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Hi Natasha, I'm afraid you've asked question that would take a month of Sundays to reply to - there are threads in many forums bursting with tips and recommendations for their respective topic - you'd honestly be better having a good look in the one's you're actually interested in.
There's a specific thread for Healthy Extras and one for syns and some brilliant recipe threads. Most forums also have Stickys at the top - these are 'hot' topics to try & help us find things that keep being asked for again & again.

Good luck & well done on your loss so far.


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Hi there, a couple of links for you :)
this thread is where people post what they are using for their healthy extras each day, good for getting new ideas. Also there is a healthy extra sub forum which is where new healthy extras and changes to current ones etc are discussed.


this thread has some good ideas for stretching your syns further, low syn treats both sweet and savoury.
Good luck x
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Hello peeps thanks for the info still quite new to this site not got a clue on how to use it lol but will look at links thanks once again xx


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Actually, just thought of one thing that's brilliant if you're out & the nibbles attack - you can syn any naughties like pre packed cakes, biscuits, choc, etc (basically anything that doesn't have any free food allowance in it) simply by dividing the calorific value off the pack by 20. . . . . 1 syn for every 20 calories.

You have to be more prepared for non packaged items or booze by researching the calories before you go out but this rule covers your average biscuit or chocolate bar nicely.


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My tip trust the plan and always be honest with yourself I see to many ppl moan it doesn't work but they mess about with it and don't add syns for this or swap things thinking it won't matter and then are disappointed with their results


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Have a look in the syns forum at the thread "what are you using your syns on today" I love it, its given me so much help and ideas about things to spice up the plan!