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i always have yoghurt. Or i just have a jacket potato, always got beans and tuna in the cupboard.
just remembered am getting addicted to SW chips.
Im still hungry and ive just eaten heinz spag bowl for lunch, what else can i snack on thats filling!? i have fruit and a muller light but they aint temping me though! Got a hankering for them SW chips now lol, darn I wish i was at home so I could make them lol.


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Bananas all the way for me!! I eat lots of them, quick, easy and filling!!

Oh, and i've just discovered how yummy they are frozen too. :)
Ive had one of them today and dont have anymore here at work. My co-worker is going to the shop soon so I might ask her to get me some lol. Am I right in saying that you shouldnt eat anymore than 2 banana's a day?


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You can have as much fruit as you want! Some people do limit the amount of bananas as they feel it slows down their losses. Each to their own, I regularly have 2 or 3 a day. The ultimate in fast food!!

Andy R.

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gotta be mug shots and yogurts for me, good job they're both free on a green. Tom and herb flavour mug shot is my fav. i always have one as a snack
I snack on fruit, yogurts, pickled gherkins for savoury bites and scan bran cake for my sweet tooth! And about the banana thing... I have to limit myself to 1 per day. xx
Darn, the book I have been using (which i also lost weight on 2 years ago) said that the spag bowl, macaroni cheese and ravioli is free. Bugger, suppose recipies change. *Tucks into muller light*


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It did used to be free. I joined SW 2 years ago next week and it isn't in my book. Must have changed just before.
At least you know now chick!
Jay xx
Ah well! Thanks for the heads up, Ive been going by the 2002 book (old I know) and im still loosign a good 1-2lb a week so think im going to stick with saying they are free lol x