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Slimming World/over eating / calorie based?can any consultants help me??

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by shannonbitzy, 22 May 2012 Social URL.

  1. shannonbitzy

    shannonbitzy Full Member

    hi ladies
    I have been attending slimming world for nearly 5 years now, and i have lost nearly 8 stone following the slimming world plan, but lately , it just isnt working for me and i dont know what to do :eek:( I am so frustrated, angry & depressed about my weight, i need to lose atleast another 2 stone , ideally more, even then i would still be at the top end of a healthy weight range so i am ok to lose this amount. What i wanted to ask if any consultants might be reading, is slimming world calorie based, what i mean when i say that , is does it secretly work by reducing calories , like most diets do, because i have a big appetite and i probably eat too much, i know sw says you can eat as much as you like of the free foods, but if for example i ate 3000 calories a day , but that day was a perfect slimming world day, meat, vegetables, healthy extras weighed , measure , 10 syns counted etc, would i still lose weight? a womans daily calorie intake is 2000 cals to maintain weight , so therefore 3000 is way too much , but does the science behind sw mean it is ok to eat more than this, or should i realistically be eating alot less than 2000 to lose weight? i know sw foods are low in calories , but i do think it is possible to eat more that 2000 calories if you have a big appetite, for example a healthy extra is probably around 100 calories so you have 2 a's and 2 b choices, thats 400 , then your 10 syns could be another 200 calories , fruit can sometimes be high in calories, particularly bananas , and then all the free food , meat can contain highish calories , pasta and rice also good but high , then all the free foods like eggs, yogurts etc?i know im waffling on alot but i really do feel like i need a wake up call or some advice to try to make me understand why its not working for me anymore . my theory is that now i have lost so much weight , my body doesnt require as many calories to just move around, so therefore if my appetite hasnt reduced any, i am eating too much for my new body size? but sw always say you can eat as much as you like of the free foods?
    any help much , much appreciated , becaus ei am so depressed about being at a stand still :O(
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  3. Alsmum

    Alsmum Full Member

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    Slimming world Extra Easy
    The idea behind slimming world is to fill up on foods which have a low calorie density - so foods which have more bulk and vitamin etc but not too high in calories. Each person is different so SW allows you to eat what you need not try to fit you into a one-size-fits-all-box. Would you have lost this much if you had been limited to 2000 calories? I know I wouldn't.
    I think the key is to make sure that you are attuned to your bodies "I'm full" signals because it isn't eat as much as you want but eat until you are satisfied/full. Which plan are you doing? EE also reduces calorie intake by making you have 1/3 of each meal as superfree foods.
    Other things to try are upping your exercise, trying to mix things up a bit such as trying red and green days as well as EE, I did the 7 day planner from the magazine.

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  4. 3106Catherine

    3106Catherine Silver Member

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    Slimming World Red Days/SP
    The plan is eat as much of the free food 'until you are full'. I know calorie counting is a real sin on SW, but bottom line of course it is based on it, just the calculations have been done to save us the counting. You've kind of answered your own question I think in that if you sat and ate free food day in and day out even when you weren't hungry, it probably would affect your weight.

    Do you do EE, red or green? Is it worth switching plan to see if that gets things moving?

    Have you tried success express?
  5. kayla81

    kayla81 Full Member

    I know EE worked for me at first. Then it stopped. Switched to green days and I'm doing fine on that now.
  6. debtin

    debtin Gold Member

    I think what you say is interesting and true. I also think you need to mess it up a bit and increase excercise. I admittedly haven't got a lot to lose but I enjoy being on plan and being focused. I was gettin nowhere until I started excercise and now for the first time in a long time I see the weight coming off slowly but still comin off and am more toned.
  7. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

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    Slimming World
    Whilst free foods are free you still mustn't over eat. Stop when you're full is the slimming world motto. I struggle with this as I could eat and eat and it wouldn't matter if my belly was screaming at me to stop I could keep going. What I do now is use a standard dinner plate ( not one of the fashionable over sized square ones) I portion out my meal and then eat it. I then have a half hour rule where I don't eat anything for half an hour after a meal, I tell myself that if I'm still hungry after that half hour I can have some more but 9 times out of 10 by the time half hour has rolled around I've moved onto doing something else and am not thinking about food anymore.

    I know some people have had success with the success express plan (2/3 super free 1/3 free) as this will naturally reduce the calorie amount of your meal. I haven't tried it myself though.

    Hope you find something that works!
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