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Slimming World on a budget

I am currently trying to make one new year's resolution - lose weight - slot in with another - save money! Does anyone have any suggestions as to the cheapest way to do SW? I'll be paying for meetings as I am rubbish following weight loss programmes if I don't have group support; I was thinking more of the food itself. For example, is there a supermarket own-brand syn-free yogurt I could have instead of Muller Lights? Is there a cheaper free stock than Knorr stock pots? What is the cheapest fruit and veg to bulk out meals? Etc
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If you've got a Lidl or Aldi near you they always have good fruit and veg offers every week. Cheapest stock is home made! You can of course also use stock cubes, again very cheap in Lidl or Aldi and most supermarkets.

To bulk out meals you can use any veg. I usually use grated carrot, finely chopped celery and plenty of mushrooms and onions, and of course, tin tomatoes. Lentils are also useful to bulk out mince etc or use beans (you could use baked beans but personally I don't like them as a bulker). Tinned ones are easiest but obviously dried are much cheaper but you need to soak overnight before using and boil rapidly before adding.

Can't help on the supermarket own brand yoghurts but just look out for fat free ones. I tend to buy Mullerlights but then I don't usually have more than one a day and they are quite often on special offer in or other of the supermarkets.


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Hey hun

I am trying to do the same. In tesco i usually go at the time of day where lots of fruit and veg are reduced and then decide what to make from there.

Tesco are doing 3 packs of meat for £10 so I get two big packs of mince and chicken and then use this to bulk cook things like chilli, bolognaise, mince, curries ( All cheap using veg, spices, own brand stock and tomatoes) Shop own brand pasta and rices.

Eggs are good and usually really cheap and make great cheap lunches like omlettes and frittatas.

L x
Buy fat free natural yoghurt - about 85p for a big tub in Tesco and add fruits to it. I don't buy mullerlights at all (unless they are on a silly offer like 8 for a pound!)
All stock cubes are free so buy supermarket own brand or look for offers
Do mainly green days or base you EE meals on green foods (pasta, rice, beans, lentils, potatoes etc).
Meat is good at 3 packs for a tenner but it's still expensive compared to beans and lentils or potatoes.
Veg - carrots and parsnips are good and carrots are always cheap.
Fruit - buy in season. don't fret about berries at this time of the year, they taste of nothing and have travelled a long way! Stick with bananas and apples. Citrus fruit is great at the moment too.

Good luck!
I need to save some money too! Some great advice here already. I have been meal planning and writing out my shopping list, then buying only what i have written down...i'm saving about £20 a week.
I think green days are cheaper as you don't have to pay out for meat and pasta/rice etc can be bought from the ASDA smart price or cheap range. Also you can eat lots of fruit and veg but don't have to worry about 1/3 as that can also be expensive to keep up.

If you have a big enough place to store them I would buy in bulk when things are on offer, that helps. When quorn goes on offer I get loads (having checked I will eat them before the sell by date) and put them in the freezer, or when Home & Bargains have alpen bars for £1 a box or cheaper I get about eight boxes - I have a stash that only expire at the end of this year and it does work out cheaper :)

It can be done :) I am a student so I just keep my eye on all the offers going around xxx
I tend to make bulk meals in my slow cooker and all left overs get frozen in freezer bags. I do this with stews, soups, chillis, curries and bologneses etc. My slow cooker is a god send. Love food, hate waste and all that :)

Will make your meals and your pennies stretch further x
SW is really easy to do on a budget as you don't need to buy any odd foods.

The only thing that I would recommend getting is some FryLight and a good non-stick pan!

I always bulk out chilli and and bolognese with cheap tins of tomatoes. Use much less meat than you think - I use about 300g of minced beef and that makes dinner for 2 adults, dinner for 2 children (age 3 and 5yrs) and 2 dinners for a 10 month old baby. I just use 2 tins of tomatoes.

Also - buy value kidney beans for chilli as they are so much cheaper.

I do Extra Easy as it means I eat less bread and breakfast cereal. Porridge is great for breakfast as you can buy the supermarket own ones and the bags last forever - use half milk and half water when making.

Bulk out stews with swede and carrot and root veg like that.

You also can't beat the humble jacket potato and baked beans for lunch. Soup is also fabulous - you can use the veg on offer in the supermarket, put lentils of pasta into in and freeze in batches to take to work for lunch.

I buy meat and fish when it's on offer and freeze. I'm lucky that my parents gave me a small chest freezer when they moved so I fill that up. I freeze my loaf of small wholemeal bread and just take out slices when I need it as it lasts much longer then.

I eat a lot of eggs. Will have poached eggs on toast for lunch, omlettes, frittat etc.

Lots of pasta and rice dishes and you'll be nice and full for less money.
How about buying a countdown at class - you save a weeks subs if you get a 6 week one, or 2 weeks free subs if you buy a 12 week one. It also commits you to attending.

I think on the website there is a student area with an example shopping list......!? could be wrong as the layout has changed now...but if anyone has the link....or have a hunt around.

Green days are cheaper - but i need a bit of meat so i do red days and make sure i get good deals. Try to get deals on meat, or freeze on the day you buy it 'price discounted' meat (Sunday afternoon is one of the best times to get a reduction).

Best of luck - if you plan your meals each week and just buy what you need its easier.

I also shop online so i am not tempted by offers, i just get what i need and it gets delivered. Simples! Plus you can keep an eye on how much is it totting up to online, and then adjust to meet your budget.

A typical weekly shop for one person/meal planner could be as follows (prices are guestimates)

Value chicken fillets £4 (4 in a pack)
Bag of pasta £1
Frozen Mixed Veggies £1
Value Tinned tomatoes x 2 £1
Bananas x 7 £2
Oranges (little bag) £2
Fat free Yogs £3
Low fat Cheese pack £3
Milk £1
Value Soup x 2 £1
Bread *(nimble/ww) £1
Stir Fry veg £1
Lean Mince beef £3
Bacon £2
Value Eggs £1

Total Shopping bill = £26

Suggestions for Meals that can be made:
Monday -
B - Piece of Fruit and a Yoghurt
L - Pasta with Tomatoes and bacon
D - Chicken Stir Fry (save half for tomorrow!)
B - same as Monday
L - Leftover Stir fry
D - Beef mince and pasta and tomatoes (save half for tomorrow)
B - Cheese on Toast
L - Chicken and veggie Pasta (keep half)
D - Leftover Beefy Pasta
B - Poached eggs and bacon on toast
L - Chicken and veggie Pasta
D - Cheese sandwich
B - Fruit and Yoghurt
L - Cheese and Bacon pasta
D - Tin of Soup and Bread
B - Cheesy omlette
L - Chicken Sandwich
D - Bacon and Veggie Pasta
B - Frittata = tomatoes, bacon and eggs
L - Cheese sandwich
D - Pasta with Chicken and veggies

I know thats probably so boring to some people - but make it interesting - add spices, vary the fruits, and obv you can ignore this completely!!!! I hope it helps you to see, that it can be done!
Thanks everyone, some really useful tips! I have just done a big online shop based on this thread. I don't eat meat except very rarely a bit of fish, but do tend to eat a fair bit of Quorn, which isn't cheap unless it's on offer: so this time I have stocked up on loads of tins of value pulses and things like dried red lentils and pearl barley as a good way of making sure I get some (cheap) protein in my diet. WeightWatchers fruit yogurts were on offer at Tesco too, which was a bonus! I didn't realise all stock was free, that's useful to know as the fresh stuff is expensive.

Soon I will be a thin, rich lady of leisure - in my dreams at least!!
Good luck one and all - some great tips here for my shop which i shall do tomorrow! I am a massive fan or pearl barley, its great for good old hearty soups full of lovely veg - really bulks it out and adds some weight to the soup rather than the hips and its cheap too!

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