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Slimming World Online


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Any ideas if the slimming world online programme is any good?

My consultant had to close my morning group down as there wasnt enough people going and I cant go to any night ones (plus there isnt another morning one for over 20 miles!) so was thinking about joining online but as it's £60 I was wondering if anyone else had tried it and what they think? (seems expensive at double the price of weight watchers and rosemary conely but then also appears to work out at the same cost for 3 months at a group)


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Is it £60 for 3 months?!
i can't say much for the online programme as i don't do it myself.. but as you say it's the same as 3 months at a class and you know sw works for you, otherwise you would have switched to a different diet plan..

i suppose you could only give it ago? and if you dont like it just try on your own at home with our support? bit crappy that theres not another class suitable for you :(

(hugs) hope you find somthing! x


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Hi hun, i'm doing the online programme, i love it. This is also the longest i have ever stayed on track. Knowing that i have forked out £60 for the first 3mths is making me stick to plan. I feel as though it is really working for me,however i know some people need their image therapy too. You could always give it a go and see what you think and see how much you lose in the first 3mths then if you don';t think it is working for you cancel xx
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I have just this minute joined!:clap:
Wish me luck!
I done it on my own for a week, and love it, but i need the online syn thingy.
I have joined the "silver " one, which includes 7 copies of the magazine.

I have just thought of this....what if i were to cancel after 3 months? will i still get my mags?


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I know a few people who have joined the online programme and they seem to like it - like you said there's not always a suitable group nearby - pity your group has to stop but best o'luck'n'stuff however you continue - but please try to keep with it? ;) A 3 month "comittment" might be good inspiration in itself?
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i dont think i would be disciplined enough to do the online version, i need the support. there are LOADS of groups around here, is it just the morning one that is affected then?
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I tried it on line but I wasnt disiplined enough to go it alone. You do get lots of good recipes on there though:)

nettie xx


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S: 20st9lb C: 16st9lb G: 11st9lb BMI: 35.4 Loss: 4st0lb(19.38%)
Thanks everyone. Not sure if I am disciplined to go it alone to be honest as I cant seem to stay away from the pork pies and chocolate bars at the mo! Am thinking of weighing in every thursday morning as I used to at my group and recording it on here. I just dont have £60 to spend all in one go without putting it on my credit card and dont really want to risk not sticking to it and wasting all that money through my laziness - just got to get myself motivated again somehow!

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