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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ariellookalike, 28 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. ariellookalike

    ariellookalike Full Member

    Hi there, my name is Libby and I started Slimming World three weeks ago :) I lost 4lbs in my first two weeks, had weigh in tonight and lost another 1/2 lb. Wanting to start a food diary on here to keep myself accountable for what I'm eating as I need to stay on track! I absolutely love cooking and I'm a proper foodie so looking forward to finding new recipes and posting pics of the yummy food I'm cooking :D

    Anyway, hello!!
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  3. martyboy

    martyboy New Member

    Hiya, Ive just joined here tonight too :) I should probably keep a food diary too, as scary a thought is that is :p
  4. yummymummylinzi

    yummymummylinzi Full Member

    Heya I started SW monday so am a newbie too :) xx
  5. I also started SW last Thursday and tonight is my first weigh in, i am going to try and be more organised for next week and have dinners planned every night!

    Easier said than done guys! Good luck this week :)
  6. yummymummylinzi

    yummymummylinzi Full Member

    Good luck for your weigh in! I've been quite organised trying to plan the day before it definitely helps xx
  7. Janie15xx

    Janie15xx New Member

    Hi I am new to SW and website x
  8. yummymummylinzi

    yummymummylinzi Full Member

    How are you all finding it so far? I'm feeling full most of the time which is stopping me reaching for choc and crisps :party0011: Ive not had a weigh in yet though to see if the diet is actually working lol. xx
  9. Sonasgirl

    Sonasgirl Full Member

    I am new to sw since last week, and down 5lbs at first weigh in, I would love to have some company on this journey! Can I join ye?? :)

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  10. yummymummylinzi

    yummymummylinzi Full Member

    Heya! Wow thats brill loss for your first week welldone :) xx
  11. Sonasgirl

    Sonasgirl Full Member

    Was kind of amazed to be honest but thrilled, hope next tues goes half as well ! How are you finding it??

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  12. Lozzerjr

    Lozzerjr New Member


    Ive be just joined the forum, I joined slimming world on 2nd jean and loving it, I've lost 1stone to date so I'm very happy, good luck to you all xxx
  13. babypat

    babypat Gold Member

    That's a brillant loss. well done. good luck with the rest of your journey.
  14. yummymummylinzi

    yummymummylinzi Full Member

    Im finding it quite easy at the minute. Its stopped me being lazy in the kitchen too cooking everything from scratch :) I just hope I have a loss at my WI on Monday. xx
  15. yummymummylinzi

    yummymummylinzi Full Member

    Thats a great loss a whole stone! Welldone, cant wait to be saying the same thing myself xx
  16. archers33

    archers33 Full Member

    Hi, I'm a Slimming World and Minimins newbie too. I started just over a week ago, and have lost 2lbs. This is such a great useful site, and I'm really glad I found it.
  17. Sonasgirl

    Sonasgirl Full Member

    Hi all, when are ye re weigh ins? Facing mine tomorrow night and not looking forward to it! Nightduty always throws me out!:rolleyes:

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  18. SaraB

    SaraB Full Member

    I am new to this forum and just had 2nd weigh in today with SW. 5.5lbs off. Enjoying the food so far and no longer so lazy in the kitchen.
  19. Sonasgirl

    Sonasgirl Full Member

    Great news Sara! Gives great encouragement for this week!!! :)

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  20. SaraB

    SaraB Full Member

    Thank you and good luck for tomorrow x
  21. archers33

    archers33 Full Member

    That's a brilliant loss, Sara. Well done.

    I weigh on a Wednesday morning... I'm hoping for a good week.

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