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soda water


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Mmm not sure about that. I have sparkling water which to me just tastes the same anyway.
soda water is carbonated water so is just sparkling water by another name as far as i am aware.

Sparkling or soda; made no difference in my wine :)


I will be skinny again!!!
hmmm I dont know!!

But I would stick to sparkling and plain water just to make sure!!!
just googled

Soda water is one of the many terms for carbonated water. Other synonyms include club soda, sparkling water, seltzer, or fizzy water. Carbonated water has been around for several decades, and is credited in invention to two people, who independently invented processes for adding carbon dioxide to plain water.


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I've been told it's fine x
sparkling and soda water are the same thing so go for it.

no tonic water though, i know that (hate it anyway!).


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I must be really thick because I never realised sparkling and soda water were the same - strange that - why sell them under different names then? I've never liked soda water - I must try it again! x


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AH!!! It isn't!!

Happened to have a bottle in the cupboard and it's got sodium bicarbonate in it. I'm pretty sure it's fine though. xx

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