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Slimming World in Cyprus!!

Dear All,

For anyone that perhaps was wondering we have Slimming World groups across Cyprus! They started a few years ago at the British Military Bases but since January we have seen groups in most towns. Still waiting for a Nicosia group but I currently go to one in Larnaca. I've never been able to stick long enough to a diet before but I have lost 1st since I started 10 weeks ago. I would like to loss another 1/2 a stone. As far as finding the foods well I guess since I never went to a group in the UK I can't compare but with the exception of finding quark and fromage frais (i'm told they are sold in the tourist areas though) I have found mostly everything.

Cocoa x
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I absolutely love Cyprus, you're so lucky living over there. I holidayed in Protaras for the first time last year and fell in love with it. Can't wait to return!
Slimming world in Cyprus

Hiya Alexisemma,

Hallo!! Well, Cyprus is a nice place to live in that the weather is generally warm and sunny and there are a lot of English influences here. However, when you are married to a Cypriot as I am it does make the experience different to what you might imagine!!!
I mean that since I am not married to another Brit I am therefore immersed (good and bad) in Cypriot culture in the way that the ex-pats that move over here are not. Protaras is nice; we generally go there every Sunday to the beach. The heat, however gets too much for me though. I think this year will be more pleasant as I am 1st lighter (aiming for another 1/2 a stone) - you cannot avoid bikini season here as it goes on forever. Don't think me strange but actually I would far rather be in the UK from June onwards until October to avoid the sunshine, mosquitos,cockroaches etc.

Fig Tree Bay is heaven on earth!!!!

Very true, I'm sure it is very different if you live there, especially as you say, you are married to a Cypriot. But what a beautiful place to live!

Have you lived there a long time?
Dear alexisemma,

Really sorry for not replying. My 3 year old boy picked off lots of buttons on our laptop!! It's more or less working now although the letters y and u keep falling off!!

Yeah, Cyprus is ok but tbh I so hate the hot weather. From June until the end of October I am generally in a bad mood. I like the cold weather I am afraid. I have never found somewhere that excites me as much as Bluewater Shopping Centre. We have to go to Fig Tree Bay most Sundays as my husband likes to go but it bores me to tears. I have been to some lovely beaches when I was younger; Antigua had some lovely ones. I would concede that it is fairly relaxing when you don't have kids. You can read magazines and drink coctails etc. However now that I have two children it's a case of watching them constantly (while my husband thoughtfully goes off for extra long swims) and picking sand off whatever food and drink they drop. I sound like a right misery!!!



Paleo maintenance rocks!
I'm going to Cyprus to visit family for the first time since starting SW, so good to know you can find SW-friendly foods there! My mom is married to a Cypriot so I usually pop over twice a year but previously have scoffed whatever is going. Mind you I think I will have to turn a blind eye on Sunday; Easter meal with extended family and I can't even imagine how much food there will be!!
Hi Cocoa,

I also go to the SW in Larnaca on week 9 now. Was just going to add did you know there is an online shop that sells UK products like quark and cottage cheese, think they are getting fromage frais too - its tasteofenglanddeli. They are in our SW group now so if we order they will deliver it to group, they also do a delivery on the island as they are based in Paralimni.
Also you can buy quark in Carrefour and Alfa Mega its in the organic section, green tub Andescheler or something lol!

They are EUR6.50 and no can't get muller light yogurt but there is an equivalent vita line yogurt they are free and really nice


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Hi we will be staying in peyia when we go is the diet same as over here i was wondering whether to join here which may be cheaper then just pay for weekly weigh ins as i will be in cyprus for 3 months also would ther be a joining fee
I think u can attend class here without joining fee as u are a member in UK. The diet is exactly the same extra easy, original or green days. The only thing is getting hold of some of the things can be quite expensive. If u want the email address of my consultant to ask her questions I can send it u?


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Hi i have the email of the consultant in peyia i have not yet joined here i was wondering whether it would be cheaper to join in cyprus is ther a joining fee ?
When I joined it was 12.50 euro, they also do count down courses so u buy 6 weeks pay only for 5 and buy 12 weeks pay for 10. I assume it's all round the island


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Hi thanks probably better to join her half price at moment 9.95 including first class and they do 6 for 5 and 12 for 10 here good luck with your weight losses lol x

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