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so what did you used to eat ?

just been having a convo with someone about old diet and mine as completely disgusted me

here is an average workday

2 crumpets with butter 340 cals 12g fat
cup of coffee 47 cals

chicken legend 550 cals 21g fat
medium fries 330 cals 16g fat
fanta 270 cals
macflurry 330 cals 11g fat

tomato soup full tin 236 cals 12g fat
3 slices white bread 105 cals 3g fat

2 rocky biscuits 214 cals 11g fat

grand total 2422 cals 84g fat

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LOL errrmm alot, i really mean alot..

morning would be a big break, probs egg and toast, french toast, or last nights pizza, I wouldnt be full with just one of those, I would have to have a bowl of cereal with it too.
Then I would feel "hungry" (right) after 1/2 hour eat crisps, chocs, junk etc.
Then for lunch, usually curry or a largeee portion of chips, fish and beans. I would eat till my stomach was OVER STUFFED, and feel full. Then again for some reason after an hour i was "hungry" again??!! So I would eat crisps (lots of them I used to love crisps, could eat 4 a day lol, even now when I smell them, its so hard to keep away but havent touched one in 3 months).
After this, I would snack all day long choclates, buns, bread, peanut butter, toast.... basically ANYTHING fattening and non healthy.
Then for dinner, it would be the same as lunch, a large kebab and chips, (minimal salad) and then can you believe it I would STILL have room for more AFTER, tea with biscuits or cakes, at times I would even have ice cream.

After seeing all that I wonder how i gained that WEIGHT??!!!! GOSH, i'm one of those people who expected to eat like an elephant and never gain weight! Thank God I didn't get overlyy big and decided its NOW or never, 8 pounds till im under 11 st and into the 10's cant wait!!!
You were very lucky to not put more on fatty2slim, i would only have to look at that and i would of put on stones!! You sound very like me though in the way you always felt hungry, that has always been a problem for me ad still is sometimes, i just have to try and ignore it!!
Ok, here goes ::


Sausage & Egg bun from the van
Pancake with butter
4 slices of toast with butter

Morning Snack::
Bag of crisps

Chicken & Bacon baguette
Egg Mayonaise baguette
Club Sandwich/Baked potato & prawns from the van
Another bag of crisps
M&M's / Minstrels or Malteasers

Home made curry
Pasta dish with a creamy sauce

Whole bottle of red wine
4 pack of Cobra/Corona/Stella beer

Ewwwwww :(


supersize > superPERFECT!
omg this thread really made me think about what i used to eat!!
this has deffo shown me how easily i gained all this weight in the first place!! x

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