Slimming world to low carb Ketogenic plan


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Hi I put this on others so please forgive me if it is in the wrong place.

Hi everyone

I have lost just over 2 stone in 5 weeks on slimming world but I am feeling I want to do low carb until after Christmas but with a day off on Christmas Day. Has anyone transitioned from Slimming world to a very low carb diet and did you gain weight initially? Also do you think one day will throw me out of Ketosis?
Hi Sherby, welcome in. Thats too gechical for me to answer. And i know very little about SW but im sure someone else will answer soon.
How is your keto journey going? I have switched from SW to keto (well dukan which is low carb and lower fat! So yes on keto) I have lost a stone since I started at the end of October initially I thought I would gain but maybe because dukan is low fat as well as low carb my body didn’t react badly at all!
I’m not coming if plan for Xmas tho I’m going to eat keto Christmas dinner .. yum 🤤
Hopefully if your body did get a shock by the switch you should be over it by now.... hopefully