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slimming world please help me

:eek:hello all, ive been doing slimming world for about 14 weeks now, And have only lost 7 and half pounds , too make matters worst! my hubbie joined and is doing so well. His lost 1stone in 3 weeks , this is so dishearting as i try really hard, and he only has to follow plan 5 days and does what he like for the other two , i really love my slimming world group and dont want leave , but i need to see results and soon , i do mostly greens , as im not a big meat eater , but i have tried the reds and i didt do no better ,:wave_cry:i think the most ive lost in a week is 2lbs since i started , also am i ment to be getting a rolling tummy if u catch mu drift lol :8855:any help would be gratefully recieved , as i cant have a bloke bet me :cry:
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Are you eating enough? More importantly, are you having your Syns? If you aren't eating enough and not having your HE's and Syns it can go the opposite way
U know what , i think your right , when i first started i had my sins , and when my hubbie join , he was like im not having sins , so i didt lol , how many do u think i should be having would u say 10 is ok thanks for your input ,


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Did you lose weight more successfully to start with - has it suddenly dropped off? It may well be worth filling in a food diary for a couple of weeks and getting your consultant to check it, as it's all too easy to be making a silly mistake without realising it!

Don't get too disheartened - an average of half a pound a week will still add up to 2 stone over the course of a year, which is well worth waiting for!
Thanks for that , its made me take stock of the whole , thing , if i didt go i know i could be about 1 stone heavier , by now im going to start having my sins again and i will do a food diary , the week i did a sas log i lost 2 lbs so maybe i am one of these people who need to write everything down , my leader says i would be a brill weight loss chef , who cooks for other and i need to take care of me more lol
iam on the slimming world diet i have lost 4st8lbs in just over a year i had the same trouble as you when i first started i wasnt eating enough and only using 1 a and 1 b i started off by having between 10-15 syns a day but then cut it right back to 5-8. i have been trying the extra easy plan for a couple of weeks and have put some weight back on so iam going back to red days which suited me i have never lost anymore than 4lbs in 1 week. we had a lady join our group last week who did the extra easy plan and she lost 10lbs in her first week!!!


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Yes you should aim for no less than 5 per day so 10 would be absolutely fine. Don't compete with your husband, men lose weight faster than women and they don't have the hormone rollercoaster that we do.

In fact, don't compare yourself to ANYONE as we are all different and some people lose weight faster than others


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Yes you should aim for no less than 5 per day so 10 would be absolutely fine. Don't compete with your husband, men lose weight faster than women and they don't have the hormone rollercoaster that we do.
This is so true. My Dad's been doing Slimming World alongside me and he lost 3st in the time it took me to lose 1 1/2!


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I've lost 8.5 lbs in 3 weeks and stuck to it really well, my partner has been having the same evening meals as me, but whatever food he wants for lunch, and has lost a stone.

Men hey???
o thanks ladies , ive totally , got my head around the men lose more , weight then women . and i also understand the heavier u are the more u lose , i was 13 .11 to start but am now 13 .3 and a half. 3totally looking forward to the day , im 12 13 lol . its just so unfair men seem to have everything easier lol , maybe thats why we have the babies , o well will try my best this week and tell u know how i get on , i weigh in on tue so fingers cross , thanks for all your advice
baked beans are your friends on green, i lost a stone in my first 3 weeks but the last 2 weeks have been 1 - 1.5 lb losses i think im not eating regulary enough to keep my motabolism going, im trying more but fell off the wagon this weekend so im sticking to it to the letter damage control!!! i think it depends how your diet was before you start SW as to how big your first few weeks are, my diet was attrocious!! u will get there trust me.. remember a lb a week for a year is over 50lbs or 3 1/2 stone!!
thanks hun , beans it is lol , thats will pay my hubbie back lol , lets face it my tummy can just keep on blowing the lbs away thank you for your advice


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n2s is right, if your diet was really bad before then the first few weeks you will lose loads but if it wasn't quite so bad then the losses will be smaller. But losses are still losses so stick with it
hi, just thought I would comment. I am classing myself as a 'slow' loser because my weight hasn't just shed as easily as other people who I go to group with that don't need to lose as much as me. It's disheartening but you should be happy that it's going. Oh and why not try extra easy, it might work for you, it seems to work better for me that red and green.


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Do you have 3 meals a day? Definitely make sure you're eating enough, and snack on fruit and yogurt if you're hungry in between, I'm sure it keeps your metabolism up. I tend to save a few syns every day for a treat and wine at the weekends. I have the windy problem, but I don't care, I love green days! My other half's used to it now lol.
o ladies , your all so funny , and up lifting , not looking forward to weigh in , as ive just come bck from a funeral , and to be fair , i dont drink , but i did today a jug of woo woo lol , so if i dont loss , i will understand , but hye one bad day , aint too bad , and im going to take all your dvice on board and look forward to a slimmer year , i know i will get there. with all your support. so a big thank you
The main thing with this is to remember that it is a lifestyle. You still have to live your life and if that means the odd day off then so be it. Funerals, weddings, parties will all crop up and you have to take them in your stride and say 'It was only one day/evening, tomorrow is a new day'. You will do great and if you don't lose this week then it's all to play for next week!

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