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So frustrated and upset...:(


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Afternoon everyone,
Well what can I say, My umpteenth restart was supposed to start on the 9th August and, of course, it didn't.
I am really at my wits end. I want to do it but just can't.
I came across some old pics of me from about 4yrs ago just after I had my daughter and I looked amazing although I say so myself!!
It really upset me to see how I have let myself go and spent most of the day in tears (and eating!)
I know what I've got to do but my motivation is at zero.
Sorry to moan, but I know you guys on here know exactly how I am feeling. My family and friends have heard it so many times.!!
I wish I had a different addiction, like exercise, or maybe addicted to vegetables or something!!
Oh I don't know...blah blah!!!
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Hi Jambro - I don't normally come in th CD forum, just saw your message as it was on the front page and couldn't not respond. We've ALL had a dozen false starts, so don't feel like you're alone or that you can never do it. Have you thought about doing something else for a while? If you're not in the right frame of mind for CD, could something else help for now?
It's not easy to get your mind in the right place. I had to stop my first attempt because of a health issue, but even after getting over that I still managed to put off getting back on to the diet for another year, even though I knew that Cambridge was my ticket to the promised land.

The key is to try and get your mind prepared and your motivation built up. It may sound a bit daft, but it might help if you sit down and make a list of all the good reasons to lose weight, then all the bad reasons to losing the weight. Thinking more about it and having it all written down might help you convince your mind that you really need to do this.
Hiya! I too have had many, many re-starts and I know how much harder it feels after they fail.
The main thing is to pick yourself up and try again. Yes, it may feel like the millionth time you've tried, but if you don't try again, what are the alternatives?
You know this diet works, and as lots of people on here have said to me, we only do this for such a short time that it is certainly possible.
Just don't lose sight of your goals and what you want to achieve.
The best of luck to you hon. You CAN do this! xx


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Could you maybe set a date that's a good distance away - a month away even? Then try some positive visualisations, look at lots of pictures of you when you were slim and look forward to getting back to that weight, imagine enjoying running round with your daughter, look forward to fitting back in your wedding dress again etc etc and really BELIEVE these will happen? Both times I've had a date that I've decided to start cambridge on and it's turned it from Oh I really must do this, I'll go and get some shakes to Oh I really WANT to do this, roll on start date! Because I've spent some time looking forward to the results it will bring it's made me impatient to start almost! Not sure if it would work for you but wanted to share, you sound really miserable. I think it's true what they say, what ever you believe will happen - it will.. So if you believe you can't restart then you'll struggle but if you believe you CAN restart then you WILL succeed!

You'll get there lovely!


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S: 25st11lb C: 24st5.0lb G: 15st0lb Loss: 1st6lb(5.54%)
Thank you everyone I really appreciate your thoughts and comments.
Its nice to know there are people kind enough to take the time to give words of encouragement and understanding.
I will sort myself out and I will get going and I do hope you guys will be there all the way...
Thanks again:grouphugg:xxx
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know how you feel hun as i to have been on n off for a year one day u will wake up and it will click!! sendin positive thoughts to you! x x x


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This diet is very hard mentally and takes alot of willpower so its only worth trying to jump on the wagon if you are ready.
Maybe try setting yourself a date (maybe 2 weeks time say) and get your head around the fact you are going to start and work yourself into the plan in that time?

Start increasing your water and lowering your carbs and then maybe start on 1200 or 1000 plan and then work your way down to ss to make it less of a shock on the body.

On the other hand have you considered something else like atkins or dukan? they work on the same principle of low carb but with food?
The important thing is that you dont give up trying and eventually you will be in the right place to do it and the weight will fall off!

Good luck and keep posting x
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im not on cd but im on ll. i had numerous failed attempts from feb till aug. with my latest attempt i phoned my llc on day 3 (always my worst day) and her response was that this could be my last day 3 ever. and how many day 3s had i had since feb? i can honestly say that done it for me. im now on day 19
this forum has helped me tremendously, and my llc has been amazing, its def more challenging 2nd time round.

good luck, you can and will succeed if you believe in yourself, dont be afraid to ask for support. xx

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