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Slimming World Food Directory 2009

I've bought my copy on Ebay. It wasn't cheap (£19.50 + P&P), but it's my only option as I live abroad. If you joined a class to get one, I should imagine the joining fee, weekly fee & cost of book would work out to be a similar amount anyway! I'm sure others can enlighten you more on that!


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Can anyone tell me if you can buy the new Food Directory through the SW magazine or do you have to go to a local class to buy one. I am doing SW online with bodyoptimise and have to admit that I find the web site is a little lacking and very difficult to find all of the syn values etc.

Have you tried using the syns online in the food diary section? I find that has pretty much everything.
I found the syn directory impossible to get on with and by the time I found what I wanted I'd gone off the idea of eating it lol. I just use the syns online option and think it is far more user friendly and I would imagine updates quicker too.
I bought mine for less than a tenner on Ebay!! Its well worth the money!! Everything is in there (well..almost!)

I take mine shopping..its my bible!:D
i got mine last week from class.

i hate the syns online - they used to be really good but like someone said they are really lacking and what is up with the calculator? Some days it just won't work :mad:

Can't live without the directory now! :)
Yeah I really cant get to grips with the syns online and I remember from years ago when i tried SW that I used to flip throught he directory for syn free or low syns ideas when putting my menus together so it looks like ebay here I come.

how much is the book in class?

they are going on ebay for as much as £34.99!!!!

how much is the book in class?

they are going on ebay for as much as £34.99!!!!

wow i might grab a handful at my next class lol

I didnt get on with my directory, far too bulky to carry around shopping so just as easy to use the online syns - which is also a bit naff, they are far too slow to update and still dont cover everything, don't tell you if you can use it as a HE etc

As for the calculator, I don't trust that either!!


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I go to class, but I'm sure you can order them online, especially being a body optimise member.

If you go to eat and slim on the left, the last one (on mine:I go to class) says books.

The food directory isn't on there at the moment, but it might be worth ringing them (There's an enquiry line on the books page)

It should be miles cheaper than on ebay!!!
If you contact body optimise you may be able to go along to a class just to buy the directory if they don't offer it online. I have contacted them about something and they are really helpful so worth a try.
I have kept last years food directory and have the current one aswell and havlf the time end up looking in the old one because I get frustrated trying to find what I am after in the new one as the layout is a pain in the backside if you are in a hurry to find something. Far more sensible to just look up the product catergory then the manufacturer.


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