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snug to tent! :D


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45lbs lost? Good on you girl - I personally don't think you look like a tent honey - love the view behind where was it? How do you find the CD? Have you done SS yet? x


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You must find that very motivating!!!

Well done!:clap:

Love Mini xxx


☺shape shifter♥
S: 17st9lb G: 12st0lb
Oh sorry just guessed what you meant by above reply!!! Doh! WELL DONE LOVE xxx


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I bet it's the best tent you ever owned lol
Well done chick keep it for inspiration so that everytime you're feeling a bit negative pop it on and think about how you could pop pegs in the sides and take root hahah xxx


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Haha! Yeah.. could do with some pegs :)
Lovely responses guys :) thanks.. it was Peru Claire.. yes, I love CD!.. and about to return to SS from SS+.. maybe! Ha! I do love being on SS+ though.. so we'll see..

Cheers guys!! :D



Plod, plod, plod.....
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Well done you! Are you going to keep it as a memento or charity shop/bin it?


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Well, the funny thing is, when I did that Peru trek, we were all given jackets, and I was given a fitted ladies jacket - which wouldn't have fitted over my arm, let alone my body..:eek:.. so a guy who had to pull out at the last minute gave me his extra large mans one... I've been wearing it occasionally ever since.. and that's the 'tent' in question..

..but somewhere in the depths of my wardrobes.. is the ladies one.. there's no way it'll fit me yet, but I'll see if I can dig it out.. They're identical except the size, so I'll probably keep the smaller one once it fits :D Hadn't thought of that!

You know, I'm tempted to have a day getting ALL of my clothes out in the morning, and spend the day 'clothes shopping' in my own home!! :D A pile for the charity shop, a pile for the bin!!, and I bet there are loads of clothes that no longer fitted a few months back that'll look fab now :D

Thanks guys! You make this fun!



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OMG!! I just found it and tried it on.. it's not loose, but the zip easily does up!!! :eek::D:D

give it another couple of weeks, and it'll actually look good on me! Who'd have thought?? :D


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That is so brilliant, well done you! My Mum's visiting from Sweden for two weeks (arriving today). I've told her to pack light as I'm sending her home with all my big clothes! Woohoo. Feels good doesn't it!
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Hi Enough...clothes shopping in my own home. haha I was thinking of doing just that but I,ll wait a couple more weeks. all my size 12s waiting for me. I been in 14s for over a year now and forgot how it feels to be a 12 again. Hopefully, not long now .. Goodluck, U done very well so far x


Trying to stay healthy!
well done on your losses! you doing fabulously!


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Enough - just to let you know this post really made me smile!!

I wish I could see the look on your face when the ladies jacket fitted!! You have done sooooooooooo well!!

Thanks for sharing your story.....

Bethan x


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Enough, congratulations on your tent!!! Fantastic that you've got the smaller one to aim for.

I had a similar experience on Saturday. It was raining and a bit cool and I needed to walk the dog. I pulled out my dog walking coat and put it on - it drowned me! It was huge!!!!! Going to wash it and give it to my mum as a fleece zips into it and it is a good warm coat for the winter. Just ordered myself a new one online in a size 10, so I've got a new coat to aim for too :D

This diet is great isn't it!

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