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slimming world

  1. C

    2 days off plan could I pull it back?

    Hi, so at the minute with lockdown and everything I have my weigh day off plan as something to look forward too. So I had yesterday off plan went a bit OTT a triple sandwich from Morrison’s for lunch, mars bar, Lindt bunny left over from Easter, an elephants foot cream cake & then a take away...
  2. adambeyoncelowe

    Birch Benders Paleo Pancake & Waffle Mix

    Does anyone know how many syns are in these pancakes? Ingredients: Cassava starch, coconut flour, almond meal, egg, leavening (monocalcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate), salt, monk fruit, spice Per 100g: 433 kcal 20g fat (6.1g saturates) Net carbs 18g (2.3g sugar) Fibre 13g Protein 18g Salt...
  3. aliceliza

    What if something is less than half a syn?

    Hi everyone, I just have a quick question. If a packet of food is 2.5 syns, and I eat exactly half of it, how many syns is that? As you can’t halve 2.5 syns... Or, to put it another way, if a food is “0.5 syn for 2” - what if I only eat one? You can’t half a half syn... so would it be classed...
  4. B

    Shy + Slimming World

    Starting this diary on day 3 I'm 5ft8 and 356lbs I started 3 days ago at 361lbs As it's both lockdown and I'm too nervous to attend a group I'm doing this on my own at home My Stepmum lost 6 stone on slimming world in 2012 and has kept it off. I'm hoping to do the same. I'm disabled and have...
  5. daisyem


    Hi guys hope everyone is surviving the lockdown. Would someone be able to help - I am unsure of the syn value of the Asda Honey Hoops?
  6. L

    Im so unhappy

    Hi guys, im completely new to this website and im not even sure if im posting this in the right place but here goes! Im 22 stone and 20 years old, im so unhappy with my body and over the past 12 months ive gained more weight than ever and i have tried not to think about it until i really sat...
  7. C

    When did your weight loss slow down

    Just that really, I’m on week twelve and my scales show no loss so far this week, although I weigh in Monday i was expecting to see a bit of a loss. 100% on plan and drink A LOT of water. when did your weight loss slow down?
  8. G

    Slimming World Newbie... BLOATING!!!

    I started slimming world this week and think im doing well but im so bloated 😭 my diet today overnight oats - with blueberries and raspberries 0% greek yogurt fake fry up - two linda macartney rosemary and onion sausages, mushrooms, two eggs and 2 tbsp no added sugar baked beans steak n...
  9. L

    Pork mince HEXB? Or syns?

    Hi all I would like to use some pork mince in a recipe however the slimming world book doesn't list it as a HEXB. Does it count as a HEXB? or will I have to syn it? If it is a HEXB how much am I allowed? Thank you!!!
  10. L

    Aldi moussaka

    Hi all! Could anyone tell me how many syns there are in the Aldi moussaka ready meal for 2? Thank you in advance 🙂
  11. A

    Lana syn friendly options?

    Does anyone have any recommendations what I can get in Lana that wouldn't be too bad as I have a dinner?
  12. F

    SW weight gain after sickness bug

    Hi everyone. So I'm on Slimming world and I weighed the other day on a day where I was ill with a sickness bug, I had lost 4.5lb and 4lb of that I had definitely lost throughout the week as I had been weighing myself daily (yes I know weighing daily isn't advised but it helps me). Yesterday...
  13. SarP22

    Slimming World very slow weight loss

    Hey all! Just joined Minimins. So I'm on the Slimming World Plan since Jan 2019. I'm a vegetarian. And eat quorn and a lot of fruit (speed) and veg, potatoes etc. I try to minimise my intake of pasta and rice as I can over do it. Anyway Iv only lost 7 pounds whichever yes is good. But in almost...
  14. P

    The start of a 3 or 4 stone weight loss journey!!

    Hi! I have lost weight on slimming world before, nearly 2 stone! Unfortunately, I piled it all back on last year :( I didn't have a great year last year and I am very much an emotional eater so I ate my way through it. Then every time I decided I was ready to start losing again, something else...
  15. J

    Slimming world Iceland frozen soups

    I’m beginning a slimming world diet and tomorrow is my first day. For works lunch I have brought the slimming world chicken and vegetables soup. It states it takes 10 minutes to cook but having only half an hours break I don’t really want to be spending 10 minutes waiting for a soup to cook...
  16. PuddingQueen

    *Newbie* Slimming World with a permanent colostomy and slow transit bowel..... struggling to loose weight.....help.

    Good morning everyone I joined SW 1 January 19. I have a permanent colostomy bag(stoma) from an operation l had 5 months ago due to severe constipation and a very slow transit bowel. Up to now l have lost just 6.5lbs and l am really struggling. Before Christmas l started getting severe...
  17. T

    Slug and lettuce

    Hi, I’m fairly new to slimming world and I am going out tomorrow night to celebrate passing my course. What is the best thing for me to eat from slug and lettuce? I have tried to find the Syns but have had no luck! Thanks in advance xx
  18. Geekydee

    Hi from a newbie!

    Hi everyone, I'm new here so thought I'd pop along to say hello. I'm Deb, 35 from Nottinghamshire, married to a bearded nerd and mummy of two. I have 100 lbs to lose and am currently going solo using the Slimming World pack from home as I can't get to the groups so I'm keen to find inspiration...
  19. Booboo1992


    Hi does anyone know the syn value of Lidl Warren and Sons reduced fat pork sausages please?
  20. Eclecticdonkey

    Breastfeeding Mums Club

    Any breastfeeding mums want to join and discuss the ups and downs of feeding and slimming. I'm struggling and would love to know I'm not alone.