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so depressed now

I was feeling ok
I felt really good , after losing nearly 2 stone- but tonight has done it for me ...:( :(
We are going bowling tonight for sons birthday and if any of you have been before you will know that it 's a trouser wearing affair- because you have to wear 'bowlng shoes'- they look really stupid with a skirt
So Ive just spent the last 1/2 hr trying all my tops on -thinking they will look better with my jeans -the ones i havent worn in months.
They still look as gross as wot they did before the 2 stone loss- the whole thing looks awful- I look awful, god im just a fat old bag :(
Ive got to wear a stupid skirt now- i dont want to go :cry:
and to top it off we are all going to mcdonalds for birthday tea :cry:
And im the only fat one there :(:(:(
and its my totm monday and im getting cravings and i want things ....
ohh its gonna be a bad night i can see it
I hate times like these :(:(
Im beginning to look like my mother- and i dont want to
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aww, sorry you're feeling so bad, but I'm sure you don't look nearly as bad as you think. It's your son's birthday, he won't care what you look like anyway, and anyone else can go stuff themselves so just enjoy yourself! Good luck x
Aww dont be so hard on yourself. You have done so well to lose your weight so far, and it would be a shame to give up now. I bet you look fine but just think you look bad !! Go have fun and focus on how well you have done and how much further you are going. I hope you feel better xxx


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Oh hunneeeee, it's really not that bad. Your feelings are amplified because of ToTM! I do know how you feel though [[[hugs]]]

You've lost a lot of weight already, so don't be put off the plan tonight.. the only way to look and feel better for yourself is to keep going. It took me to lose at least 3 stone before anyone actually noticed I'd lost weight. I was gutted at Christmas having lost 2 and a half stone and no one noticed. But all of a sudden it's noticeable AND I am now getting into smaller clothes.

don't be too disheartened... have a fun night!


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OH ALICE! Now come on! You haven't given yourself any credit for all the weight you've lost! Get your tape measure out and see how well you've done! TRUST ME! yOUR SON COULDN'T GIVE A FLYING F*RT HOW MUCH WEIGHT YOU'VE LOST! He loves you anyway! And so do we all! This is just a temporary blip and you will be on track again. KEEP THE FAITH! Judi xx
oh honey sending you lots of hugs you have done soooo well and i agree with what everyone has said your feelings are just a bit amplified at the moment
thanxs for all your comments 'friends'. Ive just read back what I wrote and ...well.... I feel a bit of a muppet !!
We had a lovely time - husband said we should do this more often, everyone had a good time we went with two daughters and their boyfriends and they all chipped in and helped when it was sons turn to bowl - they got his wheelchair ready and got the ramp out so he could bowl ,and the 2 b/friends lifted him over the chairs to get him closer ....Aw ..:).
Dont know what I was thinking when I wrote my first post - probably just being a grumpy old bag !!LOL.
Now what Ive got to do is be really really good for the rest of the week - cos I ate a burger from mcdonalds:whoopass:
at times your all like a 'Wonderbra'- giving me a little lift !!


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I'm so glad that you had a good time, and it's fantastic that everyone helped with your son. Takes the pressure off you a little bit.

OK, burger eaten... don't have another and you'll be fine.

I was so pleased to read your last post. I can go to bed smiling now :D


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Just wanted to give a belated echo to the "well done!" for going and having a good time. My TOTM, I'd have sat there like a right sulky cow!!!!

I went bowling in a mini-kilt (in my 20s, I'm not so horrible to people now :D In fact, I shouldn't have worn it then :D:D) and all the boys loved it!!!!! Esp. when I scored a strike and jumped up and down!

The boyfriends sound lovely men.

I know this might not help but....

about 4 years ago I lost 5.5 stone with SW ... took 18 months.... but when I looked at myself in the mirror I still saw that fat old cow. I'm only 5'1" but to me it didn't show.

But I was getting into size 16 clothes .... I still thought I wobbled soo much....

now I've put most of it back on... I'm a size 22 ... and I'd love to be that size again. I did lose weight.... I needed to lose some between my ears!

So now I am trying again... and trying to trust myself!

and 99% of the time peopel aren't looking at you quite as hard as you think... if at all!!!! dissapointing I know but!!!!!

Glad you enjoyed yourself bowling... bet you did better than me when I went bowling years ago on a first date (1st and only) .... I bowled backwards... more than once!




Minimins is the best!
im so glad you have a nice evening and even more glad that your son did :)
and so what u had a burger, put a line under it and be good for the rest of the week! you have done so well up til now and you are an inspiration!!
I can wait til ive lost 2 stone!! got 9lbs to go!!!!!! oh and i cant really notice it much either which is disheartening but keep trying to imagine myself as a skinny minnie and it keeps me going!!!! :)

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