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C'mon own up who is a smoker I'm interested to know anyone care to admit they are?

I am unfortunately and I am trying to kick the filthy habit but one vice at a time. I have however found myself smoking less since I started which is a bit odd as I tend to smoke more on any other diet

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I am, I find I smoke more, I wish it was less! I also want to quit but no way I can do both! lol like you one thing at a time!

A doctor actually told me losing weight is more important to do first than the quitting smoking, but I am obese and by your stats doubt you are! lol
whooo hooo very brave to admit thanks for sharing :)

Well I started in the obese BMI and I am now in the overweight category... you got to laugh I am chuffed to be "overweight" lol. Don't reckon my doctor isn't too pleased with that either arr well one day at a time we can do it

Hey don't be so hard on yourself you are doing great... just think it will soon drop off and then we can work on the ciggies... we will have lots more money to spend on slimmer clothes :)

Me unfortunately, I stopped to have my children then found myself back at the habit when I started cd (either smoke or kill my husband haha) just need to stop before I introduced food as don't want to pile the pounds back on :( xx


this time - the last time
Well I started in the obese BMI and I am now in the overweight category... you got to laugh I am chuffed to be "overweight" lol.
I'm not a smoker - but this made me chuckle!! I said this to my CDC tonight!!! I never thought I'd be so excited to be "overweight"!!!! I've got 11lbs to go - can't wait! :)


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I'm also a smoker... But feeling very pleased as today went to smoking clinic n got sum 24hour patches !!! First day tomorw morning with patches ... Hope n hope it works ... Lol
I cant wait to be overweight!
Me too I am also a smoker and have been since I was 12 :S nasty habit but enjoy it too much have decided will stop when I have children but until then I will continue to enjoy it . I have cut down though from 40 x a day now down to 10 - 15 a day so for me thats a big achievement in itself :)
several of my friends have recently switched to e-cigs. so they're getting their nicotine fix, but none of the other poisons from smoking - but unlike patches etc, they still feel like they're smoking (and in fact can 'smoke' in pubs etc - as it's just water vapour) might be worth a try?
Thanks Spangle...gonna google that now :)

Thanks ladies for sharing I don't feel alone now in my dirty habit. Lets try and pull our fingers out on this one hey xx
*holds hand up* another smoker here, and smoking more on CD than I ever smoked before, but on the bright side... I'm shrinking by the week, so I'll deal with one thing at a time me thinks :D As for being chuffed to be overweight - this had me really giggling... can't wait to be there :D Good luck with it x
I am also a smoker but when Im in ketosis they taste disgusting...never finish a whole one. Its good because I smoke less but annoying because I cant enjoy food or my nasty cigerettes x
I hang my head in shame - I too am a "social" smoker...is'nt it funny the social stigma involved these days? I am a paraiah, the smoker and I do it more on CD, BUT oddly never finish a full one either and I dont smoke in condfined spaces only in the garden or outside work (well obvs)....
I am a smoker - have been since I was 13 apart from giving up the moment I found out I was pregnant until the baby was 9 months old (twice I did this!) BUT I gave up the day I started CD - well, I have had the odd slip up. But I would say that apart from the odd night out, I am almost a non-smoker.

I decided if I was going to go through months of dieting misery, I might as well do the no-smoking at the same time, rather than 4-5 months of no eating followed by months of no smoking. And because I saw results from the dieting it has encouraged me to be healthier all round so the no smoking has been easier too.

Oh - and the turning point for me was when I huffed and puffed into the GP surgery, overweight and mid asthma attack as my bronchitis was flaring - and my 2 year old son had to watch me sit on a ventilator for 30 minutes. Cue health kick! :(
I gave up during pregnancy twice, thats what we call in the treatment world as and external locus of controll, but when the baby pops out and the breastfeeding was over...away I went to fetch my marlbro lights!
Oh ladies, what are we like?

Well I know I shouldn't admit it but and it is a naughty thing but it's nice to know I am not alone. Smoking really does make you a social outcast these days and rightly so I suppose but like I said one vice at a time and food is my nemesis at the moment

Red wine .............oh how I miss you sooooooooo much ;-( x

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