skin is 6.5 syns for 25g. How many grams of skin is on two chicken breasts?
  37. claireylou87

    starting over....again...diary!

    omg i was so excited to see minis is back!!! i was a member and serial poster about 8 years ago and it helped so much. since i was last on here properly so much jas happened in life and im starting my slimming world journey (again!) at 20st 3lb 😣. i have had such a sketchy past with weight loss...
  38. N

    Tesco spinach wraps

    Hey! Does anyone know the syn value of Tesco Spinach Wraps? Was hoping to use these instead of bread for lunch as I always feel naughty eating bread (I know it’s allowed) I can post nutritional values if someone would be so kind as to work it out for me. Thanks!! X
  39. K

    Extra Easy Slowing down

    I’ve been back on plan for about 3 months, I have lost around 1st 9lb but the past few weeks I’ve neither gained nor lost. I’ve been working on cutting down my portion sizes and adding more veg. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, how do you get out of the rut? I’m wondering if lack of...
  40. LadyAlexandra

    Need a slimming world buddy!

    Hey guys, I'm a cereal slimming world quitter and now at the biggest I have ever been, I need a buddy to keep me on track. I know the diet well enough but I just can't stick to it. Someone help! 😩
  41. C

    New To Slimming World

    Hey guys and dolls... So this is my first ever time of trying Slimming World. I was pretty succssful back in 2011 and lost 5 stone on a VLCD. Luckily enough, I kept my weight off for a number of years but after a getting comfortable in my new job and getting generally quite lazy I have put 2...
  42. P

    Extra Easy Advice for upping calories on SW whilst maintaining balance?

    Hi everyone. I have a dilemma at the moment; should I continue trying with slimming world or move to exercise and calories in order to rid myself of these 4 stones? 🙁 My main issue with slimming world is I can never reach a high enough calorie count in a day and this goes on for days so that by...
  43. W

    Vegan Ben & Jerrys

    Hi! Just noticed Ben & Jerry's Dairy Free Peanut Butter And Cookies Ice Cream in Tesco, does anybody know the syns for this?:) thank you!
  44. W

    Jack Daniels Honey

    Hi! Anybody know the syn value for Jack Daniels Honey? Thanks:)
  45. W

    Yeo Valley

    Hi I have been given a 500g tub of Yeo valley family farm natural whole milk yogurt, could anybody tell me the syns in this? I expect it will be quite high since its not fat free but i wanted to check if i could have it! Thanks!
  46. S

    Slimming world & exercise

    Hello! What are my fellow-slimmers thoughts/experiences on following SW whilst exercising? Do you find the number on the scales goes up/stays the same, but you fit in your clothes better? Should I lose weight, then start exercising/toning up? Or should I still follow the plan but exercise and...
  47. Chunkynotfunky

    Protein Powder Hacks!

    Hiya! I have just purchased a new low calorie protein powder as a breakfast meal replacement, however it tastes foul! Any hacks/ideas on how to make a slimming friendly (quick) breakfast using protein powder? (Hope I havent just wasted £30 :)) xxx
  48. J

    Slimming world home weigher here!

    Hi everyone! After a failed attempt at slimming world last year I fell off the wagon again and ended up gaining a lot. I’m now heavier than I’ve ever been and with my sister successfully dropping 3 dress sizes I’m ready to start my SW journey again!
  49. Mini

    Sugar Plum Mini

    Happy New Year 218! Nothing like a shiny new diary to help with motivation as I begin this New Year full of resolutions and mini goals. Resolutions are to lose weight, get active and stop eating chocolate, biscuits and cake. First mini goal is to get back into the seventeens and leave the...
  50. Mini

    Will You make a new year's resolution for 2018?

    New year gives us a chance to wipe the slate clean and begin afresh - a chance to try something new or give something up. Last year was the first year I didn't bother and I feel my focus was just not there. I know some people swear by new year's resolutions, while others find them pointless...
  51. lellykins88

    Rejoining to make 2018 the best year yet....

    Morning all! I'm rejoining SW for the what feels like the millionth time.. after losing just over 2 stone before leaving group to 'do it alone' in June last year after a 4 month maintain period and I'm determined to make it my last time so I need to stick to it through the good and bad. Been...
  52. Kawaii_Vegan_Ness

    Vegan Slimming World - The road to my Birthday!

    Hi guys, I've been following slimming world for around 6months now, and lurking on here for about the same time, and I've lost a stone (woop) this last 2 months has been super flat in terms of weight loss, I've been treating mylsef far too much!! so i thought i'd start a food diary on here, i...
  53. twisted_angel

    New to SW from CD. Any help or advice please.

    Morning all So I decided to do Slimming world. After reading up I feel it be something I can 100% stick to but also a healthy option for the rest of my family too. I like to change the way I cook foods and learn about healthier options. I have done Cambridge diet before where I lost 4 1/2...
  54. C

    Tesco Multiseed FlatBread Syns

    Hi! Can anyone help me with the Syn value of these.... not sure how many Syns are in each of these. There are 6 in a pack and I've just had one with some Syn Free carrot and butterbean soup...
  55. Targetin2018

    Getting to Target in 2018 (finally!)

    Hi everyone! I've only just joined but decided to do a weight loss diary to try and keep me motivated on my Slimming World journey. I'm not struggling yet but I know that down the line I may well do! I'm Helen, 36, and a long time weight yo-yoer! I've had a pretty unhealthy relationship with...
  56. Totalbex

    Turkish restaurant!

    Hey guys! Does anyone go to/ know what’s best to have to stick to the SW plan at a Turkish restaurant? I’m going to one a week sat and as there will be a lot of alcohol involved I want to pick a good option food wise! Any ideas/ suggestions will be appreciated! Thank you in advance xxx
  57. sarah champion

    healthy extra B carrot cake??

    Hi was wondering if i could have this recipe without icing as a healthy extra B. Its made with wholemeal flour it has less fat and calories with the spread I use and there are HEXBs with more fat and calories than this and this has a carrots in...
  58. Chuckles McCoy

    Diary of a fat old bird to mature elegant swan!

    Well...after a lifetime of yoyo dieting, self loathing, and general failure mode, at 58, I've finally decided that something has to be done if I'm to avoid being trapped in this circle for the rest of my life. I'm taking on board slimming world and trying to address this totally negative...
  59. P

    Greggs and syn calculator

    hi guys I wanted to ask a question re the syns calculator. I sometimes pop to Greggs to grab lunch and choose the ham and egg salad on malted bread, because it seems like the least worst option. It’s not showing up on syns online but when I check the ingredients on syns calculator, it comes...
  60. Lozzles87

    Slimming World strikes again!

    Hi all I would like to say I’m a complete beginner but that would be lying...I was officially a SW target member in 2013, since then I stopped going to group (big mistake) and have steadily gained around a stone each year. Sheepishly walked back into group yesterday and back on it to lose it...
  61. Kawaii_Vegan_Ness

    Vegan in the House

    Hi everyone, Been lurking on this site for a few years now, while i dipped my toes into the World of Slimming. I've been on slimming world for 12 weeks now, and just bought my next 12 week count down! Christmas here i come! I've been on a journey since the beginning of the year, to lose weight...
  62. Msan1968

    Feeling hungry - what treats do you have

    These last few days I have felt like I could pig out - I've resisted. Tonight I've Sucked slowly on a packet of Cheetos (only 3.5syns) but it's not hitting the spot. I've lost 4lb 10oz this week and it's the beginning of week 7 and so I dont want to spoil it already I've got a lot to lose Help...
  63. L

    Indian Takeaway tonight!!

    Hi guys, i'm getting an Indian takeaway tonight. I know a lamb rogan josh is a good thing to have, or a dhansak, but I was wondering if anyone knew how many syns are in a patia? Can't find it anywhere!
  64. J

    Stir Fry Sauce

    Hi All! I'm thinking of doing a stir fry tonight but I'm not that adventurous with vegetables. I was thinking of having chicken with just a simply veg kit from tesco but I'm unsure of what sauce I should use to go with it? I have soy sauce at home but I don't know if anything else needs to go...
  65. K

    1/3 speed in breakfasts

    Hi, I'm new to slimming world and so far I'm doing ok getting speed foods into my lunches and dinners (what I have for dinner I have for lunch the next day) Struggling with breakfast- so far been having weetabix (2 biscuits) with 175ml whole milk and having an apple around the same time. Is...
  66. FixatedOn

    Fat lad finally made the jump!

    Hi all, I finally got my **** together and joined Slimming World two weeks ago. 10.5lbs later I'm pretty good with how it is going... I have probably 12st to lose, give or take. Always happy for tips and advice, my weakness has always been full fat Coke, switched to Zero now but it is not the...
  67. Losing_Claire

    Big C to little C

    Hello! I am fed up of buying clothes a size up. It is time to size down and get back to my old clothes. One of my most important reasons is I've noticed health issues arising, I used to walk an average of 6 miles a day with stairs at home and at University to walk up. Then I moved to a bungalow...
  68. W

    Back on the slimming world wagon

    Hello, I'm newish here. I signed up quite a long time ago, but never really used the site. Story of my life really. I've lost count of how many times I've joined slimming world, lost a stone or so and then packed it in. I've also tried weight watchers - lost about 2 stone for when I had to...
  69. Seafood Calypso

    Muller Light Recipes?

    Good Morning everyone This Afternoon I have a delivery arriving from Iceland and apparently I am receiving 24 Muller Lights!!! Now I live alone and don't want to get " Yogurt Bound" haha so I wondered if any of you lovely people could give me some recipes please which could help me use up my...
  70. Susie loves tea

    Slimming world & dairy free - is it possible?

    Hi all! I'm Susie. I tried Slimming World a bit half-heartedly a while back and decided to do it properly (including going to group, etc) this week. But I'm already struggling! I love my desserts/puddings but can't seem to find anything in the SW recipe books that doesn't have Muller light...
  71. Seafood Calypso

    Slimming World Chips using an air fryer?

    Hello. Please can you tell me if it is possible to have chips Slimming World Style, in a air fryer? I've just purchased one and it says to soak potatoes in oil and I didn't really want to use syns. Do I need to use any oil at all? If so, is Frylight ok?
  72. B

    Trying to get back on track with Slimming World

    Hi, I started Slimming World in January this year and managed to lose a stone and a half, but I have 'fallen off the wagon' so to speak and need to get back on track. Just can't seem to get as motivated as I was at the start of the year! Need some tips/inspiration please because I'm finding it...
  73. MysticalT

    Stubborn slimmer starting 28/7/17

    Ok, so i'm trying this 'diet' because I'm a stubborn so and so who can't follow a calorie reduced diet because as soon as I run out of calories and say 'that's it all gone' I reply to myself with 'you think? well I'm eating this so there' (childish I know :p lol). I can't afford the meetings...
  74. MysticalT

    New to SW - using recipes from other sites

    Hi! After spending months trying to calorie count and falling off the wagon because I'd used all my calories and I'm stubborn ;) a friend has recommended trying slimming world. Every Google search I did brought me to this site so I've registered! I've found lots of information that I need...
  75. lisa32

    Diary of a determined woman

    OK so I have decided to start a diary as I know this journey is not going to happen over night. So hear goes I started sw at 16st 9lbs and on Monday's first week weigh in I lost 4.5lbs. I loved the diet after initially being very confused by it all. But now week two and I am so happy I finally...
  76. H

    M&S syns help!

    I've just had the M&S roasted aubergine, grains & sumac salad for lunch and can't find it anywhere online or on the app for the syn value! I am happy to call the Syns hotline to go through it with them, but thought I'd see if any of you amazing slimmers already knew how many syns this salad...
  77. Charlyfarly1979

    Step one ... Well okay perhaps step one hundred or so

    So I thought that keeping a diary might help, but I'm thinking more about compiling (not hoarding ... In no way am I hoarding) a daily insight into my strange but rewarding life, as well as my weightloss journey. So like I said ahem, step one. So far I've lost three pound of fat (gross) I'm...
  78. Klcx

    Target weeks grace question, please help :)

    hi, So I've been doing slimming world 2 years and got my target on the 2nd June at a visiting group :) was so pleased with over 4 stone gone! I decided to join the gym as I'd done some classes before and missed doing them, strange i know! So if started going 2-3 times a week ranging from...
  79. S

    Help with syns!

    hi there! I'm following the slimming world plan myself as I don't have the money or time to attend the actual meetings but I love their plan. I'm having trouble with understanding syns etc and was just wondering what Waitrose LoveLife Thai red chicken curry syns are? It has 413 calories Thanks...
  80. F

    41 syns at 2pm

    Hi Everyone, Today work brought me in cakes and buns for my birthday. I ate a brownie and two biscuits. I've worked it out at approx. 41 syns. I feel beyond guilty and wondering am I now going to have a gain due to this. I am so mad at myself but it's one of those days where I could eat...
  81. chubby bunny


    I've recently started slimming world again and struggle with making many different meals. Could you all please share your favourite recipes?? THANK YOU
  82. H

    Granola Suitable for HexB?

    Hello! This is my first post - thought I'd finally join seeing as this is my first port of call for Slimming World help ☺️ My mom picked this up today in the shopping - I was wondering would you consider it suitable for my HexB? It is dairy and gluten free with no added sugar! Thanks!
  83. Determined_one

    Any fellow SW's with PCOS?

    Hi there, Been on the forum a while now and I was just wondering if any of fellow Slimming Worlders have PCOS? Do you find there's any free or speed foods you have to avoid or cut out all together because of the PCOS? I always seem to find on the weeks where i've eaten a lot of fruit or...
  84. nainai24

    Blue Dragon Plum Dipping Sauce

    Hi all, I've tried looking on the SW website online syns tool and I've tried searching on the net, but I just cannot seem to find the syns for this. The blue dragon sweet chilli dipping sauce is listed, but not this one. Given the length of the list on the SW online syns tool I'm quite...
  85. The_ChunkyChick

    Aldi Pasta & Sauces

    Hi, If you make the Aldi pasta and sauce packets with water are they free on extra easy? Please provide any sources... Thanks in advance
  86. C

    Please help!

    okay so I've been doing slimming world for a little while now but I'm constantly going over my syns due to hunger in the evenings (which obviously doesn't help my weight loss), does anyone have any advice on how I can fill myself up so I don't eat so much later on? My portions are good sizes and...
  87. J

    Restaurants Soup and slimming world

    Hi All, I started slimming world yesterday so I am still very new to it. I had arrangements to go for lunch today with a friend and decided to get what I taught was the best option, the soup.. I was then informed that the soup had some cream on it and the onions were fried in butter (learned...
  88. Jodstar21

    Slimming World Bride to be 30th September 2017

    Helloooo, Ok so I actually joined Slimming World on 28th February 2017 weighing in at 12 stone 9.5 pounds. I am now 11 stone 12.5 pounds. It's been quite up and down for me so far to be honest. I thought it would be quicker than this as I can honestly say that I am sticking food optimising...
  89. H

    Newbie: am I doing it right?

    Hi all! I'm in my first week of doing Slimming world on my own at home (as I can't afford membership at the moment) and I was wondering if someone could maybe let me know as to whether what I'm eating is alright? (My portions are very large because that stops me from snacking throughout the...
  90. H

    Newbie: Help with Slimming World diet plan

    Hi all! I'm in my first week of doing Slimming world on my own at home (as I can't afford membership at the moment) and I was wondering if someone could maybe let me know as to whether what I'm eating is alright? (My portions are very large because that stops me from snacking throughout the...
  91. CK101

    In need of a SW Buddy - London

    Hi Ladies, I started SW before Xmas and lost a stone by Feb. I have unfortunately fallen off the wagon since then and want to shift another 2 stone but I know I am going to need some support in doing it. When I look back on how well I did and how quickly, I am not quite sure how I managed! I...
  92. CK101

    In need of a SW Buddy!

    Hi Ladies, I started SW before Xmas and lost a stone by Feb. I have unfortunately fallen off the wagon since then and want to shift another 2 stone but I know I am going to need some support in doing it. When I look back on how well I did and how quickly, I am not quite sure how I managed! I...
  93. S

    Instant Pot Recipes

    Hi, I have just invested in an Instant Pot which is currently still sitting in the box. Can anyone recommend any Slimming World friendly recipes that i can cook in this please? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated :)
  94. B

    Extra Easy Bethy's Diary

    I've joined SW again today after gaining the 3st I lost 3 years ago. I'm determined this time to lose that 3 stone and some more and this time keep it off for good! I'm going to keep track and make a diary on here to help me stay motivated. Any advice is appreciated! Breakfast: Cup of tea...
  95. G

    Heinz tinned spaghetti

    Hi everyone :) Just wondering how many syns are in a whole tin of Heinz spaghetti? 200ml I think
  96. N

    New attempt at shifting the lbs

    So tonight I'm going to my first SW meeting in an attempt to lose my gut for good! It's not my first attempt at SW but I'm determined to make it my last :) Right now I'm not 100% sure what my weight is but I think its around 14st and I'm a size 16. At my heaviest I was almost 17st and wore a...
  97. B

    Slimming World - Am I doing it right?!?

    Hi all Ive just started attempting Slimming World about 2 weeks ago, doing it on my own (borrowed MotherInLaws books, cant afford/dont have time for the group unfortunately) I think I understand the general idea but not really losing anything. Am I expecting too much too soon or am I going...
  98. L

    COFFEE.....?!?! argue

    Hi everyone, I'm rather new to this, and slimming world - so bare with me! I love love love my Skinny Vanilla Latte's (sugar free) from Starbucks. If I use my mile as my HEA - does this have a sin value? Thanking you all in advance.
  99. C

    Easter eggs

    Hey guys, new to this page, first post woo! Hoping you can all help me out, used to be an attending member of slimming world but it got too expensive to keep going to doing it on my own, so no longer have access to the app unfortunately. Does anyone know the syn value of Cadbury's Easter eggs...
  100. __lrose

    Extra Easy Scared to weigh myself!

    Hey! Really new here and I'm really after some help! I've been at slimming world for two and a half weeks now - loving it and really finding it easy to stick to - but I haven't weighed yet apart from the first day. I've stuck to plan 100% and also ran three/four times a week (couch to 5k) and...
  101. M

    Slimming World Alfredo Sauce

    Hi all, Looking for an opinion on the following syn value on this Sauce I made for pasta this evening! It was so good: Chicken stock 230ml Milk Garlic Frylight 1tbsp wholemeal flour I make it out to be 1 syn but would value other opinions?
  102. DawnMW

    Extra Easy Food Fast

    Hey Everyone! I am looking for some ideas and suggestions of recipes that are quick and easy to make - take no more than an hour including prep? I am open to all suggestions and ingredients but I don't have a slow cooker so thats not an option for me Thanks in advance!
  103. E

    SW: What am I doing wrong?

    I'm new here - so I'm really sorry if I'm putting this in the wrong place. I thought it was quite general and just wanted some advice. I picked up some Slimming World books from eBay having been so impressed with a friend's weight loss. My aim is to lose about a stone, just so I can feel more...
  104. hananafritters

    Tesco Easy Oats HEB

    I'd been using Tesco Easy Oats (1 sachet) as my HEB as I checked the ingredients and it is literally just rolled oats but measured out into sachets. But when I checked the SW app it said that I'm supposed to syn them. I don't really understand why as Quaker Oats So Simple sachets - which are...
  105. I

    Linda McCartney vegetarian chicken paella

    hey, I got some Linda mccartney veggi chicken paella- I couldn't find any syn values for it online. I have the ingredients and the nutritional values
  106. I

    Extra Easy SP my sweetie binge

    hey all, I just wanted some support and advice really. I've been doing slimming world for just over 2 weeks now and I've kept to it strictly... Until today! My mum went away on holiday and when going to greet her she returned with more chocolate and sweets I've seen in months. Let's just say...
  107. thenotsoskinnyminny

    SW- rules fat free or sugar free.. confused HELP!

    Hi all, on SW and doing g well, but I'm really struggling with the difference between sugar free and fat free on slimming world and calculating syn values (mainly with jelly and Yoghurt). I know as a rule of thumb, 20 calories is about 1 syn... but if something is fat free but still has...
  108. Trinalouise

    Slimming World recipe books

    Hi all, I am going to be buying some of the SW recipe books and was wondering if you had any favourites that you would recommend? Thanks! Trina x
  109. hananafritters

    Help to set a target weight

    When I started slimming world a few weeks ago I set a goal of losing a stone and a half which will bring me to 11stone and half a pound but I feel that I ultimately would like to weigh less than that. I have a goal in mind of 10 stone 7lbs but I have in the past been 10 stone on the dot but I...
  110. Likklemonkeyy

    My food diary/ weight loss

    So day 1 completed and feel I've done pretty well... I plan on using this thread to document my food diary and weight loss :) Day 1 Breakfast Apple (s) Coffee with 150ml skimmed milk (hex a) Dinner Rice with peppers(s), quinoa (5 sins), onions(s), lime juice(s), baby corn(s), garlic(s). Side...
  111. Likklemonkeyy

    Slimming world newbie

    Hi guys. Just a quick introduction! I'm 24, starting weight is 12st 1lb I'd like to get down to at least 10.5st to feel comfortable in myself again. I was recently trying the slim fast diet after Christmas and lost 6lb but my weight didn't shift any more than that so thought I would try...
  112. Echo Amarante

    Advice on food diary? am i eating the right things or enough?

    Hi I've been keeping a food diary all week, can anyone check it out and see if im doing this right as i won't be able to make it to a proper class until the middle of february
  113. Trinalouise

    Fresh start, again!

    Hi there, I have logged on tonight, ready for my fresh start, before I head off to join my local slimming world club later this evening. I have been here before, more than once, but on logging in I saw something I didn't expect to find. A post, from almost one year ago, entitled: 'New year, new...
  114. Echo Amarante

    Extra Easy Days Echo's food diary

    I started the slimming world diet last Wednesday after realizing that over the last couple of years I've gained four stones that shouldn't be hanging around my waist. I'm 5'8 and currently weigh 14 stones. My target weight is 10 stones so I have a long way to go. I'll be joining a class at...
  115. P

    Syns in Tesco Chicken Pakora

    Hi, new to this website. I'm doing slimming world on my own so don't have access to the syn calculator. Would anyone be able to tell me the syn values for Tesco chicken pakora 150g. I know the chicken is free but not sure about the rest of it. Here's the nutritional info: Half of a pack...
  116. hananafritters

    Slimming World Diary

    I've just started Slimming World and I thought it would be a good idea to document how I'm feeling week by week I weighed in today after my first week on Slimming World. I lost 7 pounds!!! I'm so happy but also a little worried that it may be too much too quick as I've always thought that...
  117. peggysuse

    Syns in Costco Jacket Potato with Chilli and Cheese

    I am going to Costco for dinner and I was wondering how many syns are in the Jacket Potato with Chilli and Cheese (I will use the cheese as my healthy extra) any help would be great, thanks!
  118. H

    Can pickled onions go bad?!

    Hi, I am currently making speed tomato soup in my soup maker and used pickled onions as per the recipe, however once I put all the ingredients in and turned the soup maker on, I noticed that on the pickled onions jar it says 'once opened use within 6 weeks', now the actual date on the jar is...
  119. JennyD87

    Extra Easy Katsu Curry

    Hello Everyone....i'm fairly new to my slimming world journey and thought i'd post some recipes as i try them! I've tried adapting what i used to eat into SW friendly versions and heres my katsu curry recipe. I've calculated it at 1 syn per serving.... Its not a traditional Katsu where the...
  120. Slimming Emma

    Slimming world plateau

    Hi I have started slimming world on my own 2 weeks ago (having done it previously2 years) and I had a slight weight loss of 2 pounds over those 2 weeks. I am not expecting huge numbers every week as I have a healthy bmi (just on the high side) and happy with 1 pound weight loss a week. However...
  121. R

    Slimming World Newbie

    Hi everyone, I'm a Slimming World newbie. I went to my first group last Thursday and feel like I've done really well, though I'm petrified at the thought of not losing anything in my first week.. can't stop this anxiety. I try to write my food as much as I can, but I wanted to start a diary on...
  122. M

    France :)

    Good evening, I used to live in the UK but moved to France last December. I've done slimming world a few times, one time did really well and i did a few weeks here and a few weeks there and kept giving up and giving into temptation!!! Now I'm living here i see no reason why not to give it...
  123. GemTay1

    slimming world pack lunches

    Hello I have just joined slimming world for the 2nd time and I am hoping to be able to get my head around it s bit better this time. i would like some ideas on packed lunches for work if possible, i work in a call centre we have a kettle and a microwave available to us if needed. also does...
  124. V

    Slimming World Pizza Dough

    Hi, I'm new to slimming world and I've found the recipe for the pizza dough in one of the books. I want to treat myself to one of my favourite foods (pizza) after weigh in next Thursday and instead of buying one I'd like to make one as it'll be much more friendly to the diet. I just want to...
  125. P

    Frozen slimming world sausages (Iceland) in the ActiFry?

    Hi all! New to the forum and have searched but can't seem to find an answer Has anyone done frozen Iceland slimming world sausages in the ActiFry? If so how did it go and how long for? Thanks in advance Poggle
  126. S

    Extra Easy Shredding for the Wedding!

    Hi All, :) My name's Sadie and I started doing Slimming World from home at the end of November after trying on my wedding dress (bought in the previous March) and S T R U G G L I N G to do it up! I felt like a stuffed sausage and vowed to lose some weight so I can be my absolute best and...
  127. Becky_Louise

    So I'm new here...

    Hi guys I'm Becky, I'm 24 and I'm from the UK. I started with Slimming World back in October with a friend of mine who dropped out after around 3 weeks; I think this is the reason I'm struggling. Combine that with Christmas and well, that's why I'm here. I've been coming to the forum from...
  128. L

    Grab on the Go Lunch - Slimming World

    Need help.. Struggling for eat on the go slimming world lunch ideas.. I'm a driver and spend a lot of time on the road in the wagon. I can sometimes park up and eat but i dont always know when or where my next stop will be. I like to have things i can just grab and pick at.. but after a year on...
  129. engagingwithfreedom

    What have you ended up putting with your slimming world meals out of need to find a third speed?

    I have often found myself being 'inventive' when it comes to getting my third speed in my meals. Especially when I haven't been shopping in a while. Occasionally I find a gem like toast, peanut butter and satsuma, but other times I am not so lucky! Just wondering if anyone has had any...
  130. Emily Stevens

    Extra Easy Greedy me - The chef who slims

    I rejoined slimming world February this year and have plateaued since September maintaining my 17stone 4 lbs on and off a couple of pounds here and there. I started my blog for recipes called the chef who slims after everyone in my group kept asking for my recipes and well, that is how i started...
  131. Emily Stevens

    Extra Easy Days Keeping on track: tips and help

    I am starting a new thread as I am seeing a lot of old threads and thought it was time for a new one, I thought I would start a thread to share all of our tips and help as, well, I am struggling at the moment! I thought we could help each other through the holidays and more.
  132. healthyobsessions

    Newly Vegetarian

    Hi guys! Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section... feel free to love this to the relevant place if need be. I have recently become vegetarian! Yay! But I am pretty clueless about veggie options/recipes and syn values... could any vegetarians give me some meal ideas/veggie products/syn values...
  133. keepslimming

    New to Minimins, Serial Slimmer

    Hi everyone, my name is Tess and I'm new to the site. Have been doing slimming world on and off for a few years now. I always come on the forums for recipes, tips and advice, and thought it would be nice to get involved. Might help to have the support too. SW always works for me, I just let it...
  134. A

    How long before group weigh in shows on lifeline online?

    Hi all, I joined Slimming World last week and today was my second weigh in. My weigh in results were available immediately last week on lifeline online (I signed up as soon as I got home!), but this week my results aren't showing. Does anyone know if there's a delay before the results appear...
  135. RunJKB

    22, 15 Stone and Bridesmaid to be...

    Hi All, I have decided to join Slimming World tonight at a local group. I am twenty-two, 15 stone and size 14-16. I live with my parents so food prep can be very difficult, can anybody give me tips on how to stay ahead or even any off the shelf free or low syn goodies you can recommend...
  136. Bellalola

    New to slimming world

    Hi All, I have an awful lot of weight to lose but I find Weight Watchers far too restrictive. That said, I like that I can eat out and 'point' my food. I've decided to give slimming world but cannot afford to go to class so plan to buy the books off ebay. The plan sounds great BUT I know of a...
  137. S

    Really appreciate help syns in Tesco Healthy Living spag Bol?

    Hello everyone, I am new to the site and am hoping someone may be able to help me out with the syn value for some items? I have had longterm health problems and gained a massive amount of weight but dont have the money to go to a group or join Slimming world online unfortunately so am trying...
  138. Annaokeeffe92

    M&S count on us fish pie

    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone could tell me the syns in the m&s fish pie from the count on us range? Can't find on app.. here's the nutritional info - potato and fish (haddock prawns and salmon ) would be the free foods. There's also broccoli in it :) Per pack (400g) calories 332 fat 8.0...
  139. S

    Extra Easy plateau help please

    started SW 1st march slowly lost 1 stone 5lbs then it stopped spent 6 weeks stay the same tried to vary meals a bit more concentrated more on speed food etc etc then i got fed up and although didn't go mad just didn't weigh and measure for a week and gained 1/2 lb fair enough, this week i am...
  140. Entropy

    Slimming world and eating disorders

    Hi, I did search for an answer to this question but couldn't find what I was looking for. I was just wondering what exactly would happen if you ticked the box on the slimming world sign up sheet saying you have a history of eating disorders? Also, what would happen if you didn't tick that box...
  141. Chris Taylor

    Extra Easy SP Easy 3/4 day SP food plan

    As the weather turns colder the food gets hotter and this very easy 3 or in my case 4 day Extra Easy SP meal plan will help you shift a few pounds and fill you up and keep you warm inside at the same time. Yes it might sound boring eating the same thing for 3 or 4 days on the trot but because...
  142. H

    Disappointed at first weigh in

    Hi I'm Holly, i started slimming world for the first time. Heard so many success stories so I thought I'd give it a go. I only lost 2lb on my first week where others lost 5 or more. I stick to the EE plan 100%. I'm not looking forward to weigh in as I made the mistake of jumping on my scales and...
  143. ZombiePingu

    Extra Easy Slimming World Food Diary (partially low FODMAP)

    This is the food diary for my first week as an online member of Slimming World. I have IBS so have tried to keep to a low FODMAP diet where possible (with some exceptions such as plums, which don't seem to affect me).
  144. SlimmingMyself_SW

    The Diary of Emotional Eating

    Hi, I though I would try & start a diary on here to help motivate myself & hopefully others. I am renewing my SW membership except this I am giving it a go from home. I have ordered a 12week diary so as soon as that arrives, It will be official. My main reason for putting on weight (4st7lbs) in...
  145. E

    Can i use protein shake on slimming world? getting marrid in just under a year and half and have 3 stone to loose! Back on slimming world try 3! ...can i use protein world protein shakes and if i do ,do i syn it? X
  146. J

    PCOS And Endometriosis on slimming world

    Hi just wondering if someone can help me. I got my diagnosis last year for pcos and Endometriosis I have really struggled with losing weight I just seem to go up and up I have gained 10st in 6 years and can't seem to shift it The doctor has prescribed me with 1500mg metformin the pill and...
  147. MrsE13

    Extra Easy 7 Day Student/Budget Menu Diary

    I joined Slimmung World this week for a happy and healthy pregnancy but unfortunately had an early miscarriage or chemical pregnancy as I think it is called. I do actually need to lose weight, so I am going to continue the diet. I am terrible at keeping and maintaining diarys. So I'm just going...
  148. N

    Bad Week

    Hi, I've just joined here, but been doing slimming world since Feb. I've had the worst week, and no real excuse. I have had a couple of gains, but "justifiable" in that there was a birthday etc. and I forgave myself. My weigh in is tomorrow, and I suppose I just want some reassurance that I...
  149. G

    Weekly weigh in!

    Hi all, So today was my first weigh in since starting back at Slimming World and it is safe to say that I am extremely happy! I LOST 5LBS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :banana_dancer::bunnydance::woohoo: I have tried to diet many times and failed but this time around I am so much more determined and this just...
  150. G

    Extra Easy Chicken Tikka Chasni (4 syns pp)

    Hey guys! Long time viewer, first time poster, and all that jazz... Recently joined up Slimming World (truth be told, it's mine and the Mrs's 4th attempt, but the Lord loves a trier...) and although we had accumulated a stack of recipes from previous attempts at the diet, one thing that always...
  151. G

    Starting the weight loss journey..!

    So here we go, to the start of new beginnings! I have tried to diet on and off for years now and let's just say, there were many failures, but I feel like now is my time. I'm 20 years old and I'm the heaviest I have ever been. The weight has been creeping up on me for over 4 years now and it...
  152. Rachnrobtfa

    newbie from Leics

    Hi all, I'm Rachel and I'm married with 4 kids aged 22 to 14. I did slimming world 3 years ago and lost 3.5 stone which got me to my target. Unfortunately I didn't stick to it after I reached target and gradually my weight crept back up. I started slimming world again in January this year with...
  153. M

    Slimming world journal

    Hi there, I have recently joined slimming world and doing my journal however I haven't got the activity tab so can't record what exercise I am doing. My mum is doing it too yet has activity show up on hers I am just wondering if anyone knows why I can't record my activity Please?
  154. K

    Can Anyone Help Me Caluculate Syns in This?

    Been eating quite a bit of these noodles and hoping someone with access to the online calculator can please help me work out the syns in this food? There's a free food involved so it's not the straightforward 20 cals = 1 syn. The free food is wheat noodles, dry. Average nutritional value per...
  155. lickthelid

    Calling all me!

    Welcome to the slimming world section of minimins. We are a lovely supportive bunch, most of whom have been here before or for a while, some at target, some close, some trying to find their way back (**raises hand**) Firstly we would like to say congratulations on choosing A) Slimming World and...
  156. K

    Korean Noodle Syns Help

    Hi, I'm doing Slimming World from home and was hoping someone would have access to the syns online calculator to help me syn these Korean noodles? I think the noodles would be the free food? Ingredients - Noodle: Wheat flour, potato starch, salt, soybean oil(0.236%), acidity regulator, palm...
  157. lickthelid

    NEW Slimming World FAQ

    So I'm not a consultant BUT I have done SW for several years through the most recent changes so hopefully this is current and up to date. There are several, nay MANY, common questions and misconceptions about the plan that hopefully can be explained here. If I miss anything or am incorrect...
  158. K

    Mash Direct Burgers?

    Been away from Slimming World quite a while now but trying to get back on track doing it from home. Would anyone be able to help me with the syn values for the Mash Direct Vegetable Burgers with Spring Cabbage? They are delicious and I'm hoping the syn value isn't too high. Any help would be...
  159. Marilyn Monroe

    This time forever

    Hello, I've just found this forum and it coincides with my return to Slimming World on Wednesday. As the title of this thread suggests I want this to be a change for the rest of my life. I have a big big birthday coming up and I want to be at my weight goal by then, but more importantly to...
  160. C

    Extra Easy Days Former member, about to start following the plan from home

    Hi everyone! I'm new to MiniMins but not to Slimming World! I've been a member on and off since 2011. I'm about to relocate to Austria and want to follow the Extra Easy programme again as I've started to notice my weight creep up again. Obviously can't attend meetings from Austria and reluctant...
  161. N

    Need to shift a little bit!

    Hey guys and girls I thought I would start a food diary on here; I'm open to any suggestions that would help me lose weight. I joined slimming world online about 3 weeks ago. So far I have only lost 1.8lbs. My starting weight was 150lbs and I'd like to loose about 15 lbs in total Week3...
  162. chubbiebunnie

    Hello! New to MiniMins, on the slimming world plan

    Hi All, I am new to minimins. I wanted to connect with more likeminded people as I find the online community so valuable. I am doing slimming world and I have lost 5st 10lbs so far, still a ways to go to get to target but I am going to try... or I should say I am going to do it this time...
  163. AbbieJade92

    Bloated/Swollen... Help please!

    Hey everyone, This is my first post! :) So I have now been on Slimming World for 3 weeks and have lost 1st 2lbs. It's all been going really well but this week I've had my lowest lost at 1.5lbs. I can cope with only losing a couple of pounds a week, however I just feel really rubbish. I...
  164. Jodieboo

    Diary of a Disheartened Slimmer - round 2!

    Hey everyone. Thought it would be best to make myself a new diary. Finally back following the Slimming World plan after faffing around for nearly a year. This time last year, I was referred to Weight Watchers via my GP. I did that for 12 weeks and lost half a stone. But I just couldn't get on...
  165. S

    Ilumi meals syns

    hi I was wondering if anyone could look up ilumi gluten free meal syns? I'm mostly looking for the meatball syns Thank you!
  166. X

    Extra Easy Underactive Thyroid and on a mission

    So I have 6 stone to loose. I started last Monday but just found here, I've been struggling to keep a diary and am hoping that I might get enough of an arse kicking here to keep me on at it! So I've started at 16.5 stone. My biggest issue is I like a beer or five when I go to rugby, so thats...
  167. S

    Iv started snacking on slimming world. What can I do?

    latley iv started binging on food such as eating a few crisps here and there and eating cereal from the box, it all adds up! Is there anything that you can suggest to help me stop this please? Thank you
  168. Jessica.xx

    SW: First Diary

    Hiii :) :) (Apologies if this has gone into the wrong section, I'm new to this forum and not 100% certain on how to work it) So it's my 3rd week of slimming world my target is to lose 19lbs and I've lost 5lbs so far. :) I've spent almost all my afternoon writing down every single syn value in...
  169. Jessica.xx


    Hi everyone :) I am new to MiniMins, I'm here looking for slimming world inspiration, recipes and support as I am a 20 year old who can't cook many things! :( I've been doing Slimming world for 3 weeks.. My first week I lost 4lbs :) My second week I lost 2lbs :) And my third week I actually...
  170. calamityr

    Extra Easy Daily diary

    Hi all! Hope everyone has had a good day... :eating: My first day feels like it's gone well, but I do feel like I've eaten lots of food today. Menu is a bit carb heavy but it's my time of month :badmood:(on my first SW day no less). Any comments and suggestions for improvement and very...
  171. lellykins88

    Pineapple Crush Muller lights?!

    Mullerlight by lellykins88 posted 13 June 2016 at 3:14 PM Has anyone tried one of these?? They are absolutely beautiful!! I'm guessing their syn free - if anyone knows any different please let me know before I bulk buy!
  172. LeanneB94

    Extra Easy Inferno Pizza syns, please help

    Hi everyone, I'm new to slimming world and mini mins, there is a recently new pizza place around the corner from my work and during our monthly meeting are discussing getting one in to share. I was wondering if anyone knew the syn values for their pizzas? They're thin based and can be topped...
  173. Salbeer

    Vegan and SW?

    Hello, I'm very new to this site (joined tonight) and I'm also thinking of joining SW...however I'm not sure how easy it is to be on SW and vegan? Any advice gratefully received :confused::)
  174. Saffy94

    Forum Newbie right here!

    Hi everyone!!! This is my first ever time on a forum! Exciting stuff..... a bit about my SW journey to update you all I start Slimming World on 16/03/2016 and currently lost 13lbs, I got my 1 stone award 2 weeks ago but gained last week :( so hopefully we get it back tonight wooo!, I weigh in on...
  175. chubbypenguin

    How would you syn this?

    Out to eat tonight, trying to choose the best option! What would syns be on: Insalata Mista or verde( Mixed or green) (v) Spaghetti alla Montanara Finely chopped steak with onions, red peppers, rocket & a touch of tomato ? Think they are the best options, else tempted to have a very off plan...
  176. AmyVictoria

    Amy's Starting Again Diary!

    Hi Guys, So for all the usual reasons I of course fell off the wagon before. New House, New Job, ect. But I am so sick of being the fat one. I am going to pop my food diaries on here in the hopes that looking back on the bad days will help me stay motivated. If anyone does happen to read...
  177. NikolaLuigi

    Motivation = zero

    I've been loving slimming world and the amount of food I can eat - I'm quite healthy in general but just enjoy too much healthy foods ;) recently I've lost motivation for slimming world though How are avocados so high in syns when they are one of the healthiest foods on this planet? And the...
  178. BeccaJoanneSW

    Hiya, 24 year old with 10 stone to lose on SW!

    Hiya, I'm Becca :) I started slimming world 6 weeks ago after seeing my sister lose almost 6stone in a year. I'm graduating next year and want to feel healthy and look my best - I've never ever ever been a healthy weight from the age of about 12 to be honest! This is actually working for me...
  179. MilliesMummyx

    Extra Easy lucozade zero calorie?

    Does anyone know a syn value for these? I seen they had orange and pink lemonade now out in zero calories/ sugar free. Hoping for a wee syn free cos I miss a wee lucozade (I generally just like the flavour not the 'energy' haha). Thanks in advance :)
  180. N

    Post weigh-in binge - HELP!

    Hi everyone, I've just joined since I'm forever on this site anyway so may as well get involved - you seem like a lovely bunch :) Anyway a bit about me - I'm 26, and have been overweight (obese) as long as I can remember. The weight kept on creeping on and before I knew it I was half a pound...
  181. serialslimmer7

    IBS sufferer trying to lose weight

    Hi everyone, Bit of a :oops: post but I need a bit of help. I have very severe IBS as in literally all food just goes straight through me in less 15 mins of eating it. This poses its own issues as I can't eat out or even eat at all unless i have quick access to a bathroom! I have to take...
  182. laceandlunges

    Jen minus 100 lbs!

    So, I am Jen and I have 100 lbs to lose. Or rather HAD 100 lbs to lose, I am almost a third of the way there. I first joined Slimming World in April 2015, on the one year countdown to my wedding. I lost three stone by August 2015 when I went to see family abroad. I looked drastically different...
  183. A

    Slimming World Sugars

    Hello! I have been looking at the horrors of added sugar in your diet (stay away apparently). Made me wonder about the slimming world plan, in regards to added sugar? You eat a lot of fruit/veg etc but that sugar seems to be fine but what about the yogurts and other low fat things! They have...
  184. K

    Food Diary for my 7,367th "Fresh Start"

    Hello. Having been recently diagnosed with under active thyroid (currently on day 5 of being on levothyroxine), I have been on a little self sabotage mission the last few days. 6 weeks of being on plan and gaining each week has not been very motivating. I have previously lost 1st in that...
  185. MilliesMummyx

    Holiday Ideas

    Hiii, We were going to be moving house this year so put holiday plans on hold however, now house move is on hold so I want a holiday :p We are looking to go between 26th sept and 11th Oct for a week and our daughter will be 4 at this point. Any suggestions? We have been to majorca, alicante...
  186. jenniecakes

    Jennie's Slimming & Running Diary

    Hello AGAIN! I'm back, and lots has happened since I last posted in these forums. I have become a Slimming World Consultant. I have run a Marathon. I have put a deposit on my first house. I have managed to start saving money. I have put weight on. Yes, so not too many woo's for that last one...
  187. K

    SW & underactive thyroid

    Hi I have just been diagnosed with having an under-active thyroid. I kinda knew something was wrong as I had been following the plan and gaining weight. There were also other symptoms, too (extreme tiredness, nails breaking, feeling the cold). Plus, as I had an over-active thyroid before, I...
  188. NikolaLuigi

    5.5 syn treat

    Hi everyone! Today at work I was introduced to the Tim Tam slam. I thought I had to share it with you all because it's the best thing I've ever eaten for 5.5 syns! You make yourself a cup of tea (0.5 syn for splash of milk) or a coffee depending on your preference. Tea works better because of...
  189. AlyBuffy

    Extra Easy 30 year old milestone....enough is enough!

    Hey guys, I thought it would be a good idea to start one of these as I'm doing SW online so at least I would have someone to vent to when I'm having good days or bad days. I've been a yo-yo dieter all my life. I lost 2 stone last year and then put it all back on after I lost my job. I'm...
  190. Maria11


    Hi all New to slimming world, my second weigh in on Monday doing this with two family members but finding it difficult to plan nice meals. Be great to share ideas. We cooked cauliflower pizza last night, wow what a mess and so much preparation.
  191. V

    Help please - Syn value...

    Have just been to the cinema with the bf & I've only had 2.5 syns since weighing yesterday (really good for me btw) and had planned on only having another 2.5 today so I can enjoy a Chinese tomorrow night without going over 50 syns! Chinese I have is usually 20 or so! But me being me, couldn't...
  192. Penny0815

    Slimming world and date nights

    Hi guys - I'm brand spanking new to this site! I was reccommended this by a friend. My partner and I both joined slimming world last week - weighed on Monday and both achieved our 1/2 stone awards!! OH lost 8lbs! We've decided to try and routine our social life so we manage to fit some sort...
  193. NikolaLuigi

    Chocolate milk (hex A?)

    morrisons have a new chocolate milk out - it's "M" white chocolate flavoured milk Looks delicious But I can't work out the syn values at all. And does any part of it count towards Hex A? Like (3 syns plus 1/2 your hex A or something, to allow for the chocolate part of it) Are there any...
  194. L

    Newbie mum of 8 Sw member lost 16.5 stone

    Good morning , Just a quick hello ...Im a mum of 8 . 22 years down to 7 years 5 boys 3 girls . I started losing weight 3 years ago managed 8 ish (best guess as scales bottomed out at 23.5 ) at home by myself . I reached a plateau joined Slimming World and lost a further 8.5...
  195. C

    Weightloss Diary of a New mum

    Hey everyone on Minimins, I've read a couple of threads on here and always thought it was a great idea to keep me motivated on my weight loss journey. I've recently had a baby, he is 12 weeks old tomorrow and I'm trying to lose around four stone. I joined SW 7 weeks ago and so far have lost...
  196. sw_melaniemccaw

    Slimming World Vlog!

    Hello everyone, So like a lot of people I've started on SW following the chocolate fest that was Easter! I've set up my own YouTube Channel which will feature daily Vlogs detailing the ups and downs of life on SW! I'd love to share my experiences with you so if you'd like to check it out you...
  197. M

    Food Diary.

    Hi all. Been here once before, but back again! Last year I lost around 3 stone on slimming world. Due to being at uni, I cant really afford the payments at the moment, so I'm going to try and do it myself. Hoping to loose another 3 stone!
  198. S

    Cauliflower cheese

    Dying for some cauliflower cheese. Is there a way to make this low syn? Like using heA on cheese?
  199. Destiel

    Slimming and breastfeeding my second!

    Hello all! I'm almost 5months pp with my 2nd child and exclusively bfing. I've done SW several times before and each time lost 2st+, before gaining again due to pregnancy. As this is my last baby, I'm determined to lose 7st and stay at a healthy goal weight. I combination fed my first, but...
  200. QQ1977

    Who gave me this extra 3 stone??

    So I've bitten the bullet and finally joined a SW group as someone rudely left 3 stone with me that they obviously didn't want! I feel this diet is the most realistic - I've done Cambridge (lasted a day :eek: ), Slim Fast (lost 2 stone) and Weight Watchers (many moons ago). I want to finally...
  201. shenzi

    Back Again!

    Hi, My names Emma I joined slimming world and Minimins back in May 2011, I had been to the doctors and got the devastating news that I was infertile and not ovulating at all, I was gutted. I was told to go away and lose some weight (I was 17 stone 13) and then hopefully we could be referred for...
  202. E

    Cutting Down on the Lembas Bread

  203. E

    Muller Lights

  204. G

    Extra Easy Gemma's Diary

    Hi everyone, so tonight I decided to start slimming world again, after picking up the magazine recently and loving all of the recipes. So tomorrow is Tuesday 29 March, I'm aiming to lose 40 lbs, no rush just steady losses is my aim. The plan for tomorrows eating is; Breakfast - County crips...
  205. OzSlimmer

    Help calculating syns for Australian Products

    Hello. I've been doing slimming world for a long time. I'm confident with it and know syn values off the top of my head but I recently moved to Australia and am a little lost. I'm struggling with finding syn values of certain things as because they are Australian they do not appear on the app...
  206. Loubie-Lou

    HexB Tesco fresh chicken and vegetable soup

    Please help, can this be an extra b choice? 100g is 37 cal, 0.8g fat, 4.3g carb, 1.6g sugar, 1g fibre, 2.7g protein. Need to be careful as gained weight!! Thank you
  207. Loubie-Lou

    Tesco fresh chicken soup

    The Tesco fresh chicken & vegetable soup is only fresh ingredients. Is this a free extra b please or how many syns do you think? Need to be careful, put on 4lbs over night...not happened since October!!!_*
  208. S

    Eating out on slimming world please help??

    i am eating out with friends tomorrow at a buffy restaurant called jimmys, could you tell me what type of food I should avoid and what I can eat? This is the restaurant menu :) Thank you
  209. S

    Asda Family Hunters Chicken

    Good Afternoon I am new to slimming world and just wondered if anyone knew how many syns is in Asda's Family Hunters Chicken? It has 4 portions so per portion would be helpful. Thankyou
  210. NikolaLuigi

    Hartley Jelly

    So I just read somewhere that the Hartley sugar free jellies that are ready made are free, but the ones in the sachets are 1.5 syns?!?! Is this true? I love jelly and have been treating it as free!
  211. S

    So far to go!!! I need help!!!

    Hello I have been a slimming world member for about a month and have lost 11lb. However to get to a healthy weight I need to loose about 5-6 stone!! It seems like such a big about to loose! Does anyone have any tips on how to make it seem a little less daunting?
  212. S

    Night out and food?

    im going out for a night out on Wednesday and going for food before it, will one night of drinking make a difference to my weight? Will I ruin my progress? I'll be back on track on Thursday Thank you
  213. NikolaLuigi

    Healthy Extra B help

    What does everyone use their hex B on each day? When I'm at work I usually use it for a sandwich as it's easiest, but at weekends I struggle to use it and often have just a slice or two of toast to use it up! Apart from Alpen bars, has anyone got other Hex B suggestions? Can I use weetabix or...
  214. NikolaLuigi

    Pub lunch

    Hi everyone :) I am going to the Cricketers pub in Horsell in a few weeks for a family event, and don't know what to have from the menu :confused: I was thinking either jacket potato with tuna mayo, or...
  215. NikolaLuigi


    Sorry, me again! I'm so new to this whole thing so hope my constant questions don't bother you all! Syns in a cup of coffee? Not for me, for my other half - he drinks Nescafé Azera intenso if that makes any difference, and usually has a splash of milk and a half teaspoon of sugar Thanks!
  216. NikolaLuigi


    Hi all Need some help re sausages I seem to recall that the Linda McCarthy red onion sausages are free? Am I right in thinking that? Also, can anyone tell me the syn value for Richmond thick pork sausages? Thanks in advance!
  217. NikolaLuigi


    Help! How many Syns are in the following types of butter? 20g Morrisons Salted Butter 20g Anchor Spreadable 20g Anchor Spreadable Light 20g Clover Thank you in advance!
  218. NikolaLuigi


    Hi Can anyone tell me how many Syns are in 10g of Hellmanns Extra Light Mayo? Thank you in advance!
  219. S

    Spaghetti bolognaise

    How many syns in heinze spaghetti bolognais? I heard it was 4 syns
  220. M

    Sainsburys dim sum

    Hi all, 3 weeks into SW. One of my old favourites were Sainsbury's 9 coloured dim sum with ginger soy dip. 3 X prawn beetroot shumai 3 oriental vegetable chive gyoza 3 prawn turmeric hacao Having this as lunch. Just checked if it's free or syn's and the calculator said it was 13 syn's. Surely...
  221. Ann0190

    Pregnant and slimming with slimming world

    Hi everyone, I have recently returned to slimming world, more to keep an eye on my weight and stop me eating rubbish while pregnant (I am far from a healthy weight but I will get better for my babies) than to actually lose all the extra weight I am carrying. The hardcore dieting will kick in...
  222. S

    sainsburys roasted vegetable

    Does any body know if the Mediterranean roasted veg from sainsburys is free. Wasn't sure
  223. S

    special k granola

    Does anyone know if you can use special k chocolate and hazel nut granola as your heB?
  224. poko

    Starting again for the last time!

    Hello! I'm starting today, again for the last time. I've done weight watchers, skimming world, Cambridge, 123 Terri-Ann diet plan and calorie counting and I am mad at myself! I throw money at anything that might make me thinner. But money doesn't buy will power and motivation and there lies my...
  225. K

    M&S smokehouse bbq beef brisket

    Hello everyone! Can anyone tell me the syn value for the M&S The Gril Smokehouse BBQ Brisket please? I've just had a bit with my dinner but can't find the syns anywhere! Tia xx
  226. poko

    Losing weight for the last time - this time I mean it!

    Hello! I'm starting today, again for the last time. I've done weight watchers, skimming world, Cambridge, 123 Terri-Ann diet plan and calorie counting and I am mad at myself! I throw money at anything that might make me thinner. But money doesn't buy will power and motivation and there lies my...
  227. S

    Am i eating to much?

    i feel full most of the time but feel i am eating to much. does eveyone else feel full and still dont use all syns up? i dont really understand how i can lose weight by eating all this free food?
  228. Jaxx1384

    Slimming World, PCOS and Dairy free newbie

    Hi all I've been a slimming world member for 6 months and im almost at my 1.5 stone award. It's been a hard 6 months with many ups and downs but I'm making progress. Being dairy free is frustrating but it's a necessity and pcos on top just make everything fun! Anyone else working with this...
  229. S

    Aldi sandwich thins hxb??

    Does anyone know if Aldi's brown sandwich thins are a healthy extra? Hoping so as I've been eating them for weeks Tuna and cheese toasties are my fave!!
  230. Razzyb

    Slimming World friendly restaurants

    Good evening, just wondering if there is any Slimming World friendly restaurants in the London or Kent areas? I want to take my Gf out for a proper meal without her worrying or feeling guilty about Syns. I've had a good Google with no luck :( Thanks.
  231. D

    2 Syn Mug Cake!

    Hi everyone, I'm new to minimins so I'm still figuring out how everything works, but I thought I'd share a 2 syn mug cake that I made tonight that was delicious! Ingredients 1 options belgian chocolate sachet 2 eggs 2.5 tablespoons of sweetener 1 teaspoon of choc shot Method Mix it all...
  232. melsblls64

    New to slimming world

    Hi, Ive been doing the slimming world diet for just over a week now and have lost about 4lb, but is what Im doing ok, please. For breakfast I have a fat free yoghurt then for lunch 2 ryvitas with extra light laughing cow on and a syn free meal in the evening. I drink a lot of squash (sugar free)...
  233. SWnewbie2016

    Help...gaining weight!

    Hi all, I've recently joined slimming world and have been doing the diet for around two weeks. Exercising more than ever, but the weight won't shift? I was hoping someone could tell me from my food diary if I'm doing something wrong! Tuesday 2nd Breakfast - an apple and grapes Lunch - mugshot...
  234. swlundon

    Hiya - New to SW, new to minimins!

    Hi all So I thought the polite thing to do would be to introduce myself :) I've done WW many times before but started SW three weeks ago - and I've already lost 8.5lbs! I'm really impressed with it so far. I've lost more in the past week than i did in the last year (Oct 14-Oct 15) of doing WW...
  235. Lauren.B

    My new favourite desert / snack! Hope this works! Trying to use the new social thing by pasting a code!! Anyways, I wanted to try banana pancakes for so long but I never have because I didn't want to syn my banana but I was missing out! I prefer these over the oat pancakes! I checked the...
  236. nhsscientist

    Co-operative thai red coconut chicken curry syns

    I have a really old slimming world plan and don't have access to check syns. Could someone be as kind to tell me the syns on the Co-operative thai red chicken curry for EE which has 36% boiled rice (free) and 21% chicken breast (free) 6% red pepper (free). I'm guessing these can be deducted...
  237. marybobs

    Food Shopping - The Haul

    Hey Everyone, So I decided to start sharing my different slimming world shops. To help anyone who is looking for ideas of what to buy, as I found a load of videos and posts about this topic on instagram and youtube. I want to share the hauls that I get and see what you all get, to share the...
  238. S

    Extra Easy Egg/Dairy/Gluten free Slimming World Diary arghhhh

    The title makes me want to scream!!!!!!! I have been having skin troubles for a while (15 years, so half my life) and the Dr suggested it could be a food intolerance. I've always thought I've had a dairy sensitivity just by how I feel after I have milk at breakfast but never followed it through...
  239. J

    Baby slimming..

    Hey all - I've been a member of this site for a little while now and I really want to try and keep a food diary here. Joined SW in August last year and have been doing really well. Lost 4stone 5lb so far and got another 4 stone or so to go. I've tried so many different diets and had some success...
  240. Missa!!!

    Has slimming world changed much?

    Hi everyone So I have to decided to follow slimming world again but I will be doing from home as I don't have time to attend classes. I have the 2014 directory and food optimising book. Has it changed much from 2014?
  241. F

    Hello! I am re attempting slimming world

    Hi I am re attempting slimming world after a halloween blow out I never got back on it! I am a size 20 and weigh 18 stone. After being on the depo injection I went from a size 12 to a 16 and as I worked unsociable hours in a kitchen I continued to gain weight. I was a size 18 when I became...
  242. AmyD93xo

    IBS and Slimming World - Buddy request?

    Hi, I'm 22 years old and have been following Slimming World since October 2015. I have around 2 stone to lose for me. I have suffered with IBS for 6 years now and would love a buddy to chat with and possibly confess our muckups and just full on support. If anyone would be interested at all I...
  243. W

    Extra Easy SP SP Week Results

    I've been doing slimming for the last 6 weeks and I've lost a stone. Woohoo :) Now I thought I would do an SP week to give myself a boost after The festive season. This week has been hard like hell! I honestly did not realise just how restricted it is. Got on the scales this morning to find I...
  244. M

    Newbie saying hello & on here for SW advice

    Hi, I'm Sara from Bedforshire. I lost 3st last year on slimming world but have decided to try maintaining without going to group! So joined for advice on syns and recipes etc
  245. Bubbles86

    New to slimming world

    Hi I am just new to slimming world and i am just looking some good recipes. The thing is i am such a fussy eater which is why i have put this off for years. Most of my meals are chicken , i do not eat pork beef or fish , do not eat veg at all. I love spicy foods , so if anyone has any good...
  246. A

    Aldi HEB bars

    Hi guys, I'm doing slimming world from home and getting conflicting info on the Aldi under 70 cal bars? (Chocolate and fudge) is it 2 for a heb the same as the alpen light? Or have I been consuming a large amount of syns this week :(
  247. Murphtang

    Extra Easy Slimming world newbie - advice and inspiration welcome!

    So I'm new to slimming world, but I love this forum already. To keep myself motivated, I'm going to post in here all the food I eat. Also, I hope you guys and girls can correct me if I miss out any syns or count anything I shouldn't! I'm doing the extra easy program with speed foods. Sunday...
  248. M

    Slimming World or the simple calorie counting?

    Okay, so I don't know what to do. Do I follow slimming world or simply calorie count? What are your thoughts? Which is best? I have done both before and both have been successful, although I found Slimming World more lenient . The only issue I have with slimming is that smoothies are not...
  249. H

    smoked chicken syns

    Hi I've just joined this site after finding all info on here regarding syns! Can anybody tell me if half of a smoked chicken with no sauces etc has any syns on the ee plan? I'm going out for a meal and that seems the only SW friendly option...hopefully!! Thankyou
  250. S

    Overnight Oats! My current food obsession.

    I never liked the sound of overnight oats... It just sounded a bit minging to be honest! But I was struggling for easy breakfast ideas that I could bring to work so I thought I'd give it a go. Now I'm completely obsessed! It's so sweet with the agave nectar and so creamy because I used extra...